Nightmare Before Christmas Collectibles

It's my favourite animated movie of all time, and I watch it every year on Halloween. If you are a fan of the movie, or just like collecting fantasy movie items, then these are a few choice pieces that you are going to want to add to your collection.

There are more Nightmare Before Christmas products out there than I could possibly list, ranging from stuffed toys, to figures, to T-shirts and knick-knacks. I've picked my personal favourites to share with you. Great gift ideas for the Halloween-lover!

Be aware that some of these items are newly released and available new for purchase, but some are true collectibles from 1993 and may be in limited supply.

Jack Skellington Action Figure
Jack Skellington Action Figure

12-Head Jack Skellington Action Figure

Now you can truly capture all the moods of Jack Skellington with this deluxe action figure, that comes with 12 different heads and facial expressions. The figure can be posed in an infinite number of ways, and stands 14 inches high. He's dressed in his classic bat-wing collar suit. Cost: $30. (Sorry, this one is no longer available)

Lock, Shock, Barrel Bobbleheads
Lock, Shock, Barrel Bobbleheads

Lock, Shock and Barrel Bobbleheads

There is more to the Nightmare Before Christmas than just dear Jack Skellington. The three mischievous pranksters, Lock, Shock and Barrel are unforgettable characters too. This set of three bobblehead dolls, have them holding their Halloween masks. Set costs $70.



Nightmare Before Christmas Village
Nightmare Before Christmas Village

Nightmare Before Christmas Village

Collectible buildings are all the rage, and now you can have all the unique places from the movie too. Available only from Hawthorne village, these limited edition buildings are shipped to you as they become available. Many come with matching figurines as well. Each building is highly detailed and hand-painted. Recreate your own entire Halloween Town. Three issues so far: Jack's house, Dr. Finkelstein's lab, and the town hall. Each building set costs $60, plus shipping.

Sally Doll
Sally Doll

Deformed Sally Plush

This plush Sally doll has a short body and a great big expressive head and face. The sad-looking rag doll is 24 inches high and stitched together, just like her character in the movie. Cost $35.

Playing Cards
Playing Cards

Nightmare Before Christmas Playing Cards

This card set has 2 decks of regulation sized playing cards, in a decorative metal tin with a colour illustration from the movie on the lid. The cards have a colour image on their backs, and possibly b/w images on the faces of the cards. I haven't seen the cards spread out, so I can't say for sure the look of the cards. Costs around $12.

Jack Skellington Flip Flops
Jack Skellington Flip Flops

Jack Skellington Flip Flops

A good collection needs unusual items, not your run-of-the-mill coffee mugs and figurines. Get a pair of ladies flip flop shoes with Jack on one foot and a spider on the other. Too cute to wear, if you ask me. Cost for a pair: $15

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brandyBachmann 6 years ago

these are nice collectibles. I like jack skellington too, I find him cute =) nice hub!

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