Nintendo DS Lite Nintendogs Cheats & Tips


The Nintendo Nintendogs is a fun, interactive pet simulation game. You are the pet parent and trainer to a puppy of your choice. You get to pick the pup, name it, care for it, and train it. All the perks of a real dog except you don't have to pick up the dog poo. ;-)

The game does not feature a fun storyline like most other games, but the fun comes from being able to talk and train your puppy.

Your puppy on the LCD screen of your Nintendo DS Lite game console can understand short, clear words spoken into the handheld game's speakers.

You have to walk the dog, feed it, love it, and care for it. You can enter competitions to win trainer points that will unlock other dog breeds and designs.

It may sound like a game for younger kids, and I'll admit, it's not my type of video game. But, my near 23 year old boyfriend has found himself captivated by the dog. He chose a cute little black pug, named it and preceded to play with and train his new puppy. Mind you this was at night, while I was trying to sleep! (Ugh.. Ha). His grandmother plays the game, as do my 13 and 6 year old cousins. This game seems to fit people of all ages, as the cute puppies are enough to captivate you into playing.

Nintendogs USA Commercial #1

Nintendogs USA Commercial #2

Nintendogs: Best Friends Cheats

You can unlock the following dogs and designs by earning the following points. The Unlockable is in bold.

Boxer: 10,000 Trainer Points

Cavalier K.C. Spaniel: 35,000 Trainer Points

Chihuahua: 50,000 Trainer Points

Dalmation: Obtain Firemans Hat on Walk or Via Bark Mode

Desktop Interior Design: 6000 Trainer Points

Jack Russel Terrier: Obtain Jack Russel Book on Walk or Via Bark Mode

Miniature Pinscher: 30,000 Trauner Points

Miniature Schnauzer: 16,000 Trainer Points

Outer Space Interior Design: 18,000 Trainer Points

Pug: 14,000 Trainer Points

Ranch House Interior Design: 40,000 Trainer Points

Seaside Design: 12,000 Trainer Points

Shetland Sheepdog: 4,000 Trainer Points

Shiba Inu: 45,000 Trainer Points

Shih Tzu: Collect 2,000 Trainer Points

Siberian Husky: 20,000 Trainer Points

Toy Poodle: 8,000 Trainer Points

Urban Living Interior Design: 25,000 Trainer Points

Welsh Corgi: 22,000 Trainer Points

Nintendogs gameplay

Nintendogs Tips

  1. If you want to become a good trainer, set a daily routine and follow it. Your dog will become more loyal to you.
  2. When on a dog walk, if you come across another dog, drag your dog's leash and push the dog towards the other dog. If your dog runs away, drag it back to the other dog. If you dog starts to chase the other dog, hit each by tapping it with the arrow. If the dogs are friendly towards each other, then you did a good job.
  3. To train for a Disk Competition or Obedience Trial, make sure to go to a park where there are no other dogs. Use the Dog Biscuits or Jerky Treats to rewards your dog.
  4. When on a dog walk, tug on the leash to make the dog run beside you. This will speed up the time on the clock and make your dog more active.
  5. When on a dog walk, watch the top screen because if the icon stops and your dog is still moving, you need to tug on the leash to the left to stop the dog because there will either be a present or garbage up ahead.
  6. You don't need to save the game manually after you win a competition because the results, money, and trainer points, will save automatically.
  7. At the beginning, when you're choosing a puppy, tap the breed that you want; if you don't see the color, gender, or personality of dog that you're looking for, tap the back arrow and select the breed again.
  8. The best way to get Trainer Points is to compete in competitions. You get about 100 points every time to go to a competition.
  9. Although, unnecessary to refill, you can refill food or drink by tapping the empty box on your left.
  10. When socializing your puppy with other dogs, you can tell that the dogs don't like each other when you hear a bongo sound. Otherwise, you'll hear a xylophone if they like each other.

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KILLY 4 years ago

i still don't think this is the right website some1 plz hellp

logan 5 years ago

i have a dog named lea she is so cute she is a black lab retriever

sonicgirl 5 years ago

How do you get a dalmation and what part of the map is it on???????? Also at the beginning of my game my dog always forgets its name. How can I make it not happen??????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

JOY and LOUISE 5 years ago

hey! thought we might catch up on this site again... so what's up peoples? :D lol


JOY AND LOUISE 5 years ago

Well we want to conquer this website. We shall become the queens!



Joy and Louise (The future queens)


Cat 5 years ago

nigashi its just luck , i got the jack russel book randomly one day and i wasn't wearing the knit hat clover clock or any of those things just remember to go for all the question mark spots and when your dog runs to get the present keep pressing B button, i don't know if it works but sometimes you get better gifts also make sure to look out for the presents on the floor, try not to let your dog run past them because you can't go back and they're usually good things inside. don't give up you'll find it someday! :)

