Minecraft World In A Box Survival Map

Your world in a box.
Your world in a box.

Minecraft first gained popularity for being a never ending world you could shape as you pleased, but in this Minecraft survival map, the world you exist in is a mere five blocks thick. Your world is a box and you have to somehow manage to survive with not only limited supplies, but limited space.

Because of the exceptionally limited scope of the world, you pretty much get everything handed to you when you start. Well you get two of a lot of things anyway, two wheat seeds, two melon seeds, two grass seeds, two saplings of every kind, two cooked pork chips and two diamonds. There's also a bunch of leather, a lot of coal, a fair few bones and a bucket. Oh and torches. Does that make this map sound too easy? Think there's not going to be any challenges to be had? Think again.

This map turns you into an ant in an ant, tunneling up and down and exploring the world that has been created for you. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a fish in a tank or any animal in the zoo, where the evironment is supposed to be 'natural' but in reality is a mere parody of itself.

It's more than just another minecraft survival map, it's a thought experiment. It's also a minecraft survival map though, so if you don't feel like thinking about anything thats totally fine. What's a lot of fun is tearing down the prettiness that exists in the preset world you're spawned into and making something that will work practically, because although there's a house with a door to nowhere and a mineshaft to a mine, that doesn't mean you can actually survive there. You'll find that you starve to death pretty quickly if you don't start chopping a few trees down and clearing land for farming. It's also going to be difficult to get animals to spawn in this world as animals spawn only on lit grass (or perhaps dirt) when you're a certain distance away from those blocks.

Whilst this map might seem to be nothing more than a cute gimmick at first, the slim vertical layout of this map comes with some serious challenges, which I think minecraft survival players will enjoy a great deal. It comes in single player and multiplayer mode, the idea of multiple people trying to survive in this little box is absolutely hilarious.

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