Most Popular Gifts for Kids This Holiday Season

Children want everything they see. Television commercials, store ads, and seeing other children's belongings make wish lists longer and more expensive every year. The trick to getting children what they really want is to listen to them before the Christmas merchandising season, watch them at play to see what they play with the most, and learn what they play with at their friends' homes.

Choose a variety of gifts. Children are easily bored. Include gifts that promote physical activity such as bicycles, roller skates, scooters, skateboards, moon shoes, pogo sticks, trampolines, jump ropes, exercise mats, and sports equipment such as balls of all kinds, bats, gloves, a basketball hoop, or badminton /volleyball/table tennis sets. Set children up with arts and crafts including paper, crayons, paints, glue, colored pencils, markers, stickers, poster board, glitter, modeling clay or playdoh, chalk and chalkboard, and tape. Buy books that were favorites in the classroom or library. Choose board games that reflect the child's interests.

As for the most popular gifts this season, both boys and girls love video game consoles. Wii is still very popular this year, as are versions of Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. Portable versions of these consoles are less expensive and just as popular. Nintendo DS and DS Lite are bestsellers, as is Playstation Portable. Children who already have one or more of these can always use new games for them.

New learning games have been introduced by Leapfrog and VTech. Leapfrog has added a Didj gaming system that connects to an online tool for children aged 6 and up. VTech has several laptop and notebook designs in learning games.

Boys like action figures. From dollar store soldiers to the $89 tribot, you can't go wrong with action figures. One very hot new toy line this year is based on the cartoon Bakugan. Listen carefully to requests for Bakugan toys. A child who wants a round toy will not be satisfied with a small figure, and a child who already has Bakugan brawlers or figures will still want others, along with a battle arena. Many of these toys are less than $10; few are more than $25. Star Wars and Superhero toys are also popular. You can never go wrong with, toy cars, tools, Lego, and other building sets.

Girls want to be Hannah Montana and Princesses this year. Last year's gifts of Hannah Montana and Princess dolls, tshirts, radios, and games are still welcome, but dress up clothes, guitars, wigs, castles, and vanities are hotter. Baby dolls, stuffed toys, Disney fairies, kitchen sets, Bratz, and Barbies are all popular choices. Elmo live is expected to be hard to find this year, so if someone on your list wants one, you better find one now. If you have a lot of money in your Christmas budget, you might want to consider lifelike pets that are on the top of many Christmas lists this year such as Furreal Friends Biscuit. From dogs to horses, these cute pets respond to voice and touch with movement and animal sounds, but they cost between $40 and $200.

Older children are still into video games, but they also like laptop computers, digital cameras, ipods, iphones, mp3 players, movies, televisions, and music. Be aware of your child's taste and choose what they will enjoy. But be careful. Children will push limits, so be sure gifts you choose are appropriate for the child's age.

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