Minecraft Diary - Day 1

Day 1 in Craftyland

Hello and welcome to my voyage,interaction and complicity in the creation and alteration of Craftyland - that is the name I have given the the world that has just been randomly created.

I have started from scratch and I will be documenting my plans, struggles, and alike; as I build, explore, die, and grow.

I have to say that this map - which is randomly generated - has to be the best one I have encountered so far. It was the sort of map that I was hoping for since I started playing. I have seen a snowy world, a tropical world, and a few average maps.

Let's see what I have been doing so far!

First Impressions

Not too bad at all. I can see that there is A LOT of grass which means building a farm, or rather, growing wheat to make bread and live.. that is not going to be a problem at all!

There are a few trees around which is also going to be great for building many other things that I will need to carve, chop, and mine. I could quite easily take the leaves off these tree and create other trees if need be too.

To the right of this picture there is a HUGE hill or near enough mountain. This will be a good place to make a shelter in the evenings until I make myself somewhere better to live. It will also be a good place to mine.

The Doorway

Well, this is the beginning of home. It isn't much and it does need to be deeper into the hill/mountain but it will mean I can live through the night!

Bare Hands & Stone

Bare hands beating and scratching away is not very healthy, fun, or time efficient. I need to get myself a pick to speed things up. I stone pick would be perfect, to get the stone will be a pain though.. I will need to make a wooden pick axe.

Resource Gathering

For a wooden pickaxe, I am going to need something. What will it be I wonder.. Erm... Oh yes - wood!

And, where does wood come from?

Turning Resources into Tools & Putting Tools to Use

In order to make things. I will need a craft table, so, from the wood I punched out of a tree, I can build a crafting table in order to make the wooden pickaxe to remove and collect the stone.

The Wooden Pickaxe Construction

After collection the resources - basically, just wood - and building the wooden pickaxe, I can now speedily get rid of the stone and make a safe place to sleep when the sun finally goes down..

The Setting Sun

Phew - right on time!

The only problem right now is that I do not have any light in my little cave away from the night beasts. I know how to make the light, which last forever when I get it. I just need to find the resources to build the light, or rather - torches!

The good news is that I am probably right this moment standing, sleeping, thinking, and sitting on a lot of coal. I just need to go on down, down, down.. to get it.

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