My Top Five Xbox Live Arcade Games

Xbox Live Arcade is one of the best features on Xbox Live, as it brings shines light on the more smaller companies who maybe produce indie games. I feel arcade games are quicker, instead of hours of game play but are also a lot cheaper. Although they may not be up to the same standard as the games on the shelves, I feel they can be sometimes even more entertaining and enjoyable! So here are 5 arcade games, currently available to purchase on Xbox Live, that I fully recommend:


This is a very simple game, but boy is it effective. In it's spooky, mysterious sort of way, much credit must go for it's originality. Limbo is a very mixed up genre-wise game, being a platform/puzzle/horror game , exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade. All being this still is to me and many reviews one of the best around. As this game has no real story, just a boy on a dangerous island with his best interest to get out of there as quickly as possible. This is a 2D platformer that has a puzzle element, that requires you to push and pull objects to form bridges or deal with the dangers in the environment around you. With also facing against you giant spiders stalking you, an area full of sharp weapons and tools and a village of kids trying to kill you, this is a game where you might have to start using that brain of yours! Dieing never feels frustrating either as you start back only seconds away from where you left off!

Limbo I feel is a very clever game as it does not just jump out at you or have loads of outright gore, it is a complete black and white psychological horror and a game that only uses two buttons and an analog stick. 1200 MSP ($15)

If only it was that simple to get to that end scene.
If only it was that simple to get to that end scene.

Super Meat Boy

Warning! This a game that is likely to get you frustrated very quickly! Don't though let this put you off for it is very addictive! You are playing as a piece of meat that has to go though lots of challenges in order to reach bandage girl. You are likely to die A LOT in this game,with new harder traps that you have to avoid on each level. But again it is worth it, for if you complete this game, that defiantly is something to be very proud of! You can download the trial for free to see if it's your thing or/then buy the full game for 1200 MSP ($15)

Worms 2: Armageddon

Worms as you might know is a classic 2-D strategy game that has been around for many years now. You pit teams of worms against each other, using bombs, guns and even sheep to eliminate the other teams worms. The first worms on XBLA was a bit bare-bones but this has seemed to step up and add new and more weapons and challenges. This is a game definitely worth playing with friends or play it on Xbox Live Multiplayer for a real challenge! 800 MSP ($10)

Plants vs. Zombies

This just had to go on my list! For this is a tower-defence game and really is quite a simple concept, where you tactically use your plants to defend your house from hordes of Zombies. You have a selection of 48 plants to choose from, that all do different things, from some plants shooting peas at zombies to kill them, to chilli peppers killing a whole row of zombies at once! There are two main levels the front yard and the back yard and each can be played in night time as well as daylight. With Plants vs. Zombies using a great sense of humour, amazing depth and really quite a surprising amount of content to keep you occupied, this game is defiantly worth checking out, even if your in it just to KILL SOME ZOMBIES! You can try this as a trial for free, then if you like it you can buy for yet again.... 1200 MSP ($15)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

A 1997 game that is still accounted for as one of the best, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a classic that still makes an impressive game. Along with an amazing soundtrack, it features satisfying action/ exploration game play with indeed many secrets to found. The style of game play works well as it lets you discover and progress through the game at your own pace. As you will need to explore every nook and cranny you find, so you can find items, for example that turn you into midst or even just open the next door for you to progress on.Although the old graphics on a widescreen HDTV don't so good and some it looks jaggy and pixely looking, the background doesn't look too bad!

This a solid 2D game that is so worth checking out especially if you played this before many years ago and a hardcore gamer this should be worth it and the best 800 MSP ($10) you'll ever spend!

All these arcade games can be downloaded through using these links:


Super Meat boy

Worms 2: Armageddon

Plants V.s Zombies

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

Do you even play XBOX live?

marstoblog profile image

marstoblog 5 years ago from Hitchin, England Author

I have indeed and use it and enjoy it a lot as although you have to pay it seems to me far better and looking than say the PSN network! I have also played all these arcade games and fully recomend them.

Karen N profile image

Karen N 5 years ago from United States

My kids play XBox live but they are usually playing something like Halo or Call of Duty. I myself prefer the puzzle and arcade games like the ones in your hub, the Plants vs Zombies looks like a lot of fun.

marstoblog profile image

marstoblog 5 years ago from Hitchin, England Author

yer trust me it sure is a fun game! But like I said I think some arcade games can be more fun and look forward to them more than these mainstream games like the shooters, call of duty. So I agree!

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