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Release on April 27th in the U.S. Mario Kart Wii includes the Wii wheel so that you can sit back and race. You'll experience new tricks, tracks, and races.You can play on multiplayer races on any open courses, or you can battle in arenas.

Mario Kart features the following characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Bowser, and Toad. You can even race as your own character.

You can race around an obstacle-filled track or in a battling arena and drift through the track or toss items out of the car. When playing, you can shake the Wii Wheel while launching off or a ramp in order to pull off a cool trick that will temporarily boost your speed. There are a ton of other cool tricks that you can do while racing a kart or bike in order to boost your way to the top of the game.

I'd say that Nintendo has hit it again with this Mario game. It's not the original Mario Kart by any means. You'll run into tons of new tricks while you're racing around the track.

This game is not quite as amaturish as the original Mario Kart, and it's innovative enought to entertain you strongest gamer in the house.

With most games, you may want a little help to make sure that you excell throughout the game from start to finish. Below you'll find what cheats are available to date. Remember that Mario Kart Wii was just released in the U.S. on April 27, 2008, so the game is relatively new. More cheats are bound to arise as more people play the game.

(Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find 2 review videos from YouTube and a few links for more information and a few Mario Kart Wii reviews.)

Unlockable Characters

Baby Daisy: Gain 1 star in all 50 Wii Cups

Baby Luigi: Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghost Data in the Time Trials

Birdo: Either play Time Trials on 16 courses or win 250 Wi-Fi matches.

Bowser Jr.: Gain 1 star in all 100 Retro Cups

Daisy: Win 150 cc in the Special Cup

Diddy Kong: Complete 50 cc in the Retro Cups

Dry Bones: Win 100 cc in the Leaf Cup

Dry Bowser: Gain 1 star in all 150 Wii Cups

Funky Kong: Unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials

King Boo: Win 50 cc in the Star Cup

Mii (Outfit A): Win 100 cc in the Special Cup

Mii (Outfit B): Unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data in the Time Trials

Rosalina: Either use a Super Mario Galaxy savefile and she'll be unlocked after some GPs, or you'll need to get 1 star in all of the Mirror Mode Retro-Cups

Toadette: Either play Time Trials on all 32 different courses or win 1000 Wi-Fi matches.

Unlockable Courses

Leaf Cup: Win 3rd place or better in the Banana Cup

Lightning Cup: Win 3rd place or better in the Leaf Cup

Special Cup: Win 3rd place or better in the Star Cup

Star Cup: Win 3rd place or better in the Flower Cup

Unlockable Bikes

Bubble Bike: Win the Mirror Leaf Cup

Dolphin Dasher: Win the Mirror Star Cup

Magikruiser:Play Time Trials on 8 courses

Nitrocycle: Get at least 1 Star Rank for all 100 cc Wii Grand Prix Cups

Phantom: Win the Mirror Special Cup

Quacker: Win 150 cc in the Star Cup

Rapide: Win 100 cc in the Lightning Cup

Torpedo: Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghost Data in the Time Trials

Twinkle Star: Win 100 cc in the Star Cup

Unlockable Karts

Aero Glider: Gain at least 1 Star in each of the 150 cc Retro Cups

B Dasher Mk 2: Unlock 24 Expert Staff Ghosts

Blue Falcon: Win the Mirror Lightning Cup

Cheep Charger: Get at least 1 Star Rank for all 50 cc Retro Grand Prix Cups

Dragonetti: Win 150 cc in the Lightning Cup

Piranha Prowler: Win 50 cc in the Special Cup

Rally Romper: Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost Data in the Time Trials

Royal Racer: Win 150 cc in the Leaf Cup

Tiny Titan: Beat at least 50 opponents in Wi-Fi races

Turbo Blooper: Win 50 cc in the Leaf Cup

Have a Star by Your Nickname

If you play really well in the Grand Prix races, you can earn a Star Ranking up to 3 at the end results instead of the standard "A, B or C." Once you collect the stars, a star will be added next to your icon and name so that your opponents will be able to see them in Wi-Fi gameplay.

One starred nickname: Get a one star rating in every Grand Prix

Double starred nickname: Get a two star rating in every Grand Prix

Triple starred nickname: Get a three star rating in every Grand Prix.

Golden Wii Wheel

Use the Wii wheel extensively in all modes, and when you go online, a golden wii wheel will be next to your name.

