Full Version Monopoly PC Game - Could Monopoly 3 PC Game Replace the Traditional Board Game?

Is the Full Version Monopoly 3 PC Game better than the traditional Monopoly board game?
Is the Full Version Monopoly 3 PC Game better than the traditional Monopoly board game?

Full Version Monopoly PC Game vs Traditional Monopoly Board Game

Before comparing the full version Monopoly PC game Monopoly 3 with the original, first let me say that the traditional Monopoly board game is still one of the world's favorite board games. Many of the popular board games of today were created over 50 years ago, in the case of Monopoly it was created back in the early 1900s. There are not many recent board game creations that have been able to match the popularity of the old classics which also includes Cluedo, Risk and Scrabble.

Classic Monopoly for Mac or PC

For a computer version of the classic Monopoly which has all the traditional game play from the old favourite but with some fun modern twists from animated playing tokens to the 3D board layout. Check out: Classic Monopoly for Mac and PC - for screenshots and other details about this game

Why traditional board games are still so popular

What do these classic board games have in common that make them such well-loved pass times:

  • Their rules are straight-forward
  • Simple fun so that everyone from all ages can understand and play
  • Everyone enjoys a little friendly competition
  • As boxed sets they are easy to set up and play - as long as you have someone around to play with
  • They are a great way to share some free time with your family
  • This is an effective way to spend quality time with your children
  • Even in later years, we all have memories of playing board games with our parents or siblings
  • And as grown-ups we all have a common nostalgia of the board games we used to play when we were young

Playing Virtual Monopoly Board Game
Playing Virtual Monopoly Board Game

How Does Full Version Monopoly 3 Compare with the Traditional Board Game?

1. The traditional game usually allows for up to 6 players.Whereas, the Monopoly PC game, Monopoly 3 allows you a choice of opponents:

  • Play with up to six people around the same PC
  • Or play against the computer with a number of AI opponents which vary in difficulty levels
  • Or use the multi-player feature and you can play online with other Monopoly fans.

2. The traditional Monopoly game rules of buying and selling, amassing wealth and building properties, collecting rents and paying out when you get a penalty are well-known.

With this full version Monopoly PC game you still get to play with the traditional board game rules, which is great for fans because it is due to the simplicity of these rules that makes this Monopoly game so popular. But if you want you can customize the rules in Monopoly 3 to suit your requirements.

Board Games for PC and Mac

There are a few more excellent computer versions of classic board games that I have enjoyed playing. Computer versions which allow you to play either against the computer or play online in multiplayer mode. For example Risk, Chess, Game of Life, Battleship and also a very cool 3D version of chess with a medieval wizard theme!

For more details: Board Games for PC and Mac - Risk, Chess, Game of Life and Battleship.

What Else Does Monopoly 3 Have to Offer?

There are also some additional benefits to playing this full version Monopoly PC game:

3. Choose the city you want your board layout to be based on. With Monopoly 3 you can choose from the classic board or a board based on 10 major cities, such as New York or Boston.

4. The visual element of this game is really nice. There are animated playing tokens which are fascinating to watch as they move around the board, the 3D dice roll on the board very realistically, and there are the chance and community chest cards which have been given the 3D treatment but still use the old drawings.

5. The virtual Monopoly game has a nice simple interface, the game set up is instant – this is another benefit over the real-world board game!

So is This Monopoly PC Game Better Than the Traditional Board Game?

Playing this virtual Monopoly PC game means that:

  • You can play against the computer and use the different difficulty to improve your skills
  • You can meet and play with other board game fans online
  • The animation makes this virtual game visually appealing
  • The convenience of having it on your computer so you can play anytime you want
  • Unlike many other Monopoly PC games versions, Monopoly 3 uses the good old traditional rules

All in all nothing beats playing the traditional board game. As it is a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends. But this is a great alternative especially when you don’t have anyone around to play Monopoly with!

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Is Monopoly Your Favorite Board Game? 3 comments

eliya 4 years ago

winning everything but with heart

pizad_sura 5 years ago

it's my favorite game !!

MrsKnowledge profile image

MrsKnowledge 6 years ago from Spanaway

I need to look into this, no one in my family will play me any more because i always win.

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