Moon Dough for kids

Have you heard about Moon Dough? From the makers of Moon Sand, It is a revolutionary new dough that claims to NEVER dry out. This dough is light, soft and hypoallergenic. The Moon dough is also wheat free. It is very easy to mold and there are lots of different molds and toy kits.   The kits usually come with a variety of colors including red, yellow, green, pink, purple, orange and white.

When reviewing this product I found a couple of parent reviews that were not too favorable to the Moon Dough product. Two parents had the same complaint, the dough doesn't dry out, but it does become crumbly. The two parents complained this product got all over the floor. A lot of the Moon Dough products do not have customer reviews because it is so new.

The Moon Dough Magic Zoo contains one molding mechanism,  three animal molds and three bags of moon dough.  What makes this Moon Dough kit so unique is the  3 wind up motors that come with it.  Make your zoo animals and put them on the wind up motors!  Your child will be delighted as they see their creations move around the zoo!

The Moon Dough Barnyard is one of the most popular Moon Dough Items and certainly one of the most advertised. This set comes with a barn moon dough molder,molds and three bags of moon dough. The molds consist of four animals including a pig, chicken, sheep and cow. Also included is the molds for a fence and hay bales. Put the Moon Dough into the barn and the animals are made. Press the Moon Dough into the fence molds to create pastures for your animals. Parents state their child had fun with the toy although the dough was not easy to clean out of the molder. 

 Moon dough diner has a mold maker that makes mold of food.  Included in this kit  are molds for french fries, hamburgers, a coke, and a pizza.  Just place the dough in the top and turn the handle.  This dough never dries out so it can be countless hours of fun.    The Moon Dough Diner is recommended for ages three and up!  Hurry, there are limited supplies left.

The Moon Dough Puppies Pop On Pal Spies is a doghouse mold that makes dogs ans dog bones. Your child can make the molds and play with the puppies in the dog house. This dough will not dry out so it will be able to used for hours of fun. Eight colors of dough come with this kit. Red Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Orange purple and Pink.

 The Moon Dough Pizza Shop has the same premise as the above. The Pizza Shoppe puts out four molds tomato, cheese, mushroom and broccoli.  You can use these molds to place toppings on your pizza! Your little chef would love to be able to make pizza over and over again.

 The Moon Dough refill is temporarily out of stock and will reappear here when it comes in.  The Moon Dough refills come in red, blue, orange,white and purple.  The Moon dough is in 1.5 ounce containers with molds on the lids.

Helpful Hints

Moon dough is easy to clean up. You can pick up pieces of moon dough with a bigger piece of dough. This is easy to do since it never dries up. If Moon Dough gets into your carpet the Moon Dough website states to dab the area with moon dough to pick up as much as possible. If it is ground into the carpet then take a stiff brush and brush it out and vacuum. Never use water on this product.

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Lafalot 5 years ago

I hate moon Doh. It has the texture and consistency of the fondant from a cream biscuit. Especially in a Childs hands. Fresh from the packet it crumbled and the more we tried to mould it the more it crumbled. As a parent, I would rather make sure the Play Doh is packed away properly at the end of the day, than have to clean up this rubbish. Complete waste of money.

Kim Prine 5 years ago

**WARNING** Moon Dough / Moon Sand is dangerous. My 5 year old son got some in his eye and it swelled up really bad. The eyeball (white part) swelled up around his eye pupil (gray part) almost covering it totally. We just got back from the emergency room about an hour ago. Not fun! The doctor said the sand in the Moon Dough sucked the moisture out of his eye. She said we were lucky because we did a eye wash right away. Thankfully his cornea wasn't scratched.

samantha samam 5 years ago

I like the moon dough. My kids play for hours yep it gets all over but it cleans up easy enough and we did not have an issue with our hands being colored. I like the Stuff had lots off fun

Gail 6 years ago

DON'T GET IT. DON'T USE IT! My son had it several years ago and now we have permanent stains on our vinyl kitchen floor (yellow & red-same colors as his Moon Sand.) They are located around a little plastic table we would let him use for the Moon Sand. Believe me, it would be much easier and less expensive to keep buying more Play Dough when his got dried least we wouldn't have to replace the kitchen floor. Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone else interested in joining a Class Action L.S. ?

