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(((((GREAT NEWS! Dragon Master Evan is here!))))))

I thought I would give Maplers a glimpse into skills, builds, and a little knowledge on the subject of a lukless Evan!

First off, a Evan is classified as a mage, so you will be using, staffs, wands, robes, and other mage stuff.

This is very important to know if you are thinking of making a lukless Evan. At levels when you will use an Elemental staff or wand, you will run into many problems contributing to the fact that Evans have all or most elements. though if you really want to be lukless you can convert to low or normal luk at, say, level 60 which makes earlier levels easier.

Unlike traditional Maplestory classes, the Evan does not follow to job sequence of ,10-30-70-120, and instead follows this path.

10-20-30-40-50-70-80-100-120-160. To see in further detail, scroll down.

Evans have the ability to use, fire, ice, lightning, dark, light, and earth attacks, but can only attack in the direction you are facing which I don't see as much of a problem unless it will really slow you down. Damage seems to be pretty good and you can train on ice and fire based monsters such as Ice Lighting and Fire Poison mages do.

Now onto skills.


Dragon Soul: The Soul of the Dragon is strengthened to improve magic attacks. Magic

Missile: Uses MP to attack a monster twice.


Fire Circle: Uses MP to attack a big amount of Monsters using Fire Elements.

Teleport: Press different arrow keys to move to different parts of the map.


Lightning Bolt: Create a Lightning Bolt that causes damage.

Magic Guard: For a period of time, MP will be damaged instead of HP when hit. If the MP bar reaches zero, then your HP will be damaged.


Ice Breath: Charge for a period of time to create a Ice breath, damaging up to 6 monsters. The longer the charge, the stronger the damage.

Elemental Reset: For a duration of time, resets the element of spells to neutral.


Magic Flare: Light created from a magic square will surround an enemy and attack it.

Magic Shield: Create a magic shield that absorbs damage


Critical Magic: At a certain probability, critical damage is inflicted for magic attacks.

Dragon Thrust: Knockback 6 enemies with certain success rate.

Magic Booster: Use MP to improve the speed of your magic attacks.

Slow: Enable your attacks to slow enemies for x seconds, enemies who are affected would be slowed for z seconds (x/z= seconds)


Magic Amplification: Increases magic attack using MP.

Dragon Breath: Bring flames together to form a massive attack. The longer the time of charge, the higher the damage. Attack 6 enemies.

Killing Wing: Place a mark on a monster, all future attacks are aimed at that monster.

Magic Resistance: Casts a buff on all party members to reduce the damage from magic attacks.


Earthquake: Smash your body into the earth to attack multiple monsters (Fire elmental).

Ghost Lettering: Curse a monster using ghostly letters. For a certain amount of time after the monster is cursed, it takes more damage.

Aurora Recovery: All party members in the area receive MP Recovery.


Illusion: Creates 4 illusions, each illusion attacks the same monster once.

Awakening: Uses MP to stop from certain status ailments. The higher level of this skill, the more ailments you can recover from.

Maple Hero: Boosts some stats.

Flame Wheel: Cast a wheel shaped firewall to attack up to six monsters in front of you(fire element)


Onix's Blessing: Increase your magic defense, magic attack, and weapon defense.

Blaze: Attacks a single enemy with a ball of fire which can jump to nearby enemies.

Soul Stone: A buff is cast randomly on one or two party members, if they die and the skill is still in effect, they resurrect instantly.

Dark Fog: Unleash the cold darkness of the fog on up to 15 monsters (dark element).

Dragon Chart

Dragon Chart  Click to see full size image.
Dragon Chart Click to see full size image.


Things you should know before you begin reading the actual guide.

It is important to know that you can gain skill points from many quests to help you MAX skills that you would not normally be able to max, special to the Evan class.

Also, when you level your Evan you get Maple Points from what I have heard, so if you didn't get to max a skill you wanted to max, you can buy a Magic Guard mastery book from the cash shop with the maple points you earned, then use the unused skill points not put into Magic Guard to MAX other skills.

Every other class gets 3 skill points a level, that is unless you get a job advancement in which you get one skill point extra. Whereas Evans get skill points from the point his dragon hatches to level 20, which is the level you get your next set of skills and a dragon growth. When the Mir upgrades, you get 3 skill points for your first set of skills and three for your next set. VERY HELPFUL!

