Super Meat Boy Makes Failure Fun

Super Meat Boy

Satisfying Challenges With Quirky Rewards

Watching the several hundred meatboys fly splatting at various trajectories, meat guts spilling everywhere, a dopey grin crosses the face of my husband and I. The game is Super Meat Boy and it's the kind of game that has discovered a very tangible way to reward failure: an end replay of your many little deaths over and over again upon beating a level. Being someone who is hopelessly picky about the kinds of games that are played, this is the kind of game that I instantly fell in love with when trying out the demo on the xbox.

Like the famous Mario games, Super Meat Boy has the boy-saves-girl plot along with seven different worlds, not including the dark worlds and Teh Internets. It also offers the two-dimensional graphics much like Mario. In each world, Super Meat Boy must overcome various obstacles to reach his captured love, Bandage Girl. With about 20 levels in each world, the levels grow progressively harder as Super Meat Boy has to jump through chain saws, play with gravitational forces, and avoid homing missiles. Each level has a certain time limit where if you finish it by that time limit, you get to play a Dark Level, a harder version of that same level.

Throughout the various levels, Super Meat Boy can collect bandages so as to open up other playable characters from other games. Some examples of other characters include Gish, Commander Video, Tim from Braid, the ninja from N+, and the most amusingly worthless character, Spelunky. The difference in characters is a nice plus to the game as each character moves in their own way and has their own special talents. Gish can stick to walls and slide across the ceiling, Tim can go backward in time, and Commander Video hovers in the air.

Other aspects that make this game enjoyable is the prospect of unlocking glitch worlds, finding warp zones, and the quirky yet familiar storyline. And as mentioned in the beginning, when you finish playing a level, you get to watch all the times you died. Playing this game is in some way a nostalgic sense of playing old-style games like Super Mario, yet at the same time there is enough newness and originality in it to feel fresh. With the versatility of movements, fun, creative challenge of the levels and worlds, and the different achievements and worlds to unlock, Super Meat Boy has become quite popular. Although a sequel will not be made, the game makers have promised clamoring fans additional levels to the enjoyable, fun filled game that is available on the X-Box or Steam.

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