JOY and LOUISE  5 years ago

WASSUP,, yeah haven't been on this thing fo aggggeees jus so u no ppls nintendogs is kinda really O-L-D better of joining facebook,, much more entertaining !!! jus sayin and we still rule this thing so yeah ! :D

nigashi 5 years ago

sorry fust is spossed to be just

nigashi 5 years ago

hey people! how do i get a jack russell book easy? i had the game since 2007 and take all 8 of my pups on walks 5 times a day, white tirering, desplay the colver clock, put on lucky collar and tried the ugly knit hat and none works! i have dreams once every 3 days (about, average) and i can't get it! i tried all the tricks in the book, even pull the dogs lesh in the right corner and make it go up and down, i tried press b a bunch of times when the dog runs away to get a present, i tried the brush and bath your dog before the walk, pet it until the face or head shines a bunch of times and i even tried getting the space room and i got that in 2009 (early like in may) and i got every room and it still wont work! i also walked to every corner too. all my pups have maxed walk distances, all my dogs are in all the championships in the contests and i change their acssesory every walk (before the walk) from lucky collar to knit hat of the knit hat to the lucky collar. iv been walking my dogs with every acsessory i ever obtained and i been doing this too long and im about to rip the game out of my ds, throw it on the floor and stomp on it a MILLION times fust like i went on a MILLION walks! pleeeeeeeeeeeeese help me before i loose it and beat my head against a brick wall. :(((((((((((((((((((((((

Cat 5 years ago

you can't breed nintendogs, there are videos on youtube that might look belivable but they arent real. i agree the videos are funny...but you would have to be vey gullible to believe them

jessie 5 years ago

to all the idiots who don't know how to delete data or as most ppl call it Data die start nintendogs and when the logo comes up hold in L, R, a, b, x and y and then press yes

jade 5 years ago

does anyone know the code to open the door?

TO ANONUMOUSE 5 years ago

I have found the Jack Russel Book, but it could be in different places every time. Some common places are on the very edge of town, under the lower park, and near the lakes.

It took me alomost a year to find it, so some tips are to put on the knit hat and turn on the clover clock. I hope I helped you in a way!!

anonumouse  6 years ago

to all the peple who have found the jack R book, where was it????

really would like to know.

anonomous 6 years ago


i got the firemans hat by my bro whos got the dalmation and friends. if u have dalmation and friends you already have the hat.

to reaset the game you have to press all the buttens. B Y A X L and R. i heard somewhere that the jack russel book is close to the coners on a walk. it is als helpful if you have the lucky collar on your dog and the clover clok out. i found the clover clock in the top left coner but not inn a ? block.

is it true you can haave puppies on nintendogs?. ive seen the vid on you tube but theres a cheatt for action replay to make your dogs big and small

hope i helped

OliviaBOFfanXxOo 6 years ago

Okay some of you need to grow up and stop harassing people on here just because you're bored or something. My word of advice: grow up: soon! Okay as for the other people! For jack russel terrier scavengers: Try putting on something rare that isn't the clover clock or the knit hat/lucky collar. I had on the fireman's hat today when I found it three to four years later after I searched hard for it! I was so happy almost to the point of tears (as lame as it sounds). Please feel free to ask for advice and I'll be happy to help!


Wulfie - Again 6 years ago

I HAVE PROOF that it's possible to breed nintendogs. My friend's dog just had puppies! It's so cute!

Sorry, just had to add it.

Wulfie 6 years ago

Hi people.

It is possible to breed nintendogs - I haven't myself, but i've seen videos and pictures of puppies. What Swifttail said sounds about right, though there is probably an easier way that seems to work.

1. Only feed them Milk and Dry food

2. Only take the boy on walks, never the girl

3. Never go into any compations or ANYTHING.

4. Patience - it could take awhile.

I've heard you get a better chance if you put a rose on the girl too.

Jack Russell Book

The only ways to get a Jack Russell are the following.

1. If one of your friends has a Jack Russell, go on barkmode with them.

2. Leave your dog alone for over a half-hour on the home screen - it will run out and get a present. If your lucky, it will be the book.

3. Go on ALOT of walks, always pick up as many question marks as you can, and go as far from your house you can.

The whole thing is based purely on LUCK. It doesn't matter how many trained points you have, or which dog you use, or how long you've had the game. I mean, I've had this thing for FOUR YEARS and I still haven't found the damn thing.


Good Luck!


poop 6 years ago

does not work! your wasting yr time!!!

Swifttail 6 years ago

I truly do not know if this is true, but I did find somewhere a complete list of how to make your dogs have a puppy. I don't know if its true, ive never tried it. But, if your dammed and determined to get a puppy you can try this:

1. Buy a male and a female (the same breed). Labradors are the easiest and pugs are the hardest to breed.

2. Only give them milk and dry dog food. If you give them anything else, they won't have a puppy!

3. Try and get them to cuddle (lie on each other) 100 times!

4. You can give them baths and you can brush them.

5. Don't take the female for walks and contests. You can take the male for walks and contests but not all the time.

6. Put red ribbons on the female and a red collar on the male. (This will help the dogs know each other well).

7. You can play with the dogs but don't play with the Lisa Doll. (The male dog will like the doll better then the female dog and they won't have puppies).

8. Don't put on records. (Otherwise both of the dogs will fight each other and that's not good).

9. Don't take the dogs to bark mode.

10. You don't need 99 999 trainer points to breed the dogs.

11. It may take one week to three monthes to breed the dogs, so please be very patient with the dogs.

12. Also, buy your dogs on the same day and don't put either one in the dog hotel and don't have three dogs in your house at the same time.

If you follow these rules, you will end up with a puppy.

Remember, the slightest change in this routine and

your dogs won't have a puppy!

Please don't yell at me if it doesn't work because I really don't know

I also know a bunch about Nintendogs so ask anything!