Kellie 6 years ago

I'm surprised at the negativity myself...The two and a half year old boy I nanny for got this for Christmas and we both love it! I had always wondered about it, so I was eager to play with the Moon Dough with him. We have had no problems getting it out of the molds or the barn and no staining of hands, carpet, floors, or chair cushions. We tend to keep it in a ball and only break off what we need and it doesn't flake. When it does, though, I just take a ball and pick it up by stamping it up, just like play dough. I used to be a teacher of a preschool and have plenty of experience with various types of dough and I see no difference between this and play dough, other than texture (which still intrigues me!).

nicola b  6 years ago

i am so so disappointed this was all my little girl wanted from santa ad when she opened ti and started playing with it iw is like playing with stale bread that turned her hands red ... my floor is stained and it doesn't come off ...i would love and address to complain to ..can anyone help with this

Ebby 6 years ago

I just opened a box the kids received of this they got as a gift for Christmas, I was excited to present something new to them so I could get some workout time in... well lets just say as soon as the package opened, I didn't even bother giving it a chance, when I saw it flying and flaking everywhere, I scooped it all up into a grocery bag and threw the junk out, worst ever from a parents perspective, I would rather have my kids cut up paper and do glue/glitter crafts than even THINK about cleaning this stuff up after, not parent friendly and hard for little hands to use.

Katy 6 years ago

xmas present for my toddler, much worse than expected!!More mess than her play doh, but at least she could make things out of that. As has already been said crumbles too much so ends up all over the floor and cant really be used. We have the puppy set, which has nice molds but as soon as you take anything out of them it crumbles everywhere. Also seemed to have a strange reaction with Johnson baby wipes. Would not ever buy again!!!

Nenette 6 years ago

we love this stuff! much better than playdoh. we've made a ton of cool stuff with it. yes, it's a little crumbly at first, but it gets less so the more you work with it.

we gave my daughter the pizzeria one, and she used her Christmas money for the ice cream cart.

we HIGHLY recommend over playdoh.

Casey 6 years ago

I just bought moon dough and at first had the crumbling problem but went back and read directions: you have to work in your hands for a few minutes before working with it. I took the entire bag and started bawling it up and working with it like it was a ball of real dough and sure enough the consistency changed and it was much easier to work with. Clean up in my opinion is easier than play dough- doesnt to get smashed up it the carpet like playdough

Kathleen 6 years ago

I have 5 kids here ages 4 through 12 all having a blast playing with the Moon Dough!!! Yes it is crumbly but it brushes right off of their clothing. It makes great molds, even better than play-doh and no smell. We have the fun food kit and they are having a blast making all the different food items.

Minnesota 6 years ago

I would not recommended it!! What a mess!! It crumbles, and makes too much of a mess. I will use play dough from now on for my kids. What a waste of money!

Lynda 6 years ago

Dreadful stuff, crumbly, difficult to make anything apart from with the 'plastic kits' provided. Worst modelling stuff ever. Would not recommend to anyone!

Kendra  6 years ago

I would NOT recommend Moon Dough. I am so disgusted with the product I am tempted to take it back to the store and get my money back. My daughter seen the Barnyard commercial and wanted it, so I bought some for her. I assumed this product would be great because she plays with play-doh in her room and often leaves it out so it dries up and needs to be thrown away. She can't even squeeze this dough without it crumbling into pieces. You cannot tear it apart without it getting stringy and falling apart. I am upset that I bought this product and will never in my entire life buy it again. I will tell all of my friends who have kids not to buy it either. It looks nothing like it does on the commercials.

Ashley 6 years ago

Im 20, and i actually bought some moon dough for myself (because i like stuff like that) i also bought some moon sand, the moon sand i was not impressed by, but i actually do like the moon dough! at first i was like ok, not what i expected, but i cant seem to leave it alone. and i mean, as long as you play with it at the table or over a hard surface its totally fine, and it does make AWESOME molds! its actually super neat! ive never seen anything like it. Yes it did turn my hands orange, but there is such thing as a sink and soap, so its not hard to wash your hands after and get rid of the color...all in all, i think the stuff is neat!! :)

Bec 6 years ago

Moon Dough is awful. I love the concept and yes it moulds really well, but the crumbling is beyond a joke. My 3 1/2 yar old just kept rubbing it in her hands til it was all over the floor. I thought we were doing something wrong with it. She got the puppy set and the farm set and I will be taking them back. Would not recommend it to anyone. Certainly not an activity your child could do unsupervised

MELISSA 6 years ago


Kevin 6 years ago

It's the worst. You can't make anything out of it, it just falls apart.

