Moontrain's Lucid Minecraft Texure Pack (16 x16)

A 'total Minecraft conversion intended to tame the rough and unpolished default graphics', Lucid is a texture pack worth downloading if you're looking for a pleasant replacement for the default texture pack, which, as we all know, is the ugliest thing on earth. But has Lucid really improved upon it? Lets take a moment to consider what it offers the esteemed Minecrafter.

Cobblestone Like many texture packs, the cobblestone texture in Lucid has been replaced with a stone colored brick texture. I like this, you may not.

Grass The grass is probably my favorite thing about Lucid. It has a nice pale color that reminds me of a freshly mown lawn tended by elves.

Wood Wood is nice and light too, with a grain that is not overbearing, but which provides an admirably wooden atmsophere.

Glass Glass is entirely clear, which is nice, but has a blue border, which is less intrustive than the brown borders that often get shoved on it, but which I don't much care for. Borderless glass, please! I want glass so transluscent I walk into it on a regular basis.

Lightstone Looks perhaps a little bit too much like sandstone for my liking.

Furnace Love the furnace, which blends really well with cobblestone walls.The interface is also quite charming, with a rustic feel that is in keeping with the game but also feels quite slick and JRPG.

Crafting Table For something completely different, the crafting table has an entirely white surface with only a beveled edge to let you know what it is. This is nice if you're using it as a floor tile, but potentially confusing. If placed in a standalone position, metal style braces let you know what you're looking at.

Smoothstone Smooth.

Sand Smooth

Dirt Smooth.

Basically, smooth is the watchword of Lucid, anything that could be smoothed has been smoothed, which is what makes it look more visually appealing than the blocky default textures. This texture pack wins on several points I think, one it uses the default 16 x 16 textures, which means that it can easily be swapped in and out when you feel like using it, unlike the HD texture packs which take over your default.

I also think that it has a sort of storybook appeal that will be welcomed by many Minecraft players. There's something about it that reminds me of Pokemon for reasons I can't immediately explain but there it is anyway.

If you're looking for a new texture pack that doesn't mess too much with the original feel of the game but provides some much needed graphical smoothing, it's worth the download.


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