Alternate Title Screen and Ending Screen

Complete every single cup with 1st place, and you'll unlock 2 new Title Screens and 1 new Ending Photo.

Mirror Mode

Win all of the cups at 150 class


Boost When Recovering a Fall

When you fall into something, when you land, hit the 2 button at the moment you hit the ground. You'll get a short, temporary boost.

Quick Start

When the countdown starts wait until the 2 starts to disappear. Then press and hold the 2 button on your Wii Remote. Remember the 2 must still be visible on the screen in order to give you the boost at the start of the race.

Change Mii Racer weight class

You need to go into the Mii Channel and change your Mii driver's weight, which will change your weight class in the game, giving your the option for different cars.

POW Block Immunity

When you see the POW block on your screen and its just about to hit you, do the function that you would normally use for a trick to create a shockwave for youself in order to become immune to the spinout the POW block creates. You can do this on bikes and karts. You don't speed or spin out, but you will loose all of your items.

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matthew10 8 years ago

hey i would post a 0000

Samantha 8 years ago

your online mario cart sounds cool but not as sweet as on the wii

jay 8 years ago

very good but put in cheats that can block stuf like blue shell and squdes

toadette 8 years ago

cool but you need too put how to dodge squids by mushrooms but this a awsome website

debbie 8 years ago

how do i gt the rainbow room

cassie 8 years ago

does any1 know any cheats for mario kart wii? if you could let me know


cass :-)

jfhsdhjsfd 8 years ago

if u wanna no how to get past the blue shell with out hiting u scroll down

there is no way to

KK 8 years ago

there is a different cheat to get a power boost. On Wii when you start the race and it counts down to two wel during two then u hold down 2 and then you will get a power boost!!!

zach 7 years ago

I always see people online go off cliffs and get hit w/ shells and then they teleport in front of me. How do you do that?

taylor 7 years ago

does anyone know how to recover when you fall of the course. and how you recover from getting hit with something. oh and by the way there is a way to prevent the blue shell from hittting you, you have to have a mushroom and when it gets close enough you use the mushroom and the blue shell blows up behind you!!

Diddy Kong 7 years ago

Theres a lot of hints and cheats in the game that i know. I learned them all off the internent.

dylanrocks 7 years ago

how do u unlock rossalina i will like to know

play some aport you nerds ahaha  7 years ago

dylanrocks this is how you get rossalina you grow up and stop playing poofter games and get outside and play some friken sport you nerd grow some balls and i want to ask you a question are you asian write back

bobbo 7 years ago

there is a way to dodge blue/spiny shell thi is how u do it: go over like a donky cannon or something i know coz my dad did it!!!!!!!! you have a go if it works tell this site!

bob cya hope you kno what i mean! =] arrh that went worng ohwell you get the message! plz comment this. =)

kennedy 7 years ago


im a big fan of super mario on the wii

can you tell me how to do the expert time trials coz i cant work it out??!

WiiMan 7 years ago


is anybody there imm lonly:P :(

( :P)

dylan rocks  7 years ago

TO 'play some aport you nerds ahaha' : why are you on this site if you're not interested YOU NERD !!!! I do play sport, probably more than you YOU MORON. Grow some hair on your balls and go outside and leave us alone.

dj 7 years ago


matthew 7 years ago

i do not get how to unlock baby luigi can any body tell me in a clearer way then this website how to unlock everything on mario kart wii

Evan 7 years ago

i really want to know how to block a blue shell from hitting you in stead of going into those "DK" cannon things! cause i saw someone not gatting hit by one in nintendo WFC!!!!!!!!

ryan 7 years ago

does anyone know how to stay invicible in worldwide battle

Evan 7 years ago

matthew you have to beat 8 time trial ghosts all in a row. same with Mii outfit B and Funky Kong.Doing a ghost time trial with another ghost and beating it will make your ghost a Expert staff ghost. See, it's easier than you think!!!!!!!!:P

Also could anyone tell me how to transport when someone gets closer to you because so many people in the wordwide VS do it and I get in last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Evan 7 years ago

matthew you have to beat 8 time trial ghosts all in a row. same with Mii outfit B and Funky Kong.Doing a ghost time trial with another ghost and beating it will make your ghost a Expert staff ghost. See, it's easier than you think!!!!!!!!:P

Also could anyone tell me how to transport when someone gets closer to you because so many people in the wordwide VS do it and I get in last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Dry Bones 7 years ago

On Friday on of my friend told me there is a special Invinicible bike that is almost impossible to get you have to get 3 stars on one cup in 150cc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!could anybody tell me how to get 3 stars!