Orange  6 years ago

yeah that money cheet up there it don't work

To annoy the bloggers 6 years ago

Can you breed Nintendogs?

you cant breed nintendogs! 6 years ago

those videos arent real its all fake i can't believe you actually think they are real.

you can't breed nintendogs

you can't breed nintendogs

you can't breed nintendogs


Emerald 6 years ago

you CAN breed Nintendogs. you just get a boy and a girl dog of the same breed and they should be fed natural dog food/ dryfood and milk. no walks or contests and this is optional: put the rose on the female(or both dogs) and put the lucky collar on the male(or both) and keep feeding them that and let them bond for a few weeks until you get a puppy. its as simple as that!

sam 6 years ago

for ur information stephanie u can breed and it only takes a week!! if u don't believe me then go on youtube and look up how to breed nintendogs and its all there!!

:B 6 years ago

i wish there was one of these chatrooms about animal crossing on ds its my favorite ds game


how to make money on nintendogs 6 years ago

buy a new puppy once you've named it make sure it knows its name, then go to the gym on a walk and practice then enter it in an agility trial the rewards are great. go on lots of walks you'll get doubles of thing sell them!

teach it tricks by voice and gesture then enter it in an obediance competition or practice with a disc in the park and do a disc trial

if you can't be bothered with the contests just go on walksannd sell the stuff you get or if your lazy buy action replay just don't get carried away

you don't get money for donating dogs so don't buy them for the sake of it

i haven't said anything a good nintendogs player wouldn't already know but im sick of people asking how to get money.


you cant breed nintendogs 6 years ago

how many times do i have to say this,


it would say in the manual it would be on advertisments





they just stay sweet little virtual puppies

can't people just accept that??


you cant breed nintendogs 6 years ago

you can't breed nintendogs ' GOLD!!!!' is lying they obviously haven't read the message above what they wrote! .\/.


by the way i hope a nintencats does come out because i love cats! =^..^=

Yasmeen rooplall AGAIN 6 years ago

Okay so some people added me on facebook. Thanks! I'm only posting this because i don't like it when my name appears in google. By the way, is there such a thing as nintencats? I've heard of it, coming out on the 3ds. :)

oh, how things (and DS's) have changed...

beagle owner 6 years ago

to restart game hold all buttoms down on ds as soon as u click on the game to play it

lozza 6 years ago

just wunderin can dogs have puppies by doin what gold says or not

nin10dogsss;) 6 years ago

i love nintendogs but it takes forever to get points helllp!!!

GOLD!!!! 6 years ago

SORRY!! i forgot to type in to the one above you MUST only feed and water them MILK and DRY FOOD

that all u need to know about having another free puppy


GOLD!!!! 6 years ago

did u know that your can get your dogs to be pregnat. all u have to do is make sure there is a girl and a boy (The same breed)never separate them (such as walks, barkmode, dog hotel and comps, u can wash them!!) make sure that there is only 2 dogs in the room so don't have another one of your dogs in the room at the same time. then put a rose on your female and don't visit them to much when you are doing the process. It takes them about 3 days-to a week for your female to be pregnat!!

hope i helped

i know about action replay 6 years ago

Nintendogs CAN'T breed people say they can but they CAN'T. if someone told u they can they're lying.

You can buy action replay its about 30.00 but be careful some people tell you to press buttons that delete everything.I know someone who bought it and it made them nintendogs master and have loads of money and you can use it for lots of different games e.g Animal crossing.

Hope i helped xx

MASSONI 6 years ago

How do u get nintendogs to breed quicker other then milk , dog food , no walks , no compitions.

dingydong 6 years ago

how do you get Action replay? please answer my question have been playing nintendogs for years need some cheats thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

beafle 6 years ago

i take back my thing about saying that beth and jazzie are stupid. U GUYS ARE COOL


Beth ad Jazzie 6 years ago

Yo we r back from our vacation we went to nintendogs land and had nintendogs kebabs and met some boys who looked like fat sogs so we r back to be evil ha ha ha ha ha WHAT??????????

Issy 6 years ago

Some people keep saying stuff about their dogs forgetting their names. Well, listen to this, once you give your pup a name (at the beginning of the game), pet it and repeat his or her name, and they will learn it. I know this because i have 2 games and just restarted the newer one :)

Chris 6 years ago

How do you get ACTION REPLAY or whatever that is???

beagle 6 years ago

i am the guru! so don't listen to everybody else who thinks that im not. and btw, you can't have puppies on nintendogs. on youtube it says that a girl emailed the nintendogs ppl who made it and they said you cannot. i swear cross my heart and hope to die.

Bat eyes profile image

Bat eyes 6 years ago


You know, some people accualy like using cheats. And, you do not HAVE to use the AR again when you restart it.

beagle  6 years ago

use an AR to get them u can buy em at walmart

loppy 6 years ago

i want money on nintendogs....... how do i get 999,999 dollars!!!!!! plz someone answer my question!!!!!!!!!;)

FYI 6 years ago

I've read articles up and down this page about the Action Replay (AR). Stay away from these things!!! I have first hand experience with one and they ruin your games. The second you use one of the cheats, you only want to use more eand more, so you go out on the internet; searching it for more cheats and putting them on you're Action Replay. Then before you even know it, your game is full of cheats and there is nothing to do. Wow! x99 of everything, and with max cash so you can't sell it. Then you try the cheat to unlock every dog in the kennel, but instead it erases every dog you had beforehand!! But, with max trainer points you can no longer gain points to unlock dogs. So now your game is ruined. You think back and see the dogs you worked forever on, and now they are pampered for life with no need to do anything with them. Which means you have to reset your game, start all over again, only to find out that you are cheating YET AGAIN! The only way I got out of this loop was to throw my Action Replay away. So now I am not ending up like the few poor saps that use these devices of total game destruction.

