Minecraft Horses and Ponies

Image from the PonyCraft mod!
Image from the PonyCraft mod!

Everything is better with horses and ponies. That's just a fact. Like force equals distance divided by time is a fact. This article covers a couple of different Minecraft mods that include horses and ponies the player can ride across the Minecraft plains.

Minecraft Horses

If you want a Minecraft horse, I reckon you're best going with Mo'Creatures, a mod known for its occasional bunny infestations, but otherwise a fine and upstanding member of the Minecraft mod community, you'll have several different steeds to choose from. You'll even be able to breed tamed horses to create new and exciting mounts with the ability to fly. This is because the Mo'Creatures mod includes normal black and brown horses, but also white unicorns and even the very rare Pegasus, which of course, can fly.

How To Tame A Mo'Creatures Horse

Mo'Creatures horses love nothing more than tasty tasty bread mmm. Bread. If you've got wheat they'll take that too, but bread requires three wheat to make and they much prefer the higher concentration. Basically, Mo'Creatures horses are gluten fiends who can't get enough of the stuff. You feed them the bread by right clicking on the horse when it is in striking range. You'll hear a crunching noise whilst the horse eats. If you get lucky, one loaf might be enough and you'll be able to saddle your new horse and ride off into the sunset. If you're not lucky, you'll burn through bread faster than communist Russia.

How do you know when the horse is tamed? That's the fun part. You don't really. You can put a saddle on a wild horse just as easily as you put a saddle on a tamed horse. You'll only find out once you click your way onto the horse and try riding it. If the horse is tame, you'll be able to steer it with the W A S D keys. If it's not, it will throw you off and you'll probably get hurt. What fun.

Minecraft Ponies

A mod for pony lovers, PonyCraft is still a work in progress, but it will be based on the popular My Little Ponies franchise, and a preview of the mod can already be downloaded. At current time you'll only have flashy pink tools to play with (sparkly pink pickaxes, anyone) but in the future there will be actual ponies you can make friends with and ride. Definitely a mod to watch for any pony fanciers in the Minecraft realm.

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