A corected version.

This may vary depending on what level you get your quest skill points. For first dragon mastery =30 skill points, 40 with all the skill point quests completed.

9-10: +3 to Magic Missile.

10-15: +3 to Magic Missile

15-16: +2 Magic Missile MAX +1 Dragon Soul.

16-20: +3 Dragon Soul= 13/20 but If you did all the quests in which you are required to do anyways you get Dragon Soul MAXed.

Dragon Soul=MAX Magic Missile=Max.

Second dragon mastery =30 skill points:

20-29: +1 Teleport +2 Fire Circle.

10/20 Teleport, Fire Circle=MAX. This is where you would say, use your skill points from buying a Magic Guard Mastery book on Teleport.

With quest skill points, which I do not know if you get many, you may be able to max or raise to a higher level these next skills.

Third dragon mastery: =30 skill points:

This is a hard one because Magic Guard is really important.

30-39: +1 Magic guard +2 Lightning bolt, or reverse.

Magic Guard=10/20 Lightning Bolt=MAX, or reverse.

Forth dragon mastery: =33 skill points. Skill mastery varies depending on where you use your quest skill points.

40-46: +3 Ice Breath.

46-47: +2 Ice Breath  (MAX) +1 Elemental Reset.

47-50: +3 Elemental Reset=13.

To continue any further would be pushing my knowledge (so far) to the limit, in other words, TO SOON BE CONTINUED.



If you wish to use this guide, post the original link and my name, MAPLE HELPER!

Unfunded Beginner Training.

1-20: Evan Quests.

20-25: Ant tunnel Mini Dungeon.

25-30: Dusty Station PQ.

30-35: Mushroom Kingdom Quests/ CPQ/ Evan Quests.

35-40: CPQ.

40-50: Nett's PQ/ CPQ/ Evan Quests.

50-53: Lmpq/ CPQ2 TWs.

53-60:CPQ2/MP3/Best training you can find. There is a lot to train on but it's your opinion on what best suits you.

This may vary on your opinion of a quick way to level.


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Futamarka 3 years ago

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narcypenona 3 years ago

I employed to obtain high on existence yet as of late I've truly accumulated any resistance.

peter maple 4 years ago

do u play maplestory? If so can you lvl me up My name in maplestory is 0987654321

martinnitsim 4 years ago

hi there linda if your still knoking around this is there web address

and details,give them a call , mention netsimsy put you on

ruijie 4 years ago

my evan lv 112 i need hack to lv up so hack for gms

evanhero82 4 years ago

Bera is the world i play on and you can ride dragon at lvl 100 i think

Free NX Atlantica 4 years ago

great article dude

Harikaya 4 years ago

- that's not my real maplestory name but I'm level 52 now and i still haven't been allowed to do the evan riding quest. please help!!! i heard you had to do all jobs but my friend hasn't and can still ride her dragon!! OMG help!

batlethief3 4 years ago

i like to be an evan 9 job but i don't have the skills books

hello 4 years ago

Do i have to buy magic guard master book in cash shop? i'm LV.37 now! what's the strength and weakness if i don't buy it! because it's really expensive i don't want to spend real money!

profile image

YukiiEvan 4 years ago

Guys plz I have lvl 60 Evan still no dragon rider quest dam how can I got is and where coz some ppl told me that quest is for lvl 50 and I'm 60 now and can't ride my dragon plz HELP !!??

cutevan 5 years ago

hi, im currently a lvl 46 evan. i saw people getting a dragon quest at my lvl but i don't see one. pls HELP.

winnie 5 years ago

do any body know how to download maplestory. my friend had a acc but was hack

Helen 5 years ago

how can that be it is impossible that you die form 49 when you are 84.

Bogan 5 years ago

i am a evan. i need help. my skills is not working.i am level 84 and i keep dieing. i hit level 49 and die. it because it hit me 50593

Majou 5 years ago

where do you find the quest for the 3rd mastery skill points?

mapleking 5 years ago

i like evan becouse evan has dragon and i born in dragon year and t5his year is dragon year woo hoo and its 11-1-2012

fizky 5 years ago

why my defend so noob

evanperson 5 years ago

i instantly got a lvl 50 evan because of the events vut i cant get some of the main quest?

metal 5 years ago

I have the same problem i'm lvl 60 and haven't got a light bulb at lvl 50 so I don't have my lvl 50 skills :\

yoki 5 years ago

hi i need help i have a lvl70 evan nd i didn't get a quest or light bulb above my head for my job adv wat should i do? should i go to El Nath??

