New Super Street Fighter 4 trailer revealed!

Street Fighter 4 trailer 2010

I've been anticipating this game for quite some time, and the more footage I see - the more I want it! I thought the first Street Fighter 4 was a great effort, and you could definitely see why it took Capcom over 12 years to make a game like this. The cell shaded 2.5 dimensional graphics definitely was a great way for Capcom to keep it's 2D classic franchise alive, and to showcase that it could dive into the graphics of now. With this version of the game, there are a few new game mechanics, and new ultra combos!


The trailer features a few new stages, some new rivalry matches, and some of the new characters in the game. Not only that, it shows the different alternative costume a person can have within the game.

Street Fighter 4 is due for a spring release. Definitely take a look at the trailer for a small appetizer to wet your gaming juices.


Super Street Fighter 4 trailer


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