Nintendo 3DS Available Color Choices

The nintendo 3DS is a sleek looking device much like it's predecessors. And like it's predecessors the 3DS will eventually come in a myriad of colors. So what are the available colors for the 3DS? And what color options will there be in the future? Read on to find out more.

Original 3DS Launch colors

The colors the 3DS will launch with are going to be Aqua Blue and Cosmo black. Both colors look extremely beautiful but are a departure from previous DS launches. In the past, black and other colors for the DS came out further after launch.

In the past also, different colors were available for different countries. However this time around Nintendo is launching their newest handheld gaming console world wide with the same colors.

Cosmo Black 3DS

The cosmo black 3DS is very sleek and stylish and can be matched easily with almost anything. This will no doubt appeal to hardcore gamers and those looking for something a little more grown up looking.

As with the Black DS and DSi, fingerprints and smudges may be an issue. The shiny black surface easily picks up prints and smudges and is hard to get rid of without a micro fiber cleaning clothe. On the other hand, other forms of dirt and grime will not be so readily visible. 

Aqua Blue 3DS

For those interested in a more fresh and colorful choice this is the 3DS to go with. 

The Aqua Blue 3DS is a little softer color selection. It's a beautiful blue hue and is perhaps a little better suited for children as compared to the Cosmo Black 3DS.

As with the cosmo black 3DS this too will be prone to finger prints and smudges but to a lesser extent. 

More Colors To Come!

Not happy with these color choices for the 3DS? Don't worry, there are most certainly many more color options on the horizon. These are only the initial launch devices. Many more exautic colors will be coming along soon, including most likely, pink, red and white.

If the original DS is any indication, we could be looking at a whole rainbow of colors eventually being available.

Below are some photos of some of the colors that nintendo has shown to the public as possible future releases. 

The Gold 3DS

Not solid gold, but still beautiful. If you are looking for an already blinged out 3DS this would be the one to get. Out of all the color choices this is the least traditional from a gaming console stand point but also probably the most unique. 

The Orange 3DS

Kind of a bizzarre color choice, but it actually looks pretty awesome on the sleek 3DS. But is it even orange? It looks as if it's between red and orange. Sunset Orange? It's definitely got me thinking I might grab this color when it comes out, but it's probably not for most people.

The Purple 3DS

Purple! Not sure if this will be popular or not. Not to stereotype but perhaps this will be a more popular choice with females or with children as compared with the black or blue 3DS. However the sleek look of the 3DS helps to pull this color off.


Thanks for checking out this article. If you are interested in learning more about the 3DS and it's features and specs, try some of the articles below. They're full of information beyond just 3DS colors.

Also please leave comments and take the poll and select which color you like best! And please let everyone know what future colors the 3DS should have!

What color Nintendo 3DS do you want the most?

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 Wow interesting! looks like purple is proving to be a popular choice! And the initial launch colors aren't doing so well. Did nintendo make a mistake this time around with their color selection?

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Comments 16 comments

jojo 6 years ago

why is there no purple on the us

Myztea 5 years ago

I seriously want the purple one! By the way, Jojo, I think purple isn't even around any country at all.

Sestenes profile image

Sestenes 5 years ago from Iowa

Ya'll can have your purples, I want the aqua blue.

nam vo 5 years ago

wowwwwwwwww!!!I love that ^_\\\

Taffy 5 years ago

Is there going to be a purple 3ds?

vaguesan profile image

vaguesan 5 years ago from Osaka, Japan Author

I hope so. looks like nintendo screwed up the color launch this time. Everyone seems to be all about purple.

Sydney 5 years ago

I want a purple 3ds so bad. I already have a purple psp, so it go with it

Amber's Ipod 5 years ago

I need purple so much make purple please I want it for my b -day

5 years ago

I want an orange one!!!

bran 5 years ago

i want the gold one

BILLIS 5 years ago


gaina 5 years ago

i want a purple one wen it comes out?

dd 5 years ago

red ones are beast. Who would want purple . WHY DONT THEY HAVE THE RED 3DS ON THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blue 3ds 5 years ago

blue 3ds

Nadine 5 years ago

I would love a purple 3ds I wanted pink but the pink is ugly I pick purple

Davion 2 years ago

I guess finding useful, reliable infoamrtion on the internet isn't hopeless after all.

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