New Lego Ninjago Sets For 2014 - Release Dates & News

Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Lego Ninjago sets for 2014. We will bring you all the news on release dates, new themes, prices and what sets to expect from Ninjago in 2014. If you are a fan of Lego then this page should be just what you are looking for. Ninjago of course ended back in early 2013 but there is news on the horizon and that is what we are looking at on this page.

Lego Ninjago first hit the shops back in early 2011. This was a completely new theme for Lego and since it’s introduction it has gone on to be one of the most popular themes of modern times. Over the past few years we have seen some wonderful sets come out and there have also been smaller sets known as Spinners and Booster Packs. Then in 2012 there was a massive announcement about the end of Ninjago! This shocked fans all over the world and they voiced their anger and outrage at the decision. Lego then brought out a new range called 'Legends of Chima'. This has not been as well received and fans have kept asking for a revival of Ninjago, so what happens next?

Ninjago Returns In 2014

Big News For Ninjago In 2014

So when Kevin Hinkle first made the announcement about Ninjago ending back in 2012 this came as a real shock to fans the world over. This was one of the most successful lines Lego had ever released so it seemed strange to end it just as it was at it's most popular. There were only three seasons of the show broadcast and it seemed there was room for so much more. So the big news is that it looks as though Ninjago will be back in 2014. The news was first released on the message boards and it was simply stated that Ninjago will indeed be back in 2014.

The new theme that was released in place of Ninjago was Legends Of Chima. This new theme is very similar to Ninjago with lots of sets based on vehicles and it looks as though some new ones will also have a battle theme to them much like we are used to with Spinners and battle arenas. We do not know if Chima will continue and run alongside the new Ninjago sets or if it will be retired altogether.

So what can we tell you about new sets for the year? Well the first big news we can bring you is that there are going to be seven new sets released early 2014. We are not sure of an exact release date yet but that will no doubt soon come. The new enemies will be a kind of Cyborg also known as Nindroids. We expect there to be a new storyline coming out soon which will feature all the new characters. The first one we have seen is called General Crypton, he was leaked and sold on eBay. So chances are he will feature in a few of the new sets.

So now we know for sure that Ninjago is coming back in 2014, let's take a look at some of the new sets we are getting.

The New Kai Fighter Set

A New Direction For Lego Ninjago

As you would expect there are going to be lots of new minifigures included with these new sets. Some are totally new characters and some are just remakes of our favourite Ninjago heroes, so let's take a look at the sets.

Kai Fighter - The first one we can have a look at then is called the Kai Fighter. This features our old friend Kai and also General Cryptor as the two minifigures. It is a nice looking space ship built very much in a classic Lego theme. This set will be priced at around $20 and although it is said to out in 2014 do not be surprised if it shows up for Christmas 2013.

OverBorg Attack - This sets again features two minifigures and these will be OverBorg and Lloyd. The main vehicle is a kind of bike with some pretty mean looking weapons included. You also get Lloyd on a little bike. Again this one is likely to retail at around $20.

Thunder Raider - This is a slightly bigger set and will have close to 350 bricks, it will cost around $30. We expect this one to have three minifigures which will be Jay, Cole and a Nindroid. This one features a clever looking robot and another vehicle, this looks like being a really exciting set with lots going on.

From The OverBorg Attack Set

NinjaCopter - Another kind of helicopter but unlike previous Ninjago copters we have seen this one will have a very futuristic look to it. This one will cost around $60 and be a really good one with lots of excellent minifigures to add to your Ninjago collection.

Hover Hunter - We are expecting the Hover Hunter to be the smallest of the new releases for 2014 so it will also be the cheapest, we expect this to cost around $12.

Nindroid Mechdragon - A larger set and one that looks like it is going to be really good. This one will cost a little more but is going to be a really good one to get hold of. We expect this to retail somewhere in the region of $70. It is quite a complicated build so maybe a little more tricky than some others. It is also one of the most colourful Lego Ninjago sets we have seen.

Destructiod - The final set coming out is the Destructiod, this is likely to be the largest and most expensive of the new sets, but also the most desirable.

All of these new sets are going to be very hotly anticipated, we have been waiting along time for the return of Ninjago so this really is going to be exciting when these new sets hit the shops in 2014. Chances are that later in the year there will be another wave of new sets for us to get to grips with as well.

