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My Pillow Pets are a cute and snuggly plush that fulfills two purposes. Not only are they a toy that your toddler will absolutely love, but at nap time they become the softest most comfortable little pillow that you can imagine.

My Pillow Pets can even make nap time easier for everyone involved, this is because toddlers love taking naps with their stuffed animals and or favorite toys. Because of this its usually a little easier to get your little one to settle down if they will be able to snuggle up with their cuddly My Pillow Pet.

Currently there are approx. 38 different styles of My Pillow Pets available on the market. But this is likely to increase soon as they are always expanding their selection. My Pillow Pets can be found on Amazon and eBay as well as from numerous other retailers.


Check out the full line of My Pillow Pets on Amazon.


where to buy my pillow pets
where to buy my pillow pets

Buying My Pillow Pets

When buying a My Pillow Pets for your child there are a couple of things that you may want to consider.

First make sure that it says My Pillow Pets. Otherwise if the tag say Pillow Pet or something to that effect, you will most likely be getting a knock-off product instead of the actual My Pillow Pets.

There have been a lot of complaints about the knock-off pillow pets lacking the durability of the real My Pillow Pets.

So if you do for some reason end up with a knock-off instead of the actual product it should be readily apparent as the knock-offs are usually very poorly made.

The real My Pillow Pets are very well made and durable and should be able to easily carry your child through their toddler years.

My Pillow Pets are also fairly easy to clean. First put the pet inside of a white pillow case and then tie the pillow case. Then wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water. Next allow your the pet to air dry in a warm area.



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