My Hobby Craft - Miniature Park Benches for Dolls

Mini Wooden Park Benches

When I was young used to have these fantasy living in a small world with full of miniature furniture and accessories. I start building paper house, furnitures, dolls and etc when I was 12 years old. When I was in my secondary school I start using ice cream stick to build all miniature furnitures. Those days are not like now have proper cutting tools, super quick dry glue and every air spray gun.

Just recently one of my collegue ask me whether I know how to make miniature benches. Wow I told him that was many years back. In fact is 20 over years back. He show me some pictures of those benches. I told him I can make more detail than that. I when to the market that evening and buy some ice cream stick pack, size appro. 110mm x 10mm x 2mm thick, barbercue stick diameter 3mm, cutter and super glue.

First Prototype

My First Prototype

I was surfing the internet to look for some basic design and I finally found one deisgn in which that I like and took me 10 mins to re-design it and 45 mins to finish up my first prototype. It was not easy, to glue the wooden parts with super glue required quick action with no mistakes. I start from the seating part, the legs and the back (lean parts). Other tools and accessories required for making these benches - ruler, cutting matt, quick release clamps and a mini hand file for edge finish.

Second Prototype

My Second Prototype

Brought it to show him the next day. He was looking at me ....... he stare at the model for a while, and ask me "Did you make that?" " I said yes". He was telling me that maybe we can make some for production. Production? haaaa it can be done. I told him that I will make another model much more simple than the first one. The second prototype took me 5 mins to design and 30 mins to finish.

Third Prototype

My Third Prototype

As usual when he saw the third model it he looks amaze again. He ask me for more design and I told him, how about a foldable type? . "Impossible" he said. I 'll make one and will show you tomorrow. 5 mins to surf the internet for ideas, 5mins to design and 20 mins to finish. As for the hinge I used strip, paper clips and a 1mm drill to drill holes for the pivot joint. This model for production I think is not easy.

Fourth Prototype - 2 pieces Design

Fifth Prototype

Last Prototype

Finally I made my last prototype and told him this is my last protoype and will make it with both barbercue and ice cream stick. And he said OK, he will bring all my prototype and show his friends and see how many model to make and at what qty. So I made this fifth prototype and gave it to him and hear from him no more ......

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reevinaaw =3 5 years ago

i like your handicraft..wanna make one by myself T-T

caseycrazy 5 years ago

I will try to make a cad drawing with dimensions on one of the design for you.

Joanna 5 years ago

I am looking for a minature park bench for a sculpture that I am making. It needs to be around 15 cm long (about 10 cm high). Would you be able to make one and how much would it be? Thanks Joanna

caseycrazy 5 years ago

Joanna - I can design for you for free with detail dimension and in 3D view. Do you have any design preference in mind?

mona 3 years ago

its really nice.

yagya rajput 3 years ago

i like your bench

yagya rajput 3 years ago

i like your bench

Hln 2 years ago

profile image

topwatch 4 months ago

Can you give us the dimensions for your 2nd prototype, the park bench. Nice piece of work. would love to build one for dollhouse.

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