Minecraft Diary: Day 2 - Part 2

Day 2 - Part 2

Yes, that's right.. more coal! And I was enjoying the underground ground river too and wondering what it might lead to and what I may find at the end of it. To be honest, I was hoping for some iron. Things are really starting to get silly now!

Now, what is THAT!?

I didn't have a clue. All I could see was that it was blue. I went and picked away. There were a few piece of, blue once I had mined/picked the block apart. There was another one behind it too, I picked that one with haste as well. Sadly, there was no more blue to be seen. I did take apart a good few blocks around the ones I had found too.

Anyway, it so turns out that this blue was Lapis Lazuli which is simply a dye and is nothing to get all that excited about after all..

Appears ominous

Now, after I found the Lapis Lazuli - and remember I thought it might be something amazing - I thought it would be best if I were to head back "upstairs" and keep it safe if my chest in case I was killed before I could use it!

Off I went.

Iron must be somewhere else

Once up the ladder, I realised that there must be iron, just in a different location and I should go and explore some more and see if I can find it.

I am blessed to have so many hills all around me. Easy access at the base too.

Quite a way up that is..

I thought for a moment.. "Why do I need to go to the top?" ... "The iron will be quite low down" I did this after trying to climb a little and found it was time consuming trying to find a simple straight route up the hill.

Night was just around the corner

Before I knew it - I must have picked 10 or so blocks - night had arrived and I needed to get back to safety - quick.

The trip back was easy enough though I could here moans from zombies near by and the rattling of bones from the bow wealding skeletons. The skeletons can kill me quite easily without any armor.

Iron is a must! and soon!

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