Suki 6 years ago

I gave this to my niece as a present and my sister called me asking me why her hands were blue! No sweaty hand disorder just a bad product!!! It makes a huge mess and crumbles the second you touch it! I feel awful about buying her such an awful product! The only positive posts must be from company employees because this stuff is terrible!

Mari 6 years ago

Will never buy this stuff again. the reviews are true, it crumbles on contact. It is very messy. when you first open the package you need to 'mold' the stuff into life, and it DOES turn your hands colors, gets on clothes, towels. aweful stuff. I wish my daughter did not beg for this stuff.

awesome 6 years ago

LOL - it doesn't turn your hands blue~! Whoever said that must have a sweaty hand disorder!

This stuff is great - does it crumble - yup...But I'll take that any day over the lingering smell of PAY-Doh. As far as I can tell, so far anyway, it really doesn't dry out....and I'll take that any day over my kid crying about the stone of play-doh that they found at the bottom of the toy chest.

The texture is actually pretty cool - keep it away from water, yes - it's obviously super absorbant. With all kids toys - the CON is clean up - this toy is no different - even if it didn't you really think you wouldn't have to clean up? LOL ENJOY - it's fun.

Ashly 6 years ago

Worst product ever invented for little kids! This is 10X worse then playdough! It makes a huge mess! I'm finding tons of little pieces of moon dough all over the house, after just one use! Threw it away. Unless you want to spend the next five years cleaning up all the moon dough, forget it. Plus, you can't make anything with it unless you use a mold, and they don't work well either. We got the barn kit, and the handle to the barn pops off every two seconds, the hay bale mold doesn't work at all. Huge waste of time and money.

Trevor 6 years ago

The stuff crumbles and is very difficult to clean up. When you try to pick up the flakes off the carpet with your fingers, it stains the carpet. It doesn't stick to itself making it more difficult to clean up. I let my three-year-old play with it for about half an hour in the bathroom before throwing it away because of the crumbly mess. My little girl loved it, but I hated the mess. If you don't mind your clothing and carpet getting stained, buy the garbage.

Akasha 6 years ago

I got a diner as a gft for my almost 3 yo yesterday....I hate the product, it crumbles everywhere. I'm not just talking about a MESS to clean up, it is diffiult to play with. It is headed for the garbage, one day soon...

As soon as I get Play doh to replace it...

L.Anderson 6 years ago

I found Moon Dough to be a complete mess. The instructions state to mold for "several minutes". Even after doing so it compltely crumbled and all over the floor. I was a waste of money.

tiffany 6 years ago

Moon dough is the worst thing ever made. It just falls apart! I was cleaning it up becuz it was stuck to the table, I sprayed clorox kitchen cleaner on it and omg it had a chemical reaction. The smell was so bad we couldn't go in the kitchen for 2hrs. Do not buy this product it needs to be removed from shelves ASAP

SuzyK 6 years ago

I think Moon Dough is a big hot mess! It crumbles all over the place. Crayola Model Magic and Playdough are much better products, and there is much less mess associated with these. Moon Dough has been banished forever from our house! This is now an outside toy – outside in the garbage that is.

thatguy 6 years ago

To erin

Playdough lists most of their ingrdiants. salt water and wheat. those not lister are prob the color and scent.. playdoug is safe even if eaten in large quantities

Getreal 6 years ago

Amaing all these comments and not a sinlge person asks what it is.. lets their kids play with something they have no idea what it is.. chances are your kid will eat some, when you call the hospitla what will you tell them the kid ate.. read the package, check the website there are no ingrediants anywhere.. call to the company and no info. whenever my daughter or I touch the stuff we get a very hot and itchy reaction.. I imagine if any got in her eye or mough we would be rushing to the emegency room with no idea what was in her. so this mystery product is out of our house. Please don't let your child play with things when you have no idea what they are made out of. nontoxic is really very general.

Marc 6 years ago

Who in their right mind would post a positive comment about this junk. Crumbles on touch, my son is hardley strong enough to pack it to the point where it will stay together. Playdough is way better. One positive note is that my dog loved eating the crumbles that fell all over the floor. Thank goodness we have hardwood floors and not carpet. And yes, my dog is still alive.

