Nice Doll Hair

Hair Today....Gone Tomorrow!

Am I the only one, or has anyone else experienced getting dolls for their daughters and the hair ended up ratty and tangled after a few weeks?!

I have a "Crissy" doll from when I was a kid and her hair is still silky smooth. Wanting my girls to enjoy playing with dolls, I specifically chose dolls labeled "heirloom quality" thinking they woulld last for years... yet the hair fell out and kinked up immediately. After spending 100's$ on dolls that were not worth playing with, I did some searching.

I went on ebay and started looking for dolls that were made in the 70-80's, if the hair still looked good after 20 or so years, I figured it would last a few more years with my girls!

I found some real beautiful dolls, not quite the same size as the 18" dolls, but the hair is wonderful! They can brush, comb, curl to their hearts content. Be careful, dolls come up frequently, so unless you are pressed for time you can wait for a good deal. You can still use the accessories for the modern dolls ie. beds, hangers,backpacks etc with your vintage doll treasures.

If anyone knows of modern dolls that still have great hair after being played with by adventurous little girls, please share!!!

Happy Hunting!

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    One of my finds!

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