I hope this has made you think about the bad a single Action Replay can do to your favorite games..

beagle 6 years ago

jason, yes u can get them here's how

~for dalmaition- find a firemans hat on a walk

~for jack russel find the jack russel book on a walk.

my bro has the gsme and he found those on dashound and friends.

Jason 6 years ago

Hey so I was wondering whether you can get a dalmation and jack russel on duchhound and friends... I know how to but I wondering if you are able to since it is an old game.


Nintendogs 4life 6 years ago

this is how to get puppies on Nintendogs:

-get a boy and a girl same breed, or different breeds (if possible)

-feed them only milk and dry food, or natural dog food and milk

- let them cuddle and play together

-no walks or contests (you can take the boy out, though prefferably not)

-repeat this as a routine everyday for a few weeks to a month. be patient

lmwtw 6 years ago

does the action replay code work for best friends

beagle 6 years ago

Sorry 4th time now but sorry so late- Prezzey, u have to hold the leash. and when u c a present on the floor jerk the leash backward. but do it as quick as u can cause if the preswnt is far away it will not work.

beagle 6 years ago

Josie, to get money sell items that you don't need. Or go to bark mode with a friend And have them give you a good item or have them feed your dogs. Then see if you can enter contests. If you can't buy An AR and use a cheat for Max Cash (it comes with it.) And use it. If that Doesn't work go on walks and sell what ever you get.

Hope i helped :)

beagle  6 years ago

i have nintendogs lab and i have 2 dogs a white lab names lucy and a white and brown spotted beagle named kooky. IF ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT NINtendogs ask me.

beagle 6 years ago

Ty, to get a money cheat get and AR for dsi. ( they work on Ds lites too) and the cheat comes with it. if it doesn't i would look some up on the internet.

Ty 6 years ago

Is there a money cheat? Ive been looking for one for a long time and can't seem 2 find one|( Ty1ne

Tree Hugger 6 years ago

Forget nintendogs and electronics wat about those poor trees and animals form Deboom to u all!!!! :-0

JOY and LOUISE  6 years ago

YO!!! i'm actually surprised 2 c people r still on this site BRAVO... bRavo and Beth sorry 2 hear about louie my thoughts r with u!!!!!!!!!

Josie 6 years ago


So, i have no money, and the dogs are famished. I can't buy food, and can't enter competitions because they're too hungry. What do I do?!


Josie (much better dog owner in real life!)

sillygirl 6 years ago

geuss i think i had the threee letter word last night

Bat eyes profile image

Bat eyes 6 years ago

That is not true. You cannot make your dogs have pups. If you read the Instruction Booklet, it says that the puppies you have remain 'puppies' (small) forever. No matter how long you have the dog or no matter what you hear from other people or websites, they will never grow up.

There is no AR code for making your dogs have pups, either.

beagle 6 years ago

well i heard the same thing to. idont know if u can get pups. oh and by the way beth and jazzie stink along with joy and louise

monkey 6 years ago

On youtube it shows that u can get pups but i keep seeing things that say u can't can u or not

FYI 6 years ago

idk the ar code. I used to hav 1 until I used it too much and it ruined my DS. So i had to get a new 1. I recommend not using a ar. plus, those things take the fun out of the game.

nintendigs best friends 6 years ago

where do i find the max trainer points ar code for nintendogs best friends

Pikachu Master #12 6 years ago

well, this is what I know If you go on walks for a long period of time u will be able to get trainer points faster also trainerpoints and owner points are the same you can find it if you press go out then press info and press trainer info and you'll find it

-Pikachu Master #12

FYI 6 years ago

Yes, and the location of these presents are where other presents were. As in, when you take a dog on a walk and the next time you do, certain presents dissapeared. The location of those missing ? blocks is where you find presents/trash

Bat eyes profile image

Bat eyes 6 years ago

I do. You watch the top screen when on a walk, and if it pauses, then look at the bottom screen, and there will either be trash or a present.

Prezzey 6 years ago

does any1 no how to get the presents that u find on the floor???

FYI 6 years ago

Are you possitive? I find this quite intreging.

sabrina 6 years ago

My friend told me when she went on a walk in front of one of those dog cafes she tried to get in but she couldn't so she got angery and started pressing all the buttins and a cookie appierd then her dog ate the cookie and there were cats,dogs and playgrounds and on the top it said dog kingdom.Let me know if you get in and how.OK.

FYI 6 years ago


When you go on a walk, take the dog with the highest walk meter, and go to all the ? blocks you can, then go to the park, then home. When you get to the park, change your dog's collar, hat, or accessory and the game saves, you then can turn off the power. Reload your game and you have all the items you got on the walk AND you can go on another walk with the same dog!!!


You know how when you walk your dog to certain ? blocks, other places then home. But when you walk your next dog, the ? blocks are gone. Well if you remember the location of the ? blocks that are gone, those are the locations that hidden presents or garbage is found. Plus, if you feed/water your dog before the walk, it increases less garbage.