...>. 6 years ago

I was looking for the mastery >.< not the wikipedia bout evans

Calvin 6 years ago

hey... im a level 37 evan now... and i haven got any quest since level 31... i got the level 30 quest.. but after tat, nth le... plz help me...

ahaha 6 years ago


rickolick 6 years ago

im a lev 67 evan an i have only 333 int plus equips and only 71luk. Does it affect my evan later on?

Maple Helper 6 years ago

This is probably a stretch but...

You could try Windraiders. They give quite a lot of exp but they are level 70. :) If you have access to Nexon Cash buy double experience and train at MP3. Sounds a bit demanding but that is the most conventional training method for your level (if you can buy NX). The cheapest way to level (and maybe the fastest depending on you character) is CPQ2 Trade wins.

Good luck! :D

useless 6 years ago

i'm stuck at lvl 53, i'm not a chiongster and CPQ2 and MP3 is horribly slow to me, so how??? where to train? i'm a pure int so damage wld be quite high suggesting a higher lvled place?

my cow goes moo 6 years ago

the pearl is in aqua road go to the left maps i for got how many but it's a guiant clam that's a boss you gotta wait for it to show up

kronos 6 years ago

anybody plz help me F4 .

i really dun know whr to find seruf pearl ..

plz plz help me

kronos 6 years ago

anybody plz help me F4 .

i really dun know whr to find seruf pearl ..

plz plz help me

momoko~ 6 years ago

hmmm but if the dragon is tired how reduce it? hmmm ~

shadow 6 years ago

i love it

bebet 6 years ago

im lvl 70 and i don't know how to start the quest so i can beable to go in to the frog house in ludi

drugania~~ 6 years ago

where can magic powders be looted or found in abundance? Best all colours. thx.

powerpro 6 years ago

why is my damage so low? im using lv 18 wand

Soraya 6 years ago

Sorry. when evans level, we don't get Maple Points. You want a skill book, you gotta buy it wit NX you bought wit real money. So far, no one has found a drop site for it.

Maple Helper 6 years ago

You should be able to unless your luk, int, level, or job status do not meat the requirements.

Otherwise if all is correct and you still can't use the wand, there is some weird glitch and you will just have to buy your own wand. :-/

So I guess my only good advise would be to check all the requirements of the wand and make sure you match them. :)

Good LUCK! :)

tofuhime 6 years ago


I was wondering how I can use weapons because it doesn't let me use the wand that it gave me. (Lvl 8 magicians wand)

Maple Helper 6 years ago

My only suggestion is that you restart the quest, if you can...

Sorry I cant help more :/

I have done something similar to that but I don't remember if I fixed it.

Check back often, someone else may reply to your question.

Again sorry I cant help more.

BeginnerEvan 6 years ago

my evan is lvl 33 LOL.....

i dropped my cold medicine when trying 2 do the quest for the Marbas hat T_T

im so sad how can i get another cold medicine

as in the cold medicine i need for the 'Coughing Dark Lord'........

Can any1 plzzzzhelp me, my evan is so screwed );

Mike Skylark 6 years ago


no u did not u can just go back and do the dragon sp quest they just dont pop up anymore u gota talk to the dude

download the word lvl 20-30 and lvl 30-40 evan sp guide it tells u every single sp quest

francis 6 years ago

Hi, so I'm a level 30 Evan and I don't seem to have anymore Job Quests and my teleport seems to be stuck at 13/20. Did I miss out on A LOT of now-unobtainable SP? :(

IHeLpU 6 years ago


Yea there is 1 quest for lvl 29 Sleepywood

Maple Helper 6 years ago

Put your skill points into one of your attack skills, then put the skill on a key (for example, Shift) then push the shift key. Your dragon will do the rest! :)

Evan player 6 years ago

how do u command the evan? it says command dragon to fight pigs and Pig is highlighted red i type it in and nothin happens

abc 6 years ago

does evan 29lvl got job quest ?

Maple Helper 6 years ago


Good too know. :)

iHzy167 6 years ago

Yep. ITs on the 26th of May 2010.

Source : MaplestorySEA facebook fanpage.

nobody 6 years ago

The release date of the evan class in Singapore Maplesea is 26th May .

