mortal kombat vs street fighter

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is one of the best fighting classics of all time. They truly revolutionized the meaning of the phrase fight to the death because when you win you could actually kill the opponent. Plus this was the first fighting game that introduced the blood concept. At the time, this was considered unheard of in most fighting games, but when it came it was widely accepted. Every MK game has his or hers special moves, which is good. Sub-Zero has his classic freeze. Scorpion has his classic spear and many others have there own classic trademark moves. The fatallities are awesome.A fatallities is the perfect way to end a fight.At the end of a round 2 and 3, when you beat your opponent, the screen will say "Finish Him". Enter a button code and your fighter basically overkills the other fighter. From arm ripping, to lightning, to fire. MK is one of the most violent games of its time. Something else that made MK rememerable, are the boss fights. After you get past all the fighters, and endure the rounds, you are introduced to Goro. Goro is today considered one of the hardest bosses ever in a video game, and definitly one of the most popular. But the hardest boss you will ever face is Shao Kahn. Back when I played MK2 and MK3, Shao Kahn has beaten me many times until finally I beat him. But never the less, MK is a good game.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter 2 is the game that started it all, the fighting game that began 2D fighting games as we know them and the launching pad for one of the greatest franchises in gaming history. SF2 marked the debut of the core eight fighters that are synonymous nowadays with the words "Street Fighter". You pick your chosen fighter and take on the remaining brawlers in a series of fights until you've bested them all, and then you move on to the four frightening boss fighters. If you don't know how SF2 plays, then you don't know anything about 2D fighters, since the majority of other 2D fighters have borrowed at least something from this game.SF2 set the standard with regards to 2D fighters. It was a hit at the arcades, but even more so on the home console market. It opened up the concepts of having a multitude of different fighters each with their own techniques, varied punches/kick strength and special moves. The graphics are still quite enjoyable as is the music and sound. The gameplay is completely solid.SF2 is by far the best classic 2D fighting game ever.


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wademcmaster profile image

wademcmaster 6 years ago from Australia

I love the old beat em up games. Mortal Kombat was my religion when I was a kid. Gotta say I love the RYu vs Scorpion Video!

Ms Pacman 5 years ago

I am definetely definitely for Mortal Combat. I think it's better

Jerome 5 years ago

Where can i download Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter From?

Jerome 5 years ago

Where can i download Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter From?

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