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General Game Play

Monster Legends is a breeding game that has a Pokémon feel to it. You get to breed all kinds of monsters and take them to the battle arena to test out your monster battling skills. What I like about the game is that you get to mix breeding with combat, making it quite an interesting game. Dragon City was more focused on breeding, and Monster Legends branches more into combat.

Breeding Guide

In Monster Legends, breeding the basic monsters will grant you access to more powerful hybrid monsters. There are a total of 8 elements right now. They are Fire, Earth, Nature, Electric, Sea, Dark, Magic and Light. Legendary is the best element in the game at the moment. That can only be gotten by breeding some rare or epic monsters. They are harder to breed as well.

Below are the following combinations for breeding:

Fire Monster Combinations

The basic fire monster is Firesaur.

Firesaur + Treezard = Greenasaur or Pandaken

Firesaur + Gorilla = Firekongor Freetle

Firesaur + Thunder Eagle = Gigram or Thundernix

Firesaur + Mersnake = Sealion or Vapwhirl

Firesaur + Tyranno King = Flickie or Firetaur

Firesaur + Genie = Pyrook or Djinn

Fire and Light are opposite elements, so you cannot breed them together. The monsters on the right side of the equation such as Pandaken, Thundernix, Vapwhirl, Firetaur and Djinn are rare monsters. They are harder to get.

Nature Monster Combinations

Treezard + Firesaur = Greenasaur or Pandaken(Rare)

Treezard + Gorilla = Rarawr or Tarzape(Rare)

Treezard + Mersnake = Sheluke or Bumblesnout(Rare)

Treezard + Tyranno KIng = Utochomp or Dendrosaur(Rare)

Treezard + Genie = Bloomskips or Pandalf(Rare)

Treezard + Light Spirit = Vixsun or Rudicius(Rare)

Nature and Electric are opposite elements. They cannot be bred together.

Earth Monster Combinations

Gorilla + Firesaur = Firekong or Freetle(Rare)

Gorilla + Treezard = Rarawr or Tarzape(Rare)

Gorilla + Thunder Eagle = Electrex or Bonbon(Rare)

Gorilla + Mersnake = Gastosquish or Musu(Rare)

Gorilla + Tyranno King = Obsidia or Beefcake(Rare)

Gorilla + Light Spirit = Light Sphinx or Goldcore(Rare)

Monster Element Weakness Chart

Weakness Chart
Weakness Chart | Source

Electric Monster Combinations

Thunder Eagle + Firesaur = Gigram or Thundernix(Rare)

Thunder Eagle + Gorilla = Electrex or Bonbon(Rare)

Thunder Eagle + Mersnake = Shock Turtle or Koopigg(Rare)

Thunder Eagle + Tyranno King = Terror Dactyl or Shanky(Rare)

Thunder Eagle + Genie = Raydex or Sparkwedge(Rare)

Thunder Eagle + Light Spirit = Pelitwirl or Pulseprism(Rare)

Electric and Nature are opposite elements.

Water Monster Combinations

Mersnake + Firesaur = Sealion or Vapwhirl(Rare)

Mersnake + Treezard = Sheluke or Bumblesnout(Rare)

Mersnake + Gorilla = Gastosquish or Musu(Rare)

Mersnake + Electric = Shock Turtle or Koopigg(Rare)

Mersnake + Genie = Dolphchamp or Octocrush(Rare)

Mersnake + Light Spirit = Blesstle or Raane(Rare)

Water and Dark are opposite elements and cannot be bred together.

Dark Monster Combinations

Tyranno King + Firesaur = Flickie or Firetaur(Rare)

Tyranno King + Treezard = Utochomp or Dendrosaur(Rare)

Tyranno King + Gorilla = Obsidia or Beefcake(Rare)

Tyranno King + Thunder Eagle = Terror Dactyl or Shanky(Rare)

Tyranno King + Genie = Giragast or Haze(Rare)

Tyranno King + Light Spirit = Succuba or Fayemelina(Rare)

Dark and Sea are opposing elements and hence cannot be bred together.

Magic Monster Combinations

Genie + Firesaur = Pyrook or Djinn(Rare)

Genie + Treezard = Bloomskips or Pandalf(Rare)

Genie + Thunder Eagle = Raydex or Sparkwedge(Rare)

Genie + Mersnake = Dolphchamp or Octocrush(Rare)

Genie + Tyranno King = Giragast or Haze(Rare)

Genie + Light Spirit = Flawless or Zim(Rare)

Light Monster Combinations

Light Spirit + Treezard = Vixsun or Rudicius(Rare)

Light Spirit + Gorilla = Light Sphinx or Goldcore(Rare)

Light Spirit + Thunder Eagle = Pelitwirl or Pulseprism(Rare)

Light Spirit + Mersnake = Blesstle or Raane(Rare)

Light Spirit + Tyranno King = Succuba or Fayemelina(Rare)

Light Spirit + Genie = Flawless or Zim(Rare)

Light and Fire are opposing elements and cannot be bred together.