Christina 6 years ago

I just bought my son some of this the other day for his birthday.

We both love it. We haven't really had any problems with it. I didn't buy one of the sets, just the dough itself. To me its sort of like a neater version of Moon Sand. My son loved his moon sand, but it just got EVERYWHERE, and I couldn't stand it. My son uses moon dough the same way he used moon sand (even to the point of using his old moon sand molds) and I don't have to clean up so much.

I find it much neater than play doh, and one of my sons biggest problems was that he would lose the lids or not put them on tight enough, his play doh would dry out, and he'd get extremely upset about it. Now he doesn't have to worry about it. We all find the texture the most interesting part. It's hard not to just sit there and run your fingers over it.

Anyway, I suppose the difference with me is that I'm not looking at it like a play doh substitute. . .I'm looking at it like a different type of moon sand that's not so. . .sandy. When you look at it like that, it's hard not to like it. It's got the benefits of moon sand, but not quite as much mess.

I have noticed that it's starting to turn brown. . .but I wonder if that's from dirt off of everybody's hands starting to stick to it. *ick*

erin 6 years ago

I think the best thing is to make your own paydough. You can add scents and colors and you know what it's made from because you made it... I bought my son moon dough for his birthday and it was very crumbly as everyone has said. If you press it hard into the moldsit doesn't fall appart as much, but with the barn turning part I noticedthe dough getting stuck up inside and needing to dig it out. I have bought the store Play doh before as well but I dont know what they use to make it... smells kind of chemically to me. All you need to make your own is flour, salt, water, vegtable oil, and cream of tartar, and food coloring to color it, some sort of extract for smell, or even a packet of koolaid.

keats 6 years ago

Oh my gosh this stuff is not good at all. It crumbles the minute you pull it out of the package and it has a bad smell. My three year old was frustrated with it after 10 minutes. The molds work fine but what a mess. I'm going to have to go back buying magic molding clay by crayola.

Amy 6 years ago

Hate this stuff! It is crumbly, messy, and the blue stains things. I bought the barnyard, and my kids can't do any of it on there own so it needs adult supervision. Also the mess afterwards is awful. I would much rather buy playdough every month after it dries out than use moon dough.

Gail 6 years ago

OMG i hate this stuff. If I had viewd these blogs about this product I never would have baught it, SURE its fun, it never dries out its real soft and forms well....BUT...the stuff crumbles and gets everywhere. you can sweep it or vacumme it but you will never get it all...kind of like pine needles from the christmas tree, 6 months later your still finding them. My 4 year old loves her moon dough but we cant just let her play with it at any time due to the amount of mess it creates. The product has no ingredients list on the package Just warnings not to get it wet, or in your eyes or mouth...sounds real safe right. I think I will stick to good Ol' fashioned playdough. moon sand and aqua sand are just as bad - products like this only have sales because parents end up having to replace the stuff OFTEN...once is enough for us...never again

kschofield88 6 years ago

Wished I had read reviews before buying it. I saw this advertised at Walmart and loved the concept of it. Bought it for my 4 year olds birthday party but was very disappointed in this product!! I too read and re-read looking for an "add water" instruction. It crumbles EVERYWHERE!! And between all the kids we lost at least half of it. Some of the molds worked, but most came out looking disformed. (The youtube commercial is very misleading!!) Kids and adults alike were frustrated because the handles kept popping off. I do NOT recommend this product--and will be returning it today.

Ania 6 years ago

I'm with Randy. Use dryer lint instead! It is the worst stuff ever. The barn mold works fine but as soon as the kids touch the cow it becomes totally mangled, deformed and begins to migrate all over!! The blue does stain. Anyone one who says it doesn't must have blue carpet. Seriously hate it although my son does love it until the cow get leprosy and begins to crumble away. Play-doh rocks. It smells awesome and your kids can actually create things instead of being forced to use a mold. This is one big - Lame-O from our whole family. By the by not only can all these peoples kids "not put it down" I assure you they can't " pick it up either.

snakebaby profile image

snakebaby 6 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

There are really lots of different doughs! Interesting!