The Thunder Raider Set

More New Lego For 2014

Away from Lego Ninjago there are lots of other big releases coming out over 2014. The Star Wars theme is still in full flow, there are lots of exciting new sets to be released from there. Another theme that has been doing well is the Superheroes theme, with new superhero movies coming out in 2014 we are expecting lots more sets based on films such as Ironman, Thor and possibly even a second wave of Avengers toys.

One of the biggest new releases of recent times was of course the Lord Of The Rings Lego sets. These hit the shops in June and have been massively popular with Lego fans all over the world. At the end of the year Peter Jackson releases the second part of The Hobbit and we are expecting to see new sets based on that. They could well hit’s the shops early in the new year or possibly even later in 2013 so they will be around in time for Christmas. But next year there should be more LOTR sets brought out and more from The Hobbit.

So as you can see there is going to be plenty to look forward to over the coming year when it comes to Lego. Admittedly Ninjago fans may have been a little bit disappointed that the series was coming to an end last year, but now with this fresh news it really does look exciting going into 2014. When the new sets are announced we will bring you all the latest news on this page and we will also put some pictures up so you know just what to expect in the future. If you have any ideas as to what new sets you would like to see feel free to post a comment on the bottom of this page.

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Comments 63 comments

Anonymous 4 years ago

Awww... This is kinda sad... I thought NinjaGo would last two more years... But I'm excited for the conclusion of NinjaGo, definitely! I wonder what the new theme will be!

Legoninjagofan 4 years ago

Do not discontinue ninjago it's my favorite theme

Buzz123 4 years ago

Ninjago is my favorite show. It's sad it's coming to an end. But I'm looking forward to the final battle.

adam hicks 4 years ago

i will miss lego ninjago

ninjagofan 4 years ago

Im so sad ninjago is coming to an end my bros and I liked that show but I wanna see the ending too the fight between lord gomadarn and Lloyd

St 4 years ago

I will miss ninjago

ninjagofan4 4 years ago

i will miss ninjago too i think they should have all of the ninja together in one big set with lard garmadon it should be called the final battle

Aidan 4 years ago

i can't beileve lego Ningago is going to end next year!!! o.O

nathan bacaa 4 years ago

I'm so sad I can't see Ninjago no-more..I'm just so sad!

ninjagofan7 4 years ago

i am really sad too but i hope they will consider not getting rid of ninjago

Stephen 4 years ago

Yes, I do not think they should get rid of Ninjago.

ChrisL 4 years ago

My son is 5 and I am sure he would be into Ninjago for at least 4 more years. We have many sets and would have loved to buy more new sets. I think LEGO should rethink this decision. The other character sets come nowhere near his interest in Ninjago!!!! It surpasses his interest he had into the whole Marvel world.

Peter 4 years ago

The new theme will be Legends of Chima, and ninjago will end in 2013 there will be a wave of sets but no spinners and a gloden ninja and a gloden dragon is gonna apear

Gerald 4 years ago

I hope the new theme is hunger games

Erin 4 years ago

This is just wrong. If it is the second highest selling theme, then run it a bit longer. It makes no sense from a marketing standpoint. Keep selling and producing until you see a drop in sales. My sons love this and we have invested in all of the sets.....I have no interest in rodents...really rodents??? Re think this....

Bradd 4 years ago

This is very sad news. My son's too Love the Lego Ninjago Series. It's the first Lego Sets we actually bought and once the series is done will probably be the last Lego sets we buy.

amaya 4 years ago

i will miss lego ninjago

elite 4 years ago

legends of chima is way worse than ninjago

mario/ninjago lover 4 years ago

i want to see more tv eps and spinners

Andrew 4 years ago

I do not want ninjago to end

Orange 4 years ago

The last ninjago theme is stone army

bunnn 4 years ago

i am very sad and now that there is no more ninjago i think id quite lego collecting

jerrykim 4 years ago

i think i am the most fan of ninjago, to bad its going to end and i expected for a final set with about 12 stone warriors with all the ninjas in there new shirts with garmadon and genral kozu if also heard the final battle is going to happen in this temple is this true?

ninjago spinners 4 years ago

any ninjago 2013 minifigures?

Hamza 4 years ago

They should replace a series we hate e.g Lego friends

NinjaGoForever 4 years ago

I watched the last episode of ninjago today,Lloyd is the golden ninja and lord Garmadon turned good.I CRIED!

