New Black Ops Map Pack: First Strike

Call of Duty: Black Ops has released it's first downloadable content on February 1st for the Xbox 360. PC and Playstation 3 users will have to wait a bit longer. The new map pack will be out for PS3 on March 3, 2011.  The new map pack is called First Strike and features five new maps. The first four are Kowloon, Berlin Wall, Stadium, and Discovery. There is one new zombie map called Ascension. The First Strike Map Pack costs 1200 points, which equals up to around $15 dollars.

Discovery is an abandaned German research station in Antartica. Kowloon is a rooftop level based in Hong Kong. It is my personal favorite. Berlin Wall is at a crossing point between East and West Berlin and features automatic gun turrets that will shoot down any player that crosses into no man's land. Stadium takes place at a hockey rink sports complex but no ice skating as you can't jump onto the ice.

New Zombie Map: Ascension

The new zombie map alone is worth the 1200 points for me. It is set at a Soviet launch facility and is the biggest zombie map by far with five floors. Two new perks come with it: Stamina up which allows the player to run longer and PhD Flopper, which takes away fall damage and allows the player to create a small killing explosion by diving off a high point. Combine this with tiny zombie space monkeys that will quickly down a player and steal perks and you have pure zombie insanity. Check out the trailer above, if you haven't already and tell me what you think.


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