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Creepers are perhaps the most popular mob in the Minecraft universe, mostly because of their ability to destroy your save files with nothing more than a 'ssssSSS'. But after a time, even the most stealthy creeper attacks must surely become somewhat boring. How many times can you be exploded unawares whilst mining diamond and still feel the same thrill?

Koda's Custom Creeper Mod adds more creeper fun to your Minecraft day by adding two NEW creeper types to the game. Let's have a looksie at what fun these new creeper types potentially add.

Blue Creepers

Blue Creepers won't sneak up on you and explode, they'll casually wander up to you and hurl themselves in the air like cheerleaders wanting to be caught. It's probably best not to stand around and try to catch the blue creepers though, because they have a tendency to explode on impact.

Escaping a blue creeper isn't easy either, because they can ran faster than you can. Your only hope is to wait until they blast skywards and then mozy as quickly as possible. When I say 'mozy' I of course mean 'run screaming like a little girl.'

On the plus side, if you can manage to kill a blue creeper before it does its 'aerial maneuver of doom', it will drop entire blocks of TNT!

Red Creepers

Red Creepers are the introverts of the creeper world. Unlike green and blue creepers, they won't run up and explode either next to you or above you, they'll remain at a safe distance and throw blocks of armed TNT at you. How many blocks will they throw? As many as they want, because their TNT is unlimited! The only way to avoid the 'Game Over' screen in the presence of a red creeper is to run towards it!

Red creepers have low self esteem and highly developed boundaries, so they'll run from you if you go after them. Unfortunately, even this isn't as easy as it sounds.

In order to dissuade you from chasing them, red creepers will set the ground on fire as they go in an effort to make you go up in flames. If you manage to inflict damage on them as they are running, then they'll simply explode

Installing Koda's Custom Creeper Mod

This mod requires the presence of other mods and tools in order to work. This is fairly standard for many advanced Minecraft mods and you shouldn't let it put you off. If worst comes to worst and you break your game, you can always delete the .bin file and start anew

Download Koda's Custom Creeper Mod

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