FYI 6 years ago

Here is a advanced trick:

FLIP (roll over and jump required)

Tell your dog to roll over then to jump, but DON'T praise it for roll over or it won't work

FYI 6 years ago

If you want ALOT of trainer points. then just take a brush and start combing your dog. plug in your charger, and leave the brush on your dog and every minute its on your dog, you get a trainer point! It is very useful to gain points when your at school or sleepin. Don't close your ds when you do this or the game can freeze up. I did this and when i slept I got 500+ points! I restarted on 6/28/10 and I already have 10,000 points.


It will only work if your dog is clean or beautiful.


For those of you who do not know already, to reastat your game, hold: L,R,A,B,X,Y at the same time when the game is loading and says NINTENDO. then let go of the buttons when the sign fades and it will say "Do you want to restart your game?" then if you say YES then it says another question. Say YES again and you wil restart!

JOY and LOUISE 6 years ago

Hey we haven't see Y'all in so many weeks i bet ya missing us all :-0

Bat eyes profile image

Bat eyes 6 years ago

OMG! I just got the LUCKY COLLAR!!!

Pandora x 6 years ago

Can you get the Pearl neclace on Dalmation & friends because i really want one.

JT 6 years ago

You enter a disk compitition then shut power tur back on and you will have doubled money oh and you gave to use a lab for contest your welcome

nin10dogs 6 years ago

i need 2 get more money please tell me how

:) 6 years ago

Yeah... I left my DS open with nintendogs for about 30 min... and I actually got something worth a little bit... a bowser cart!

U.N.Owen 6 years ago

The hint where you leave the screen on your home for a long time actually does work, it just takes a LONG time; like half hour maybe :)

Lolique.x. 6 years ago

YESSS i found the jack russel book :)!!!

Lolique.x. 6 years ago

I was just scrolling through the comments and i had my nintendogs dalmation & friends on. The screen was black so i clicked it and it said that my KC spaniel ( FLUF ) had come back, it had a present in its mouth too. I was surprised because i didn't think that worked, I only got a juice bottle though.

Jojo 10000 6 years ago

I have nintendogs dalmation and friends, and i have 60,000 points, is there NOTHING else I can get?

:) 6 years ago

@The one that has Dogs, not wolves!!

They tend to howl at passing cars, trucks etc. They also like to howl at fire trucks.

As for the breakdance trick, get your dog to lie on it's side (with a command... don't slide it down) then (don't reward it with a pat or treat etc.) tell it to spin. It should do the Breakdance trick!

HIPPIE DUDE 6 years ago

In this wonderful world I am so glad nintendogs is alive....i love nintendogs...cheers to the world of nintendogs

The on that has Dogs, not wolves!! 6 years ago

Ok, i have a question!!!!!!

my dogs sometimes randomly howl like wolves, why? and also, when u teach ur dog the breakdance trick, mine just gets up and spins, how come its not working? do i just need to get closer to my dog and get her to trust me more or something?

aubri ogden 6 years ago

can you donate one of your breeding dogs after having the puppy?

joy and beth 6 years ago

We are going to hurt ya people if ya keep deleting our blohs ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

JOY and LOUISE 6 years ago

Hey NIntendog dog people who own this site why do u keep deleting our blogs

Ona 6 years ago

hey this is Iona from scotland ! this is wht i herd, tht ur nintendogs can hay pups! even look it up on you tube and theer is 1 tht show u german shepherd puppy! this is wht u have 2 do:

1. get a male and a female dog (NOTE: they ha ve 2 be the same breed but noty the same colour!)

2. let'em get really friendly (TIP: leave ur d.s open on charge when ur asleep or oot and they will get freinly xD)

3. feed'em ONLY dry food and milk

4.dinnea enter dem in comps or tak em on walks

%. make sure theey 2 drugs ar the hoose (pit others in the hhotel)

soon d a feemale will get fatta and afta aboot a week shee will ha pups :)

(NOTE: ur Trainer pontsi ha 2 b abuve 10,000 or it winnea work D:)

soz 2 aa ur inglish / amercains oot dere aboot the scots wirds but i cannea rite any other wa' :P and ma spelin prertty shit tae



kagome fox  6 years ago

by the way i haven't done anything with my lab one for 3 days is it OK because im on my back from a vacation. on the 3rd day~

kagome fox  6 years ago

for: Nicole James omg!i think i have YOUR game idk for sure! my friend (who is very lucky) found a game in the library she said it was in GHOST PETS IN THE DOG PART but ( 1 hour later)she thought it was haunted so she gave it to me then when i took it home the dogs HAD RED EYES AND BARK LIKE CRAZY~! WHAT I DID



Nunn nu nunu nunuuu( like singing VERY FAINT)

3.The dogs were EATING something white AND red(NOW Scared)

4. walking slowly to me (music like dark wood forest by Volcaid)

5. red eyes

6. dogs bark like ruFF ruFF and then right before i turned it off a cat scratched the scene and i turned it off

I WAS NOW THROWING THE GAME at the wall I SOLD IT TO a guy who likes haunted things WHO SAID IT was fine but my friend said she saw it too but there was no cat......i gave it to him like 7 mouths ago i don't know if it was your game but the dogs name ( right before it ran after me ) sassy star and sapphire it was the dash-hound one more from me~

Lana 6 years ago

Can you please talk to me Beth Joy and Louise you seem really nice. I mean it. So mabye we can talk to each other. It will be fun. I love nintendo dogs it is so fun.


