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Ever wondered what it would be like to drive a car through your Minecraft world? Of course you have. Cars are awesome, and Minecraft is awesome and with their powers combined the awesomeness is squared. This vehicle mod is made by Flan, the same modder who brought Planes for Minecraft to the world, and it is just as wonderful. In spite of having square wheels, the ride is surprisingly smooth.

What you really want to know is whether or not these cars can go uphill, or will a single ridge stop them in their tracks? The answer is that yes, yes they can scale hills, but you need to get up to a certain speed in order to make the incline, which is fairly awkward at this time. Cars are also capable of driving underwater, although due to their open top design, you will find yourself susceptible to drowning. Once you've stranded an automobile underwater, it can be difficult to retrieve it. As I write this, a Kubelwagen sits at the bottom of the ocean, for the moment, unsalvageable.

The vehicles mod is not yet as roundly developed as the Planes Mod, but given Flan's history of creating amazing mods and developing them until Minecraft players cry tears of pure diamond joy when they lay eyes upon them, I think it is safe to say that there will be more features added in the neat future. For the moment however, there are no sounds associated with driving a car, so it just defaults to the walking sound, which is pretty funny.

The Kubelwagen car (the only car currently craftable) can be made with a V4, V6 or V8 engine. The V4 version is fairly slow and putts along at about walking speed, the V8 can be likened to more of a brisk run. My only complaint with the car is that the skin for it includes a cross bar across the windscreen at 'eye height', which obscures one's vision. So I modified the skin file and it was the work of a minute to pare down the cross bar to a more manageable level that didn't make 'driving' hazardous.

How does it drive? Well what seems to have been done here is that the modder has created a sort of land boat. There's a great deal of lateral movement and sliding that you wouldn't normally expect in a car being driven reasonably about the place. All in all though, this mod is something to celebrate, it brings land based vehicles into the game and opens up a huge range of possibilities for artists who like to reskin other people's creations. It also gives people actual reasons to build the roads they've been building since Minecraft came out.

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