Maple Helper 6 years ago


I do not know anything about the release date of the Evan class in Maplestory Singapore. You are the third person to ask. :)I wish I could help...

Dragon 6 years ago

When does evan class come out in maplesea singapore?

Maple Helper 6 years ago

No, this guide is for GMS. The Evan class has been out for about two months in GMS, AKA Global Maplestory. :)

Zo_ro 6 years ago

lol is this for Singapore maplestory?my fren said maplesea Evan haven come out only for

mapleglobal.if so then.....I gonna chiong!!!!! but nid 4 hours to download man!!!

Jesterbro 6 years ago

Awesome but.. one thing. Some noobs that are like LVL20-30 are suking like me but im the best out of all

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author


Sorry, I don't understand your question.

TommyZai 6 years ago

when just can play evan job june wat date

Maple Helper 6 years ago

@ rikaru,

My guess is that when the Evan class is released in Singapore, Maplestory will let you know how to make one. I believe that the Evan class has not yet been released there?

Knowing Maplestory, when the class does come out in Singapore, you will be alerted in some way and informed how to make one.


rikaru 6 years ago

How to create Evan in singapore computer or in singapore maplestory

maplestory22 profile image

maplestory22 6 years ago from USA

Good Hub Maple Helper!

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

@ random chick I agree with u I purchased almost all of the snowboards cause they look cewl ~_^

@ maple helper I do have a lv 31 bandit on my mule acc in scania but I haven't used him in a year

Also I think that's a great name and I will totally use it =)

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

LOL someone just smegad " r>ppl to fight hot mail"

And then smegad " r> ppl to fight horn tail*"

Epic lols

Mesta 6 years ago

Lol, if I had enough mesos, I would make a guild called "Maple Helpers" coz I usually help newbs pick a class. I've helped 16 so far! :)

Mesta 6 years ago


Maybe you could call your guild Dragon Mist?

Maple Helper 6 years ago

I Agree!

@ Zakumslayr12,

Hmm how about, Drag0nMast3rs but you can make the D with an emblem. :) By the way I have a guild called Mapl3Mast3rs in Scania if you would like to join. I really want to join yours but I'm based in Scania :(

Random Chick 6 years ago

WINDIA FTW, low-luk/normal EVAN FTW! ^_^ I don't care for power... i mean, its not like i'd ever break the 100s, although in one week m aran was lv 56... anyways... don't think you gotta go lukless, I say looks over power! ^_~

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Guild not guide and I havnt thought of a name yet...

Suggestions anyone?

Maple Helper 6 years ago


Actually I got the level chart from Nexon.

You have been helpful and I appreciate your advice!

What is your guide’s name, I would like to read it. :)

Mesta 6 years ago


No you have NOT screwed up your Evan. All you have to do is keep adding only luk for a few more levels and you should be fine.

Evans only add 1 LUK per level so if you add only LUK once you level up, you would be recovering your LUK by 5 levels!

If you are new to a class, it is best if you use auto assign because usually, that is what's best for your player. Once you become more experienced, you can play around with AP.

Hope this helped! ;)


zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Sorry not trying to be mr hekler here but....

The 6th job advancement I at lv 60 not 70

Also I'll be making a guild for lv 40 or 50+ Evans in windia

If you would like to join wisp me =D

Maple Helper 6 years ago

I'm spamming my own guide now, but I will change the title of the Beginner Training guide to Unfunded Beginner Training guide. I dislike CPQ2 but it is now part of the unfunded guide.

Maple Helper 6 years ago

True about MP3 but that why it says; QUOTE "This may vary on your opinion of a quick way to level." :)

Maple Helper 6 years ago


Yeah I figured, but if you aren’t funded and do not have double experience then it’s your best option. I will also make a funded training guide. :)

TIP: At levels fewer than 40 trade wins is your best option.

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Sorry but Some of the Training places in the guide are just horrible

Cpq should never be done under lv 43 minimum at of 39 I routinely got 100 cp in all rooms T_T ONLY, however cpq at lv 44+ is absolutly the best way to lv because we can solo 1200+ with max roms ^_^

also mp3 is over 2 times as fast as cpq2 at lvs 55-61

zakumslayr12 6 years ago


You guys know the onyx treasure chest event right?