Melissa 6 years ago

I am quite shocked at the negative reviews. I bought this on clearance for my daughter at walmart and she has not put it down. Her Father and I have actually been playing with it as well. I have not seen any signs of stains. It does crumble, but big deal so does play dough!! At most you loose a little by vacuuming up the tiny pieces on the carpet. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

tara 6 years ago

I bought this thinking it looked so fun...pulled it out and was SHOCKED how dry it was, when you squeeze it, it breaks into thousands of pieces just like sand, it does stain also. I had to look at the instructions for I really thought I needed to add water or something....this is a joke and shouldn't be sold, I brought mine back and bought playdough instead!

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

egarcia, I never thought a toy could be so controversial!

egarcia72929 6 years ago

I'm shocked at all the neagative reviews. I bought this for my daughters birthday oct 2. Out of all the gifts she got she plays with this the most (come to think of it its the only thing she plays with.) We LOVE it. A lot of people are comparing it to play-dough but there is no comparison. Play-dough is MODELING CLAY and moon dough is a MOLDING COMPOUND MENT FOR MOLDS! If you pack it into the molds then twist n tap or turn ( depends on what set u bought then u should be good. it has NEVER stained our hands or carpet and clean up is a breeze, just vacuum it up refills only cost 5 bucks for a two pack of a decent amount of moon dough. I recommend this to everyone. The only problem i have is that she doesn't want to put it away. Give it a try. :)

Sally-Anne 6 years ago


I do not recommend Moon Dough AT ALL!

I am MOST disappointed in it. My 5 year old brought the pizza moulding kit and 2 more pots of Moon Dough with her birthday money - what a waste.

My 8 year old had Moon Sand 2 years ago and I hated the stuff, got everywhere so we thought this would be better as it looked like playgough on the tv.

It stained our hands and the carpet :-( it crumbles like you wouldn't believe, it was like we had Moon Sand all over again.

Its not cheap either, not when a little girl wants to spend her birthday money on what is quite fankly, rubbish.

Keith 6 years ago

My wife picked up some Moon Dough on the weekend. We like the thought and idea behind it (won't dry out, wheat-free, etc.), but truthfully this product just isn't ready for prime time yet. As many others have said, it just crumbles way to easily ... you're left with a mess resembling a collection of small rocks within minutes, and it gets everywhere! I have to hope they'll go back to the drawing board to sort out these problems; until then, no more Moon Dough for us.

LuRae 6 years ago

I bought Moon Dough for my grandkids to play with when they come over. What a mistake! I paid $20 for the biggest mess ever! The barn of the barnyard set sticks so we can't turn it. The dough crumbles and gets all over! I had to get a screwdriver to make the barn work. Even my four-year-old grandson is unhappy with it. Never again! I would not recommend this stuff to anyone.

RichieRich 6 years ago

Great concept... what a pain actually. Falls into small pieces everywhere, doesn't stick to itself well enough to mold anything really. Very short and limited lifespan. My wife & I felt like apologizing to all the kids parents who got it in their lootbags from our B'day party. Save your "dough" and get something else, but NOT Aqua-Sand which takes my prize for the worst stuff EVER!!

cal 6 years ago

My grandkids love moon dough and play with it for hours. They are 2 and 3 and roll dough and make pies and use cookie cutter type shapes to cut out squares and stars and triangles. Much better than play doh and easy to pick up. Sure it crumbles, but you just pick it up and shape it. No big deal. Preschool nearby uses it and it is a hit.

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Thank you all for your comments. Please take time to vote at the link above Moon Dough vs Pla-Doh

Yvonne 6 years ago

Hey Everyone! I unfortunately do not like Moon dough at all. My kids saw it on tv and just had to have it so I purchased some at Walmart actually. This stuff is useless. I hate it and my kids thought there was something wrong with it and asked me to return it to the store to see what had happened to it. Play dough is soooooo much better.

Randy 6 years ago

I just bought some at toy r us for 4.99. This stuff is like cotton infused with lotion. It crumbles into tiny lint balls and gets everywhere. I cant believe this product made it to the shelf. There is no way the people who created it could be proud of it. Very Very disappointing. If you are thinking about buying some just go to your dryer and take all the lent out of the trap and rub in your carpet.

disappointed mom 6 years ago

waste of money~! moon dough is so fluffy and flaking like cotton candy without stickyness. cant get molds out without ruining it. my barn hangs uo and pops out half animals or i have to dig the moon dough out. true it never dries out but doesn't stick together well dufficult for my child to playwith and if you use cutters like wt playdough as soon as you pick up design it flakes apart would not recommend i would rather keep buying playdough!!!