Epic Monsters

While common,uncommon and rare monsters are easier to breed, the epic monsters are not.

The best combination to net you as many epic monsters are:

Light Sphinx(Earth + Light) + Pyrook(Fire + Magic) = Skipples or Scorchpeg or Duchess or Terracrank

It gives you 4 possible epics out of it.

Bonbon(Electric + Earth) + Pandaken(Nature + Fire) = Rhynex or Rabidex

Utochomp(Nature + Dark) + Koopigg(Water + Electric) = Razfeesh + Fliploch

Legendary Monster

Here are the combinations for a shot at legendaries:

Skipples + Duchess = Vadamagma

Razfeesh + Drop Elemental = Lord of the Atlantis

Rhynex + Darknubis = Nemestrinus

Rabidex + Tartarus = Thorder

Musu + Terracrank = Rockatanium

Erpham + Drop Elemental = Goldfield

Fayemelina + Darknubis = Darkzgul


This guide will be updated constantly as I will be adding more as I get more information. This game is extremely fun and is quite similar to Dragon City. You will fall in love with this game if you like Dragon City!

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erick 3 years ago

to get vapwhirl its not fire and mersnake its fire and turtle

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

turtle as in shock turtle?

brianrey79 3 years ago

How to get Nebotus in breeding ??

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

try fayemelina + fliploch/razfeesh would be my guess.

KILLER OF monster 3 years ago

hmmmm i have scorchpeg of djinn HAHA

Ajiq 3 years ago

Skipples ? Who Skipples ?

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

skipples is fire + light epic monster.

Ajiq 3 years ago

how to Get it ?

Ajiq 3 years ago

how to get Light Sphinx ? without using light spirit

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

well, if you have a scorchpeg or any light monster hybrid, you can get it by breeding them with the monsters you have.

AJiq 3 years ago

Example ?

If I want Light Sphinx : Scorchpeg + Gorilla

Right ?

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

yea. that's right.

Lina 3 years ago

How to get Light Spirit

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

Shop sells it. Scorchpeg +Scorchpeg works too.

mizan 3 years ago

scorchpeg + pandaken =?

gerald l. taguines 3 years ago


Jacob 3 years ago

What happens when scorch-peg breeds with Thundernix?

shugen 3 years ago


Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

arch knight or vadamagma if you get lucky.

Aydonosaur 3 years ago

What is the best combination to breed drop elemental? Tried breeding genie + mersnake 8 times already still no DE

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

try koopigg + pandalf

andreINDONESIA 3 years ago

scorchpeg + Dechuss = VADAMAGMA (legendary)

muhamad labib 3 years ago

skipples+duchess=VADAMAGMA sukses gw

Mohammed 3 years ago

how to get sKipples

TheDragonBringer profile image

TheDragonBringer 3 years ago

Your a pro for sure!

omar 3 years ago

I want vapwhirl

George 2 years ago

How do you get a Tao Tao

ibrahim 2 years ago

that's wrong i breed musu and terracrank and no legends

i want scorchpeg my friend got scorchpeg without light monsters

jasmine 2 years ago

What should I do to get Razfeesh?

Shelley 2 years ago

How do you get the 'worker hulk'??

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 2 years ago from California Author

Not sure, i haven't found the answer yet.

Boy 2 years ago

what is the answer of ?

shock turtle + greenasaur

harvee 2 years ago

dragonian beast+mersnake=???

chris 2 years ago

how i get scorchpeg without any light monster?

spencer 2 years ago

I unlocked a few monsters by using the roulette wheel how do I access those to use and put in my habitats?

2 years ago

How to bread tartarus?

ryuofthemyst 2 years ago

breeding vampwhirl and obsidia (lvl 10 both) 2 day breeding. what am i getting

david 2 years ago

How to get rockatanium i try teracrack lv 21 and musu lv 21 too and i try every week but i didn't got it

pdd 2 years ago

i have lord of atlantis vadamagma thorder nemestrinus and darkskul

mizael febres 2 years ago

How do I breed Tartarus, and Ephran?

Thank you!

Gladson Silva 2 years ago

Using the special points and bought one or 2; I was able to get my whole halloween and Christmas collection; have u find out any new breeding with any of them!

And also; do u know if Shihou or whitewalker has been turned in breakable kinds or anything like that?

clair 2 years ago

who I breedwolker hulk ... thanks so much !

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