Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster: Details, Description and Reviews

The New Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster

Hide away from the gaze of those who wish you harm, stay alert, on your toes, and always, ALWAYS, be ready to strike – N-STRIKE! – against your enemies!

The RAIDER RAPID FIRE CS-35 blaster is the latest and the best. Simply put, it is ultimate weapon for any battle! The revolutionary pump-action handle gives you complete control of the rate of fire, and the drum magazine, containing 35 state-of-the-art Clip System darts, gives you massive ammo capacity. Who wants to run out of ammo in the heat of battle? Not me, that's for sure! The transparent window allows you to monitor, at all times, exactly how much ammo you have left! Well, I'm not one to throw words around, but that is brilliant.

Defensive flexibility is secured by two blasting modes – the slam fire mode for spraying out multishots (let it rain!) or the slide mode for those sniper-style single shots!

Ah, technological improvement, you have got to love it. Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart plaster is the pinnacle of blaster performance! Order it now, to get that all important leg-up on your competitors. It is, as they say, a dog-eat-dog-world!

The blaster package comes complete with drum magazine, 35-Clip-System darts, stock and instructions. Additionally this Special Value Pack includes 65 Clip-System darts for a total of a truly massive 100!

Well, as you can tell, I love this thing and I honestly believe that it is a great deal. But before you decide on whether you want to purchase your own, you can check out the reviews I have added.

Customer Reviews

This is an Amazon customer review, you can click here for all Amazon Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster reviews:

"I've been playing around with this thing for most of the day now and have yet to have a single misfire. The gun so far has been rock-solid. I can't say for certain how this thing will hold up a month from now but I am extremely happy with my purchase.

I would prefer if the drum could be loaded more quickly, but I'll take consistency during use over speed."

Video Review of Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster

Here you can check out a video review of the new Nerf gun, complete with awesome Aussie accent.

Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster Value Pack Features and Details

Finally, I'm going to conclude with a list of product features and details of the Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster Value Pack:

Product Features and Details

  • Awesome air-powered blaster features 35-dart rapid-fire blasting
  • 2 cool blasting modes - single fire and slam fire multishot
  • Drum magazine gives you massive ammo capacity
  • Blaster comes with drum magazine, 35-Clip-System darts, stock and instructions
  • Special Value Pack includes 65 Clip-System darts for a total of 100
  • Measures: 4.2 x 24 x 12.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Recommended age: 4 - 8 year
Thank you very much for stopping by, I hope it was informative, and happy shooting!

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