SuperLegos 4 years ago

I'm so sad that Ninjago is coming to an end,has the world gone mad! I love lego ninjago I hope they rethink this

Ninjagolloyd6 4 years ago

I've been waiting forever for these new sets and there almost here!

Andrew 4 years ago

I am so sad ninjago is going to end... think about it there is going to be boring sets and it made me cry..all they been through and now it's goon..they reached there fully powers and discovered the green ninja .. They should look over this.. But us fans need to make strike but thank u. :(

blah 4 years ago

they're ending it but they will bring it back around 5 years later. they're doing this because people who liked ninjago will be annoyed but when they bring ninjago back people will immediately start buying it. They did it with lego batman and lego star wars

zanezx 4 years ago

why do they have to get rid of ninjago

Kelly 4 years ago

We r very sad to see the end of ninjago. It's my son's favorite and request that lego rethinks this decision.

Noah 4 years ago

I'm really going to miss Ninjago. I really don't think lego should end it. I think they should make a new Ninjago series with the same ninja, but also new ninja.

cole 4 years ago

I don't think ninjago will end because the snakes were traped underground so i think they will find a way to get out

llyod 4 years ago

I will hate lego for this I mean they could come up with a new enemy and they could have a new ninja. Or the snakes could escape and be the enemies again.

zaneninja 4 years ago

i saw the last episode 2 weeks ago and they should have made a new enemy.

Anden 4 years ago

I never want to see ninjago go. It was so great for me and my brother to watch and play ninjago. Please don't get rid of ninjago and sets.

kimono master:) 4 years ago

can't wait till there out,but sad ninjago is finished:(

Kathy 4 years ago

We just bought the Temple of Light at a Toys R Us...looks like someone put it out a little too early...

russell adams 4 years ago

i got all of the ninjago 2013 sets at my house

bob langer 4 years ago

EVERYONE that is a fan of ninjago I have GREAT NEWS about NINJAGO ..... IT IS NOT ENDING yes I no everyone heard it is ending in 2013 but just a few days ago I was on the computer and I looked up online BRICKSET , IMPORTANT NINJAGO ANNOUNCEMENT and it said hay ninjago fans after all the complaints about it ending it will NOT END Im so happy i love ninjago

omonis 4 years ago

I LOVE ninjago don't let it end

wajih khan 4 years ago

I had just learned that ninjago is coming back in 2014. Such exciting news! It is my most favorite lego theme.

wajih khan 4 years ago

I had just learned that the release date for the 2013 sets is 12/26/12.

I am looking forward to buying the new sets.

profile image

firewave52 4 years ago

yes i looked it up and ninjago is coming back in 2014 i am just as exited as every one elese

Josh 4 years ago

I don't want Ninjago to end. I really like Ninjago and I hope it will come out again.

lego mom 4 years ago

I think this is one of the worst business decisions that Lego has ever made. This series is immensely popular annd ending it so quickly has upset many Lego fans. My 6 year old son is heartbroken. He watches the show regularly and reads the books and of course loves building with his Ninjao Lego sets. I cannot believe it is going to end. When we attended Lego fest last summer, the Ninjago exhibits seemed to be the most popular.

jeremy 4 years ago

all i have to say is why?

MasterE22 4 years ago

i have all the books, sets ,and spinners i don't want ninjago to go.

Lisa 4 years ago

All my boys watch and play with are the lego ninjago. And they are not thrilled with the new chima. Why get rid of a great thing?????

zane 4 years ago

I don't want to see lego ninjago end it rocks man.

jalay 4 years ago

i wish ninjago never ended :(

Deacon 3 years ago

I love ninjago

Nathan 3 years ago

I think they will probably bring it back in two or three years hopefully.

Ninjago jay 3 years ago

I hate chima!!!I love Ninjago I've wached every single episode and I have a lot of the Legos!!!People say its coming back in 2014 but I think it's a rumor

baily 3 years ago

i think the should have a new ninga

carter 3 years ago

when i grow up im going to make more ninjago episodes

joseph 3 years ago

I like ninjago b

strong cole 3 years ago

ninjago 2014 sets pictures is out

Gab 3 years ago

I love ninjago is kai and frakjaw i wish it never end and i love it somuch

Preston 3 years ago

I'm finally happy that ninjago will start again in 2014 im so exited!!!

Bicky 3 years ago

Kai is the best ninja

MrBubblegun8 3 years ago

Hey they said its COMING back in 2014. Tell Your six year old son about this, he will get very excited for this thx

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