New Super Mario Bros Wii

The latest release for the Super Mario Bros franchise is the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game from Nintendo and it's sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike.

In this side-scrolling game players need to collect coins as they make their way through harder levels by jumping over obstacles and staying away from enemies.

You'll see many of your favorite character's such as Luigi, the Two Toads and of course Mario (being the star of the series).

You'll be able to preserve your Mario experience while enjoying all the new game features like the new powerups, levels and even some new characters to meet.

What sets this game apart from others from the Super Mario Bros. games is that this one now has multiplayer. If you play multiplayer mode you can challenge your friends to become ultimate Mario champion.

Mario is a firm favorite with fans of Nintendo and Wii and has many games out including Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Box Art
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Box Art


Who are the two toads in the New Super Mario Bros game?

There are two toads - a yellow toad named Wolley and a blue toad names Yuan.

How many levels are there?

You will have 80 levels in this game each getting progressively harder as you advance.

Why is the box red?

The box art is a nod to the original Mario Bros games from the SNES and NES era of gaming.

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luigibro789 6 years ago

i loved near the end of the vid where after te propeller mushroom and the penguin suit droped and mrio,luigi and the two toads started to run faster. i really like this hub and i think the gam is great- i already pre-ordored it i got i some where in november and i already beat it- im not gonna spoil everything but the final boss music is as cool, but not as cool as the final boss from mario and luigi bowsers inside story (mario and luigi rpg 3, in japan) but maybe you wont think that- but i do and i absoloutly LOVE the new items and levels i also like that nintendo finally came up with the idea to make it a 4-player game just like mario party and the idea to make it so you dont have to be mini and beat world 2 and 5 to be able to go to world 4 and 7 like they do in the ds version but idk why they decided to put some of the worlds in random order like the snow land is world three and it should be 5 and how the island is the 4th when it should be the third world and the forest when it sould be world 4. anyway its a great game and losts'a people should have it, and just enjoy what nintendos done just to make everybody have something to do when your bored and you have nothing to do with your friends so if you dont like this shame on you. great game 1,000,000/5

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