Monster High Sweet 1600 Dolls On Sale Include Draculara Clawd Frankie and New Cupid Doll

Unfortunately there are no Christmas themed Monster High Dolls. The next series skips straight to Valentines Day. The next series titled Monster High Sweet 1600 Dolls are due for release for Valentine’s Day 2012. Draculaura is turning sweet 1600! - expect to find the Monster Dolls in fine party wear. New accessories include a 1600 Roadster for Draculaura and the introduction of the new Cupid Doll.

Cupid is the ultra cute Monster Doll with pale completion and Pink Hair-presumably the daughter of Cupid-though that doesn’t make her much of a Monster Doll.
The Monster High 1600 Doll series features 5 dolls Frankie, Clawdeen, Dracualara and Clawd Wolf and the new Cupid Doll. Each doll comes with two outfits. These dolls are already spotted in Toys R Us; Amazon and Ebay, except to pay a high price for these until the official release dates.

Dracualaura Sweet 1600 Doll
Dracualaura Sweet 1600 Doll | Source

Draculaura Sweet 1600 Doll

  • Draculaura the daughter of Count Draculaura turns 1600 this year!, now that a real cause for celebration if you are counting your age in monster years-Draculaura celebrates with buddies Clawdeen, Clawd and Frankie. Draculaura comes dressed in her favourite colors pink and black with a sparkly new hairdo. Accessories include a second cocktail dress and cake. Draculaura's present is the slick new 1600 Roadster, a pink and black Monster Mobile (sold separatley).

Clawd Wolf Doll
Clawd Wolf Doll | Source

Clawd Wolf Sweet 1600 Doll

  • Claw Wolf arrived at Monster High in summer 2011 and featured in a gift set with Daculaura. The Sweet 1600 Clawd Doll retains his stylish attire. Dressed in a black shirt with grey pants, a teal tie complimented by a teal and mustard jacket.
  • The Clawd Sweet 1600 Doll currently retails form $54 (As advertised 27.11.2011).

Cupid Monster High Doll
Cupid Monster High Doll | Source

Cupid Doll

The Cupid Doll was to be released in February following the Sweet 1600 birthday of Draculaura but the Cupid Doll has now been spotted on Ebay and Amazon (retailing from $39.99 as advertised 30.12.2011)

Clawdeen Wolf 1600 Doll
Clawdeen Wolf 1600 Doll | Source

Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein Sweet 1600 Dolls

  • Draculaura’s BFF's Frankie and Clawdeen are dressed to party too. Both Dolls feature now hairstyles, the Clawedeen Wolf dolls feature new longer hair while the Frankie doll has a new up style hairdo...a fresh new look form a her usual ponytail.

Fankie Stein Sweet 1600 Doll
Fankie Stein Sweet 1600 Doll | Source
Monster High Create A Monster Dolls
Monster High Create A Monster Dolls | Source
Ghoulia Skull Shores Doll
Ghoulia Skull Shores Doll | Source


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