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Greta Garbo

Sleek, Strong, Sexy and Fun -- Greta Garbo

As a casual collector of Montblanc Fountain Pens I am often struck speechless by the unique varieties and designs imagined by Mont Blanc artisans. Since the companies transformation from Simplo Fountain Pens (and some would argue even then) Montblanc has managed to create a rich catalogue of fantastic and rare writing pieces along with a history filled to the brim with corporate perseverance and a strict adherence to quality above all else.

Montblanc’s fountain pen creations seem to have limits that even imagination cannot contain. Their fountain pen series include Patron of the Arts, Writers Edition, Special Theme Edition, Annual Edition, Donation Series and America’s Signatures for Freedom to name only a few.

Montblanc's Greta Garbo Fountain Pen is part of the Special Theme Edition series. It is dedicated to the film actress who was best known for performances in Anna Karenina, Mata Hari and Grand Hotel. According to Montblanc, the pen itself features an elegantly shaped black resin body and cream-colored resin cap complete with Garbo's engraved signature, and an Akoya pearl on the graceful clip.

I love collecting and learning about Montblanc’s spectacular pens because I am fascinated by Montblanc’s choice of commemoration and their execution of the product. It is obvious, that Greta Garbo is one of Hollywoods most recognizable stars appearing in silent films and later in the talkies. She was, in fact, one of the few actresses to make the transition to movies with sound. And her career was full of achievements and awards even through the depression. Landing her a retirement in New York City.

Capturing the life and times and recollections of a person such as Garbo can be a daunting task. But time and time again, Montblanc manages to take an idea or a stereo-type and turn it on its head. They manage to infuse grace and strength into their instruments to capture the high point of their commemoration without being over wrought. They are simply the best at what they do. And the Greta Garbo Foutain Pen is no exception.

Sleek, powerful, sexy and fun. Nothing short of Garbo herself.

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Jeff Berndt profile image

Jeff Berndt 6 years ago from Southeast Michigan

It's a lovely work of art, but I have no idea why anybody would spend $3600 on a pen, of all things.

fountain pen montblanc 6 years ago

Montblanc fountain pens long ago achieved a status among collectors that far surpasses their original intent as a writing instrument. Simply put, collectors crave these rare and unique pens. Montblanc has plenty of standards that have great characteristics for a modest price. The MB #149 alone has many variations--most of which are affordable in the fountain pen category.

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