Well after 10 trys I finally got the chair !!!

For ppl who r curious about wat I got from the other nine boxes it was this:

8 crappy 10%/100% scrolls and 1 maple shine wand

zakumslayr12 6 years ago


Lv 1-20 evan quests

Lv 21-25 ant tunel 1-3

Lv 25-30 kpq

Lv 30-43 ligators/cold eyes/wraith/jr wraith

Lv 44-51 cpq

Lv 51-53 lmpq

Lv 53-60 mp3/ghost ship

Good luck ;)

Rayne 6 years ago

Could you put up a list of premium hunting places/monsters for the different levels of the evan?

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author


Wow, it sound like you are really having a hard time.

Okay, first of all you have not ruined your Evan! :) A LUKless Evan is not as good in the long as normal or low LUK would be, and not being one will NOT screw up your Character, I have major sympathies for you as to I having this problem before.

I suggest you should raise your LUK for the next two levels for this will NOT mess up your stats and will NOT change anything at all, think about it this way; you have 10 extra INT now as other people have 10 less at your level but in two levels other Evans will be at the same place in INT and you will have the same LUK as them. Also I think people are trying to screw you up, first of all you don’t need to be Lukless to be good and seccond you would not be able to go past level 60 or 70 anyways for Evans can't use all the good Elemental staffs and wands since most or all have elements which is what LUKless mages use, second they are really boring, having the same bathrobe forever.

Even if these points don’t make any sense or if I need to be corrected at all, It is not the end of the world for normal or low LUK Evans.

Anyway, you are perfectly fine and you should stay normal or low LUK unless you have tons of NX to buy AP Resets which would be wasted at level 60 or 70.

Really hope this helps! :)

Dolphin0716 6 years ago

Hi I am a lvl 47 Evan and I am very troubled at the moment. Upon reading your guides and others online, I find that I am most likely have "screwed up" my Evan. I have been told to go lukless but that is after I have started setting AP at the beginning (I just did auto-assign because I played the 1st day the class came out and no reliable guide was available). Guildmates have told me to just put everything into INT and use equips that provide luk and so I have been doing that...but the problem is..i'm lvl 47 and my base INT is at 209 and base LUK is at 38......

I am feeling more and more terrified because I have spent so much time and energy on this Evan (i really like it more than other classes but now I that I have been told by higher lvl mages that I just f-ed up my Evan...i feel like im going to cry)

what should I do in your opinion??? I mean too late to go lukless obviously and I really didn't know what to do because I've never had any other chars besides a dw so I am clueless to setting up AP for a mage......but I am really like 9 sp behind for my base LUK now (base at 38) but I am lvl 47....that is like almost 2 levels behind in setting it to normal if i pour all AP into LUK to fix it...but then my INT would be affected right???

Please please pleaseeeeeeeee someone help me because I have talked to so many people but I don't know who to trust anymore...that lvl 126 mage just straight up said i've ruined my Evan there really no way around it? I don't want to delete the char....and restart all over again..

I will wait for your reply...thanks!!!

Maple Helper 6 years ago

@ Zakumslayr12,


That's awesome!

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Woot gratz to me on lv 60

Ty to mp3 for the great exp!

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author


Okay, I will change up the actual guide section as soon as possible!

zakumslayr12  6 years ago

Also I maxed both 4th job skills so there should be 40 total points, actually this is the case with all job advancements ;)

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

At lv 44 ice breath should be at lv 18 or 19 0.o

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author

When you said raise Ice Breath from 40-44 it comes out to 16 with quests? Did you mean to say that?

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Evan tip of the day lmpq is great money 1 mill/30 mins

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Woa there isn't even a skill build for lv 40-50....

it's is quite simple though

40-44 +3 to ice breath

Put the 3 sp you get from the quests into it as well

45 +2 to ice breath (max) and now max reset

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

I notice lvs 50-70 have no skill buillds so I'll put my own ;)

If you are lving up using lmpq or hunting large mobs of monters put your first 5 sp into flare and then max sheild

If you are lving up using cpq2 or a few really powerful monsters like bosses then put your first 12 sp into flare then 5 into sheild then max flare

Sources: my own experience at cpq2 lmpq and hunting

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

@ maple helper

it's wrong because more than half the people in maple don't have nx and then they follo me around and beg/threaten me to gift them X_X

jklhjh 6 years ago

Thank you. ^_^ nice guide by the way.

