Marble Mania

Mibology is Latin for the study of marbles, a growing hobby among baby boomers, nostalgic for childhood toys. Not a mibologist yourself?

Here's some facts to educate you:

  • 300: The years a marble tournamount has taken place in Tinsley Green, England, on Good Friday weekend.
  • Pontil: The rough spot on a marble where it was sheared off the glass cane from which it was created.
  • 1905: The year the first marble-making machine was created by American inventor Martin F. Christensen in Akron, Ohio
  • Knuckling Down: The term for resting the knuckles on the ground during the act of shooting a marble.
  • Mexico: Where more than 90 percent of the world's marbles are produced today.
  • Four: The number of major factors that determine a marble's value: type, size, condition and eye appeal.

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will 7 years ago

we have a shop in England specialisig in antique marbles. Nice to see other mibsters

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