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Hmm.. not so favorable comments.. be sure to see my other hub moon dough vs pla-dough to vote

jlr0550 6 years ago

DO NOT BUY!!!! Not only did is stain my kids hands, but stained my carpet as well. As soon as you touch the dough, it crumbles. When the kids were done playing, ended up throwing some away because it would not pick up and stick to the rest.

clair 6 years ago

Actually I quite like it. At first I found it irritating and it is true that it gets everywhere and stains the carpet. But, if you are lucky enough to have a room with a hard floor, then it is really good stuff. I'm lucky enough to have a conservatory, so I have put plastic on the table and a towel on the chair and my daughter will sit out there for hours making her farm animals with the moon dough and then playing farm games. If I didn't have a room with a hard floor though then I would have binned the moon dough by now. As it is, I'm going to get some refils instead.

KimD 6 years ago

I've had a lot of problems as well from ordering it directly from spin master. They confirmed my order only 1 month after ordering it and now say there's nothing in the system about my order. At least my visa was never charged. The web site had no contact info but now I noticed there's contact info to check your order on the site. Still haven't decided if I will reorder after all the trouble I had. I started all of this in July!! Cool products but not a great company to deal with!

Anne 6 years ago

Bought this for my son with his birthday gift card. He's 2, and loves it. Us parents, however, are a lot less impressed. Really don't like how crumbly it is and it is hard to make things because of that fact.

Len 6 years ago

I think it's great. We just got it yesterday after 6 week wait, and the whole family has been playing with it for hours. Sure it's crumbly, but use the molds! It makes perfect molds into anything. And just vacuum up the bits left over. Better than sticky playdough everywhere. And the kids love it! I love it! Only thing is the dog likes to eat it. And the colours don't last long because they all turn into a brownish colour pretty quick. We got the dog maker, pizza set, and tonnes of dough.

Terri F 6 years ago

I would not buy this again. I have the same complaints, it crumbles easy and makes a huge mess all over the floor. The barn is difficult to clean too. I would LOVE to get my money back. I would not recommend this to anyone (anyone you like anyway)

susanne 6 years ago

i orderd moon dough at the start of july & got an e-mail saying it was queued & they didn't say when i would get it ! i tryed to send them an e-mail to see when i would be gettig it but the e-mail & the phone number dnt work. I not very happy with them at all :-(

Amanda 6 years ago

Just bought some of this for my kids. They were not impressed. It crumbled into little pieces as soon as they touched it and ended up all over the table and floor. They gave up on it after 5 minutes. I will never buy it again.

casey 6 years ago

It is really hard to make anything out of because of its tendency to crumble, and yes it is about the biggest mess you could think of in the hands of a toddler that does very well with playdough. Clean up is easy in my opinion just vacuum it up but then you loss 5% of it every time you get it out.

rachel 6 years ago

worst thing ever gets everywhere stains the carpet i definatly would not recommend wasting your money on it

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Thanks for your comment Greg. Seems about even so far on the Moon Dough controversy...

Greg 6 years ago

Great concept but horrible in reality..stuff crumbles and immediately distributes itself across the house in tiny flakes. Yes you can pick it up with a larger piece of "moon dough" but the crumbliness of the product makes for a real cleanup challenge - I would stick to play dough....

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Thank you Andrea for your comments.. they will help others when ordering..

Andrea 6 years ago

no i ordered from the spin master website, they finally got back to me by sending me an invoice that says my order has been queued, nothing saying when i will receive my order, but at least iv got somewere now

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Wow Andrea, Did you order it through Amazon? Keep us posted...

Andrea 6 years ago

Im gutted, mine hasn't even come yet, seems my order has been cancelled, have tried to get in contact with the company but have had no reply :( not happy at all

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Thanks Justin for your input. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Justin 6 years ago

worst invention ever. Never gets hard, turned mine and my kids hands blue, what an absolute joke. I have no idea how this made it out onto retail shelves. DO NOT RECOMMEND IT, would NOT be nice in the classroom!

GarnetBird profile image

GarnetBird 6 years ago from Northern California

Looks like this would be nice in the classroom!

abbey 6 years ago

moon dough is super

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

This looks great - the main reason is moon sand gets everywhere and this looks to counter that problem. Thanks for the update.

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