Lana 6 years ago


Stop being mean to Beth, Joy and Louise they seem like really nice people. But you seem like a FEMALE DOG to me. So back off.

Kind remarks Lana

Erin Dugai 6 years ago

Hey, I got I-don't-know-how-many trainer points and unlocked a Shiba Inu! I bought one and his name is Shadow. I'm on a walk with him right now! But Baylee, I presses B over and over when i got a present and guess what I got? A tennis ball and a juice bottle! Thanks a lot, jerk!

me (i kno everything) 6 years ago

just call me the nintendogs guru. i visit this site everyday & you guys arent posting, so post!!!! ill be the new advice collum of this place. if you have a question, just ask me & ill tell you the TRUTH. i promise!!!! if i can't answer you, ill give you a million bucks! (p.s.-- don't hold your breath.i kno everything about nintendogs so you probably wont be gettin $1000000 any time soon.)

-love yall!!

sincerely, "the nintendog guru" :)

kitty 6 years ago

Infinite Cash

021A292C 3B9AC9FF


As the name says you get $9 999 999.99

frustratedperson 6 years ago

does any1 know the action replay code for all the items? oh and beth and jazzie and joy and louise suck.

beth & jazzie suck!!! 7 years ago

guess wat butterfly 101? u don't get antlers!!! so shut up! k?

Butterfly101 7 years ago

Haha beth and jazzie... I take that grammar statement back.... whoops

Butterfly101 7 years ago


wassup w/ u guys?

Not cool...

@ anyone else:

can someone answer my question about antlers?

Oh, and Beth and Jazzie? Bad grammar... (you're not your)


BETH AND JAZZIE  7 years ago

Hey ya fools

do ya like to poo like a dog because this is dog website quickly answer our question before you poo your pants your time starts now.

Love Beth and Jazzie

P.s : i know you pooped yourself so make sure you use some toilet paper.

Butterfly101 7 years ago

Is there a trick to getting antlers for your dog to wear?

(for either lab and friends or Dalmatian and friends)

Butterfly101 7 years ago

You can't get your dog back.... but you can go back to the kennel and adopt one that's just like the one you had before and train it. (same color, breed, name, etc.) Sorry... once its gone it's gone! :-(

ASAD 7 years ago

How do i get my dog back when i donated it to the dog hotel? he new evry trick in da book i was sooooooo sad ::::::::::((

Bunny (helping dogs girl to find a Firemans Hat) 7 years ago

Hey dogs girl, i now i'am a little late, but i now how you can find a Firemans Hat; You must put something red (a ribbon, a collar or what ever) on your dog and whaite until you here a sirene. Then kwik go for a wolk, and you have a much bigger chanse to find one!!!

Bunny 7 years ago

Uhhh...Nintendogs--LuverXx, pressing A,Y,X,B,R & L at the same time DOES restard the game. Me and my brother did it about 5 time's and it works!!! Sorry for your friend, but maby she did it at the rong moment. The bookie aboud Nintendogs even says it goes that way to restart.

Bunny 7 years ago

Yeh, i'am sorry about the trick with the hibicus flower, it don't works always. I guss it only works the first time. But the trick with the New Year Tiara works good!

Here are some tricks that work always:

When you are not sure dat you wil win the contest, save before you enter it. If you lose, turn the power off before they show the troffee's.

If you want to get extra trainer points wail your gon or asleep, here is wat to do: take a rubber bruch ore a wire bruch (for dogs with short hair=rubber bruch, for dogs with long hair=wire bruch), put the charger in your nintendo and leave the bruch on the dog. For each minute you do this, you will get 1 trainer point.

Note: leave your nintendo open, or it wil not work.

If you don't want to wait a half hour until you can go for a walk again, you must go to the park at the end of your wolk and put a collar, a hat or what ever on, the game wil save. Turn the power off and when you turn it on you can go for a wolk again and oll the things you fond you wil still have.

I just want to say this:

i have nintendogs Labrador and friends, and i think that's the best choise, because the dog breeds you have there you don't have anywere els and those breeds are really good+you begin in a beautiful house.

I wil rite still a few cheats another day, by!

Bunny 7 years ago

If you want to get better pressents on walks do not put the clover clock on ore the lucky collar (or both), but put the new year thiara or the hibicus flower on. You either can set your birthday to today's date.

LOLsmileyface:) 7 years ago

Wow u guys are such retards grow up... Btw joy and louise, yo isn't fresh anymore!!! Stop trying to be cool!

@ dog girl... No one can help u find those items you just randomly get them as a present when u walk ur nintendog duhh -_-

I remember someone wrote "can nintendogs have puppies I no it's yukk and wrong" how is it yuk and wrong??? That's the stupidest thing I have heard!!! If u don't no that's how all animals and people are made duhhh

JOY And LOUISE ( answering Squiz's question) 7 years ago


Sorry to say but your brother is a dingbat theres no way you can get your stuff back. One Question does your brother have a DS if he does delete all his stuff that will teach your brother a lesson HA HA HA HA

Kind Regards


squiz 7 years ago


i have nintendogs dalmatian and friends but my brother got angry at me and deleted all my toys and accessories i had stuff like alien, lucky collar and really, really good stuff like that but he delted it all(sold it)

so is there anyway to get it back cause my account was really good

please help


yours sincerely



dogs girl 7 years ago

i need help finding the firemans hat and jack russell terrier

dear superpuppylover 7 years ago

i kno its been a long time since u wrote, but if u happen to read this,i just read ur comment a couple of mins ago, & if u don't already kno this, ur pups just wanna play when they shake their ass in the air!!! u can even make it a trick called "butshake" or wateva. & if u tap the air above their head when they do that, they'll jump up high!!! that trick scores high in obediance trials. hope this helps, good luck every1!!!! (winkwink) ;) hee...

