Mazin Hamsters Series 2

Mazin Hamsters Series 2
Mazin Hamsters Series 2 | Source

Introducing New Mazin Hamsters Series 2

Webkinz Mazin Hamster Series 2 is now available. Mazin hamsters are the new plus hamster toys made by Webkinz. They function similar to the concept of the Liv Fashion Dolls, which are a series of toys and an online world to explore. Kids can play with their Mazin hamster plush toys and unlock the secret 3d world online where they can play games, explore and create their own Mazin hamster world.

Mazin Hamsters Series 1 saw the release of seven Mazin Hamsters and 2 online characters. The latest edition the Mazin Hamster gang is Mazin Hamster Spooky and Mazin Hamster Christmas. Mazin Hamster series two includes six new Mazin Hamster Characters Pixie, Willow, Waffles, Sparkle, Cookie, and Hope.

Mazin Hamster Pixie
Mazin Hamster Pixie | Source

Mazin Hamsters Series 2

Mazin Hamster Pixie

  • Pixie is the cute and cuddly purple and pink spotted hamster.
  • Priced from $6.95

Mazin Hamster Willow
Mazin Hamster Willow | Source
Mazin Hamster Sparkle
Mazin Hamster Sparkle | Source

Mazin Hamster Willow

  • Waffles is the brown and white hamster with chubby cheeks.
  • Priced from $7.39

Mazin Hamster Sparkle

  • Sparkle is the bright pink hamster with a personality as bright as her coat. Other sweet Mazin hamsters are Petunia and Sweetie.
  • Priced from $6.95

Mazin Hamster Cookie
Mazin Hamster Cookie | Source

Mazin Hamster Cookie

  • Mazin Hamster Cookie is the White spotted hamster. She reminds me of a chocolate chip cookie.
  • Priced from $7.50

Mazin Hamster Waffles
Mazin Hamster Waffles | Source

Mazin Hamster Waffles

  • Waffles is the chubby grey hamster.
  • Priced from $7.20

Mazin Hamster Hope
Mazin Hamster Hope | Source

Mazin Hamster Hope

  • Mazin Hamster Hope is the white hamster with colourful peace signs. Like her name suggests Hope ispires the best in her mazin friends
  • Priced from: $6.78

Mazin Hamster Spooky
Mazin Hamster Spooky | Source
Mazin Hamster Christmas
Mazin Hamster Christmas | Source

Special Mazin Hamsters

Webkinz Mazin Hamster – Spooky

  • Spooky is the Black Mazin hamster that comes with holding a plush carved pumpkin. Spooky retails from $8.85.

Webkinz Mazin' Hamster Christmas

  • Webkinz Mazin' Hamster Christmas comes dressed as Santa with a floppy hat and Santa beard. Mazin Hamster Christmas retails from $5.99.

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Monster High Dawn of the Dance Dolls
Monster High Dawn of the Dance Dolls | Source

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Megan Coogle profile image

Megan Coogle 6 years ago from Alabama

Very cute! So glad they are coming out with a second series. Just a tip though on the article. You may want to tone down the amazon links. It makes a bit distracting and takes away from the article value.

kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 6 years ago Author

Thanks Megan.Glad you find teh Webkinz series 2 adorable.

edmar 5 years ago

sou teu fan

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