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If you have been watching TV you might have noticed the latest toy craze. Mighty Beanz. Believe it or not these collectible toys have been around since 2002. The Bean is basically a plastic capsule with a metal ball inside to help keep it balanced. The Bean comes in most of your favorite characters. There are all sorts of Might Beanz to collect even rare ones like Elvis Presley. Recently Might Beanz has put out a brand series, series one. They come in packs of three or six. The three pack contains two common Might Beanz and one rare one. The six pack has a Mega Bean in it, a bean that is supposed to be wider and have more unpredictable movement.  Mighty Beanz are not recommended for children under three due to their size.  Most Mighty Beanz are recommended for for children five and up.

This is your typical Mighty Beanz package. Six Beanz are included. One hundred beanz are available to collect and the Beanz are categorized into four groups of twenty. You can play games with your Mighty Beanz. Race them down a slope or trade them with your friends!  This toy rated three and half stars out of five from ten customer reviews.  Customers commented on how cool the graphics are on these small Beanz.  Another parent stated that they are fun, but they may get lost!

Mighty Beanz Series 2

These Mighty Beanz are from series 2 and contain 6 beanz. You can collect all 70 Might beanz from Series 2. This toy received four out of five stars form 78 customer reviews.  One paretn was really skeptical about receiving the Mighty Beanz as a gift.  However she became quite addicted to them.  She was impressed by the colorful graphics and the fact that there were only two repeats in the 24 beanz they collected. She was even impressed that her young children were very amused by them.  Even an eight year old customer wrote in a comment, stating he and his five year old sister love the Beanz.  He also tells us that there is a secret club greeting and the points you can earn by collecting.

2009 Series 1 Ultra Rare Prehistoric Single TRex Bean #20

So you keep hearing about the rare Mighty Beanz. What are they? Here are some examples! The T Rex Mighty Bean is one of the rare favorites of 2009. It is one of the more expensive collectibles and has cool graphics. Another rare Mighty Bean find is the Ultra Rare Ocean Whale Bean. This Blue might Bean has a whale grimacing and bubbles on top.  Like I said before Mighty Beanz have every kind of graphic. Even leprechaun as shown below.

Mighty Beanz Series #1 Ultra Rare #45 Leprechaun Bean

Mighty Beanz 2009 Series 1 Ultra Rare Ocean Single Whale Bean #35

Tin New 2010 Marvel Universe Series 1 - Spiderman

 The 2010 Mighty Beanz are out.  And a part of that collection is the marvel Series.  One of the more popular of the Mighty Beanz is Spider man.  The 2010 series offers this tin case painted with Spider man graphics.  The tin resembles a larger version of a Mighty Bean, but it can hold up to forty beanz. Two Spider man Beanz come with the tin.

 Get all of your favorite Marvel characters and collect them in the Spider man tin.  Your Marvel favorites such as the Hulk, Wolverine or Iron Man.  Five Beanz are included.  56 Beanz are included in this series.

 Another part of the 2010 Mighty Beanz collection is the Star Wars series.  This handsome tin is painted with cool Star wars graphics with Darth Vaders face.  Inside the collectors tin is a place for forty Mighty Beanz.  Also included are two collectible Star Wars Beanz

If you have been watching TV then most likey you have seen the commercial above!  Collect up to 60 Star Wars Mighty Beanz. Four come to a pack. Heroes and villians are included!

Series 1 Lot of 24 Random Beanz, Plus 1 Ultra Rare Mega Beanz bonus in each pack. All Different NO Doubles!

Mega Beanz

 Mega Beanz are the larger Beanz that have a more unpredictable roll.  There are several to collect and a lot of times they are worth more than the regular Mighty Beanz.  This particular set of Mega Mighty Beanz has 24 beanz with NO doubles!   Also promised is that you will recieve one Ultra rare Mega Beanz in this collection. Two customer reviews gave it four and half stars out of five. Parents comment about the variety of Beanz that are available.

 Mighty Beanz case hold up to 50 Beanz.  Make it easy for trading or collecting.  Play games with the Mighty Beanz flip track.  It comes in red or blue.The track includes  a trick book, a trick ramp and one Mighty Bean.

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It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Mighty Beanz. Gotta get me some.

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Thanks for bringing me up to date. I am so out of the loop when it comes to new toys. I had better get up to speed.

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