Mo'Creatures, Extra Animals Minecraft Mod

If you're bored with the standard chicken, sheep, pig animals in the Minecraft world and would like to see some hungry lions, angry Ogres, shape shifting werewolves, pretty birds, horses and more added to your game, then you pretty much need the Mo'Creatures mod. Mo'Creatures works just like it says on the box, adding mo' creatures to your Minecraft experience.

First, the good news about this mod. You can have unicorns in your game, and Pegasus too! The options are endless. It's almost as if you can do anything with Mo'Creatures, anything at all, the only limit is yourself.

If you want pretty little birdies but don't want to be squashed by an ogre, you don't have to install the full range of animals possible in the Mo'Creatures pack. The official download page provides instructions on how to switch various spawn types on and off, so that is nice.

For advanced computer users who want to push their Minecraft experience to the very limits, Mo'Creatures is a brilliant addition that will have you giggling more than that Ladder Goat guy.

How To Install Mo'Creatures Minecraft Mod

Until Notch and the team at Mojang add official mod support, adding mods like Mo'Creatures is something of a battle against entropy and black screens. It goes without saying that you should BACK UP YOUR SAVES BEFORE INSTALLING MODS

To make Mo'Creatures work, you'll need to not only download the Mo'Creatures mod, but also:

ModLoader - a program that makes various mods work with one another) and,

AudioMod -a program that will load the additional sound effects associated with your new creatures.


Contingency Posts

It's possible that you won't need these, but should you run into trouble, these might make you feel better about yourself and the world in general.

ModLoader Won't Work!

In the interests of full Minecraft blogging disclosure, I'll admit that I've had my share of troubles with ModLoader. It often causes black screens and the official response to that issue is basically to go jump in a lava pit. Remember, mods are not officially supported by the game and if they destroy your save files, set your computer on fire and run away with your wife, you really only have yourself to blame.


Minecraft is black screening, help!

It's okay, take a deep breath and delete the bin file. Minecraft will automatically re-download the files you deleted. You did back up your saves, right? Good. If not, back them up before you delete the bin. You can easily restore your saves later and all will be right with the world.

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