Maple Helper 6 years ago

@ Zakumslayer12

??? What's the problem with that??? I love NX. :)Hehe.

Maple Helper 6 years ago

@ jklhjh,

Yeah, you can have major problems with freezing depending on your internet. The only advice I can give would be to play on the least full channel. Also your computer may not have enough RAM. Hope this helps.

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Found on maplestory global english site: "Play for Free!"

Also found on maplestory global english site: "Are you ready for Evan? Get some NX today!"


jklhjh 6 years ago

Hi, I just wanted to ask, am I the only one having problems with this game? I'm constantly getting disconnected, and I'm lucky if I can play for 5 minutes without it freezing on me.

Maple Helper 6 years ago


I get it now!


zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Before using the mastery book you could only put 5 points into the skill now you can put 20 into the skill

Hope this helps! (@_@)

Maple Helper 6 years ago

Yeah, I would go with dark golems myself. Great training from level 48-53!

So what you are saying is that my mastery is now 20 instead of 6, and my damage won’t be all over the place but I still have to put skill points into it until level 20?

This is somewhat confusing... Thanks for the help.:)

Iluvjokes 6 years ago

@zakumslayr12's tip

Too late 0.o

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Even better than truckers! Once you hit lv 50 the best exp comes from.... Dark gollems! (which is good cause after so long at truckers most of us want to smash the keyboard in boardom and frustration I know I did)

Evan tip of the day: never eat moldy turnips

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Ty to all the ppl who wisped me ingame with questions you are all now close friends =D

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

The mastery book is supposed to do these two things: 1 raise the skill level by one 2 raise the mastery level from 5 to 20. GLICH ALERT: when you reach lv 20 you can't put any more points into mg however you can use them to max the other skill, so in order to max both you must max mg before of 20.

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author

What do you mean? I only get one skill point?!?!

Congratulations on the mount!

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

whoooo im getting my lv 50 mount @maple helper the skill book is supposed to do that

Maple Helper 6 years ago

Nice tip, really. :)

I hate going back and forth from Orbis. Very helpful.

Also, I used a Magic Guard mastery book and (I'm not sure if it was glitching for the moment) but it raised Magic Guard +1 to 6 and said "Mastery 20 Mastery 20" on the skills description. Help? I'm hoping it's just a short glitch, will find out soon!

PS. Too late for me, but a friend leveled 8 times in two hours in Dusty Station PQ.

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Ok I have just found thebest place to train from lvs 46-55..... Trukers in singapore! I can get 1 lv up/30mins killing truckers, the map is gr8 for enans using ice breath and u can one hit them using lightning (you can also 2 hit 6 of them with ice breath and since their frozen they won't retaliate, cutting Dow on damage taken.

Evan tip of the day it makes life easier if you get 10 fairy tebtacles from gollem temple be4 going to orbis 4 the lv 46 evan quest ;-)

Maple helper 6 years ago

Wow, that's awesome!

It almost matches my dexless sin.

zakumslayer12 6 years ago

Omg ice breath is godly I can solo 1000+ cp in cpq without it even being maxed!

Nah 6 years ago

You get enough sp to get you to max all 1st and 2nd mastery skills, I tryed AND THEY DON'T CARRY OVER. SO you cant Save them for the next lvl

maplefan123 6 years ago

i hope i get them soon cuz i need the maple points to buy the mastery books for evan

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author

Yeah, I have heard of it too but I don't have any...

I will just have to wait and see...

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Idk I've heard some people say they got it at higher levels, I myself got it at lv 20

maplefan123 6 years ago

yo how coome i didn't get any maple points i got my evan to lvl 31 n checked but i didn't get any maple points

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

@coolman you just attack like a regular mage but the attack come from the dragon.

Maple Helper 6 years ago


Yes, I knew that you got 6 sp but I thought that was what you were insinuating. Thanks for the directions! :)

coolman 6 years ago

how do you use a dragon

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

To get to the dusty station pq go two maps to the right of kerning and there will be a portal at the bottom left of the second map. Oh yea and it turns out you actually get 6 sp when you dragon grows (3 points for your pevious skills and 3 for da new ones. Hope this helps @_@

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author

Oh wow,

I just looked at Elemental Reset and it's definition is way off. I must have typed in the wrong spot. :)

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author


I didn't know Elemental Reset worked that way.