Scott 7 years ago

Yeah show some cheats

butthead  7 years ago

how do you unlock 4 expert gostdata intime trials

bob  7 years ago

i know a secret cheat for mario kart wii

dry bowser 7 years ago

whats the secret cheat?

Bob 7 years ago

I've gotten trophies in all the beginning 4 cups but nothing else has come up. Is there anything else I can do to open additional cups?

bob 7 years ago

i dont know how come you guys and girls have to rate mario kart wii its to good to be rated

eniraaaf 7 years ago

thanks for the cheats I've gotten some that never work and then find it was just a waste of my time. It was nice to get some that actually work.


big pappa 7 years ago

if everyone would just play the game and not always cheat it will be fun for everyone. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!

Bowser Jr. 7 years ago

how do you get expert time trials im totally lost

lauren 7 years ago

one time when i was playning online battle,

this one guy, had that big mushroom thing that makes you giant!

and he was like that the whole time in every game!

how do you do this?

ledimi 7 years ago

there is a cheat software call ocarina to cheat on wii. you can have everything you want.

zack 7 years ago

how do you use telport

funky kong  7 years ago

where can i find cheats

ASHLEY 7 years ago

hey guys . when u want to unlock toadette do u have to play all 32 or 36 races just single trials or do u have to play it and win with a ghost ? cause for birdo i just played 16 single trials and i didnt win her :( please help !

oliver 6 years ago

how do i get rainbow road

MaRiOkArT 6 years ago

why does everyone ask for cheats saying "HOW DO U DO THIS?"

To oliver: u get rainbow road by unlocking it by playing and winning grand prix.

Koopa Troopa 6 years ago

We tried the thing to get leaf cup, and it didn't work! :( Why?

rickie 6 years ago

i played 1000 races but didn't unlock nothing

sgrl1997 6 years ago

I also see people fall off cliffs and or get hit with shells and what not. Then, suddenly, they transport right in front of me a second later! Does anyone know how to transport! I would really like to know! Please get back to me ASAP! :(

Baby Weegee 6 years ago

To sgrl1997:

People teleporting isnt a cheat. Its just the problems on wifi. Trust me, it has happened to me too...

michael 6 years ago

this one dude said to press all buttons even the home and -and+

nanana 6 years ago

Is that how you teleport? I'm going to try that!:D

I just thougth they where hacking the game.

I hate hacker's on battle but... it's realy fun to play with them in vs:]

dj 6 years ago

Cheaters/hackers are losers who don't know how to play and suck balls without the cheat. I looove when I kick their asses au natural.

Grow some balls

sammi 6 years ago

To dodge a blue shell just as its about to hit you use a mushroom

Rosalina 6 years ago

I love it i play it evey day out of all 28 of my other games XOXOXOXO

SOPHIA 6 years ago


Kyle246 profile image

Kyle246 6 years ago from United States

Thank you for the cheats. I will use them when I play Mario Kart next. I used to play that game like everyday! It is fun to play online against others.

Funky Kong 6 years ago

I hack battle NX4 Skyscraper battle with no Homesbrew

channel. You go on one of the bridges and you block it. You go to the item box turn towards the other side of the brige and you will get endless items.

(I tested this. I was on the Red team and I won 10 to 3!!) And it only works on NX4 Skyscraper!

Lil' 5 years ago

i just unlocked the special race but i never seem to be able to get any right like in 1st,2nd, or 3rd!!!! i tried to get more people but it never works!!!!!! HELP ME!!-Thanks

incocnito 5 years ago

hate hackers they there every time I play,hate hate hate them!!!

Princess Daisy 5 years ago

la lala~ lol ouo I'm such a noob ouo I CAN'T BEAT THE FREAKING GHOSTS!!! >:( makes me mad grr

jhony 5 years ago


seth 5 years ago

trying to find cheats for items

Jack 4 years ago

Ok ok ok

4 years ago

just when the blue shell [starts to drop] use a musheroom and u will survive

jchuisdaboss 4 years ago

funky kong and daisy are 2 of the best characters

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