Nintendogs--LuverXx 7 years ago

Hey Guyss.

I want to tell you all that nintendogs CANNOT BREED, GROW UP OR DIE.

I was pretty ticked off when I found out, because it takes a real chunk of realism out of the game. Nevertheless, anyone trying to trick you into believeing that they can, is lying.

Also, don't believe everything you read from other users. For Example; Pressing A, Y, X, B, R & L at the same time does NOT restart the game. Actually, for my friend, she lost her Border Collie, Lassie.

isidra 7 years ago

and the dashound can you get it ?

greetz isidra

kaylee 7 years ago

well ur dog can sleep by getting the record called naptime record and here's cheats ok u go brush ur dog and leaft the brush in the middel of ur dog evey minute u leave it their u get 1 trainer point !!!!

good luck !!!


7 years ago


how does your dog go to sleep

NintendogsloverSAMM 7 years ago

HOW DO I GET A JACK RUSSELL?! I WANT A JACK RUSSELL!!! I know you have to get the Jack Russell book, but how do you get it? Is there a cheat or a trick or an easy way to not have to get it on walks?!

Please help!!!!!!

kayla 7 years ago

can they have puppies because i saw it on youtube

dayna  7 years ago

hello i have lab and friends and my friend has Chihuahua and friends i need a lot of help. if you could give me the website to lab and friend. could you tell me what is the cheats to chihuahua and friends. why dose the dogs eat the trash on the many dogs can you have. my friend said you can have five in the hotel and three at home

thank you from dayna

DogsRuleandDogLover 7 years ago


I was wondering why my dog eats the trash on the ground when I walk her. I always make sure I feed her and give her water but even when I do she eats! When she eats it wird '30s music comes on and shes like poisoned. Can someone please tell me why my dog does that. I have dalmatian and frieds and I also have a Dalmation named Bubble

Thanks so much, DogsRuleandDogLover

nintendodogs cheater 7 years ago

There is this cheat to get more money but im warning you, don't do it!! your dogit will run away. all money cheats will make ur dogs run away!! it happened to me! :( to get more money i had to leave my dog for an hour, but the longer i left it the more money i got. the next day, i was imagining i was gonna have 9999999,999999,99999!!!but wen i came back, this weird sad music came on, and it said: Oops! seems ur dog ra away! sooooooooo sad....

Mollz 7 years ago

In response to Chiwawagirl, I did the same thing on mine and I have been looking to see why. Turns out everything but the max money code will prevent you from buying more dogs or houses. I had to completely restart my game.

Nintendogs Master (lvr) 7 years ago

nintendogs is so fun. my friend and i compete to see whos better. ME OF COURSE

JOY and LOUISE 7 years ago

YO DUDES!!! we have been skateboarding and we came to check on our blog and you dingbats have not answered our blog yet now wer'e going to go play nintendogs and next time we come back we expect a blog to be written


Yours sincerely JOY AND LOUISE

Beautiful Girl 7 years ago

Action replay users - The money and point cheats work for the USA and UK version but the cheat that unlocks all items only works for the USA version so don't waste half an hour entering the code to find it doesn't work - I've done that!:)

JOY and LOUISE 7 years ago

HEY DUDES!! what's up we are the nintendog masters and you will not steal throne Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha we plan on taking control over the nintendogs everywhere so BEWARE you DUMMIES

kind regards,

JOY and Louise

to lucy  7 years ago

they go to sleep by there selfs

dalmatin girl 7 years ago

help me i want a chiwawa also how do u delet dogs u don't want

lucy  7 years ago

how do you make them go to sleep?

Chiwawagirl 7 years ago

I have AR and I used it on my dalmatian game and it deleted the dogs I could Buy Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreamer 7 years ago

Try going on walks with the Lucky Collar and Clover Clock, but on the walks press B lots. I've tried the Collar and Clock thing, it doesn't work for me either. I still have to try the B button thing though. Hope it helps! >:D


Stacey 7 years ago

i have tried the stupid lucky collar thing and the clover clock and nothing has happened thnx for the help!!!!!!

lluv Stacey


al (: 7 years ago

takee your dog on a walk, and if youu find aa firemen hat, at thee kennel, theree will bee dalmations. (:

stephanie 7 years ago

chelsea: it takes time but i trained mine in a week but the best dog to use in disk compertitions is a boxer cause they are very fast runners, which is what you want

see ya

stephanie 7 years ago

try find a 'naptime record' then play it

your dog should go to sleep

.. 7 years ago

how do you make your dog sleep?

Supercalafragilistic...oh poo. 7 years ago

XD nintendogs ruuules

Chelsea  7 years ago

this is a good game as you said but how long does it take to train your dog to be REALLY good at disc throwing and stuff like that ?

stephanie 7 years ago

u just go on walks until u find it cause that's what i did.