I figured the skill points carried over, so that is helpful to know. I don't know if I have ever tried to train at, or if I have even been to the Dusty Station PQ, I usually Train in the Ant Tunnel mini dungeon or on Evil/Curse Eyes.

Or maybe I have been there but I do not recall the name, where is it?

Again thank you for the very helpful advice! :)

PS. I would whisper you but I play in Scania... I also cannot start in a new world because I have my 4 years worth of experience and items/mesos in Scania. You have been most helpful! :) Thanks.

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Not meaning to be critical but the 4th dragon mastery skill elemental reset has entirely different effect than what u said, what it actually does is make your elemental attacks non elemental which helps against monsters that are resistant to that type of magic element. Once again glad to help ;)

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Well I reached lv 30 and yes the skill points do carry over so it's probably a good idea to skimp on missle and save for lightning/teleport. Tip the dusty station pq is a great place to train, I lved 4 times in 30 mins just spam fire attack.

Wisp me in windia for help and answers to questions!

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

Skill points can be carried from 1st dragon master to 2nd dragon master I'm going to find out if they can be carried from 2nd to 3rd in one lv =} if so it would be a good Idea to skimp on the weak skills (like magic missle) and saveyour points, I'll post when I reach 30

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author


Thank you for the very informative comment, it is extremely helpful and will be incorporated into my guide.


Thank you!

zakumslayr12 6 years ago

It is extremely important to max fire circle as it's your only fire based attack until of 80 and you will not believe how many monsters are weak to fire, also it is possible to max both fire circle and teleport because you can buy mastery books for magic guard in the cash shop and fill in the missing points later. You might not have access to nx, but you get maplepoints (equivlentof nx) for lving up your evan.

Joey 6 years ago


NeWBsCaSe 6 years ago

first aran now even then its gonna be moron LOL HAHAHAHA

Maple Helper profile image

Maple Helper 6 years ago Author

Original Maple Helper 12 hours ago

@Maple Helper's Clone:duel blade is not one of the 5, it's another branch of the Adventurer Thief class.

And in general this guide is quite inaccurate because Maple Helper probably does not realize that Evan get bonus SP from job based quests which allows them to max almost every skill.

Maple Helper


actually I do know that, and I posted it in a comment.

I will incorporate in into the guide, funny thing is I was going to do it yesterday.


Yes Dual Blade is a branch of the thief adventurer, its in my other guide.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Maple Helper 6 years ago

Sorry, but I have no clue what time you can download the patch at on 3/31/10. I guess we will just have to find out!


Maple Helper 6 years ago

Yeah I guess you will use teleport forever, so it's basicaly your choice on what you would rather have, and you will use teleport forever.

I would need to know more on how useful fire circle is to give you a straight answer. I will give an answer within the next week or so, hopefully. Plus, some of the Evan quests give you skill points.

Hope this helps!

evan 6 years ago

wat time will evan out in maplesea?

....... 6 years ago

i think ur 1st job build r quite right,cuz u will use dragon soul 4ever , but whi u dun max telepot when 2nd job build?u will use it 4ever rite>?

Maple Helper 6 years ago

Oh, and thanks for the compliment!

Maple Helper 6 years ago


Evan is coming out in the next 6 days!!!!!!!!!!

I have know clue when Duel Blader is coming out but I have heared that it is going to have the best damage in the game!


Maple Helper's Clone  6 years ago

Hey, nice guide xD , anyone know when will Evan come out in other server? like MapleSEA or MapleGlobal. anyone? T-T coz these sounds pro


5 classes fight againts Black Magician

1 of them is Aran ! Combo-based warrior

2nd is Evan ! Dragon master, Dragon-based Mage

And 3 more Other classes! There will be alot of updates pretty soon!

-1 of the 3 is a Bandit-based Thief, Dual Blade

Maple is rockin!!! Yeah!

Maple Helper 6 years ago

Understand what?

bob 6 years ago

hey i don't understanf

Maple Helper 6 years ago


Maplesotry is a game for the PC.

It is a MMORPG and you can download it form

Thank you for the comment!

Viola 6 years ago

dpfitzell, MapleStory is like internet game.

dpfitzell profile image

dpfitzell 6 years ago from North Dakota

Very interesting article. Is this game on pc, or a video game console like the ps3. Thanks

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