Monster High Rubber Bracelets

Monster High Rubber Bracelets
Monster High Rubber Bracelets | Source

New Monster High Rubber Bracelets

As Mattel’s Monster High Dolls continue to rise in popularity, new addition to Monster High Merchandise includes Monster High Rubber Bracelets. The pack of 12 rubber bracelets includes 4 bands of three iconic shapes associated with the Monster High thee, the skull, a heart and a lightning bolt. Included free is s skull shaped key ring. These Monster High Bracelets retail from $8.99 (As advertised 08.12.2010).

Halloween may be over but If you love Monster motifs then you may also enjoy these Monsterffic Rubber Bands which includes the Stretchy Shapes sightings of, Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, Jersey Devil, Alien, Mothman, and Ghost Glow in the Dark bandz. Or perhaps the Skelanimals outline of various animals. Other Cartoon Shaped Rubber Bandz Includes The Family Guy, The Simpsons, Hello Kitty, Disney Character Bandz and many more.

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