Nicole 7 years ago

the game sooo good !! i like it sooo much !!

I really like smalll dogs .

small dogs rule !! :)

i luv golden retrievers 7 years ago

hi. how do u get the stuffed dog on dalmatians & friends

stephanie 7 years ago

u can't breed o nintendogs

mellie 7 years ago

hello. i need to know if there is really a cheat for getting your dogs to have pups. can anyone tell me???


--Mellie-- :D

stephanie 7 years ago

u can't breed on nintendogs cause their only pups

stephanie 7 years ago

sorry u can't breed nintendogs because they r puppies u know

Nintendog crazed fan 7 years ago

I have Nintendogs

Dachsund and friends and I want my nintendogs to have puppies but I'm not sure if there's a cheat for that

can any one help me ?

Pet Princess 7 years ago

Is there such thing as your nintendog having pups. I mean it may be a bit yuck and wrong but they would be soooooo cute!!! You could create unique breeds! Is there a cheat for having your nintendogs have puppies?

Erin 7 years ago

its true when you keep pressing b when you get a presant you get heaps awesome stuff

i was wearing lucky collar using clover clock and kept pressing b and i didn't get a dog photo stick none of the crap stuff !!!

Katie 7 years ago

i never get the jack russel book and i really want it how do you get it

tami 7 years ago

i had a dalmation dog then the next time i switched it on it was a beagle!!! still the same name etc.. HELP where is my dalamtion what's been exchanged by this beagle!!!!

stacey 7 years ago

it still didn't say how to get 99 of everything!!!!!!!!!

Billyhardman 7 years ago

i just finished reading all of der comments and none are helpful

ummm... 7 years ago


this is a cheat where u can play the disc, agility, and obedience competitions more than 3 times a day....

1. make sure ur done with the competitions then wen u want to play more than 3 do this.

2. go to ds settings in the bottom of the screen wen u first turn it on...

3. then go change the time to 23:59

4. then go to the calender and change the date to two days ago.

5.andrn the ds off and there u have it u can play again and don't forget wen u can't play anymore do the cheat again....]

thank you!!

ps: trust me this really works.

soccergirl 7 years ago

I love nintendogs and if you take your dog for a walk at night then they will sleep in the day and can not play with you as much

Madi 7 years ago

hey i have all items and what is nintendogs best friends ? please write back and answer my ?

nicole james 7 years ago

i hav nintendogs best friends i used to hav dalmations and friends but i lost it at thrall library if you hav my nintendogs dalmations and friends or you know someone who has it tell them to give it back and if you hav it please give it back you will know its mine because it will i hav dogs that shetland sheperd breanna, dalmation spot, beagle amy ,german sheperd lady, shiba inu sasha, golden retriever jackie, and yorkie named lily if you or your friend has my nintendogs please give it back if you do there will be a reward of 100 dollars for you my address 33mill street or if you just wanna connect just come to my house and say is nicole there i really need a dalmation on my nintendogs best friends thank you!

Patrick Earhart 7 years ago

i just started a new game on nintendogs lab and friends and i need to know how to make the dog know its name.i have tried about 50 times and he still doesn't know his name and it wont let me cotinue.

profile image

silver horse T 7 years ago

hi. this is for everyone who is having trouble with teaching their dogs tricks or can't get their dog to learn their name. 1. Don't shout at the microphone 2. Keep about 30cm away from the mic. when your using it. 3. Be patient. 4. Try keep your voice the same.

Hope this helps. L8r

Yasmeen 7 years ago

hi i know everything about nintendogs

in walks, dogs in different corners have territories. wait till the other dog lies down then go to it.this is just random advice. if there is guitar music, it will only take one try to be friendly with it. Drums means that it will take 3 goes. Ask me on facebook. add me- search for Yasmeen Diana Rooplall-there's only one. ME!

green4 7 years ago

if your dog gives you a mean look or if they are mad at you, then take them out for a walk and they will like you again

dawn furlong 7 years ago

help, we have recently got a ds and are having problems with nintedogs labs and friends. we name and train the dog and then save it, but sometimes it seems to be wiped and we have to start again. We once had a dog for about 5 days and then it disappeared. HELP

courtney 7 years ago

you can get your dog back it will be in the kennel

courtney 7 years ago

did you know when you go out 4 walks the further away the present is the more likley it is that it will be a good present

Louise 7 years ago

My daughter (5) accidentally donated one of her dogs! Is there anyway to get the donated dog back or is it gone for good??

She's distracted so any tips would be very much appreciated.


NATASHA 7 years ago




need help!!! 7 years ago

i just bought the lab and friends nintendogs game but i still don't no what "bark mode" is.could somebody plz tell me

Nintendogs biggest Fan. 7 years ago

While your on a walk and your dog runs of to find a present keep on pressing B and it will be something good

fred and bob 7 years ago

Hey i had 7 dogs I

sold 3 anwser me please.

How much dogs do I have left?

My friend bobs ran away.I said eat eggs.Love Fred And Bob

georgia and Megan 7 years ago

Hi i was wondering how to find the JackRussell book dose any body know how or a cheat for it?

Plus me ( Georgia ) and my friend ( megan) wrote this. We have lab and friends and chuauah and friends.

Sophie 7 years ago

Hey! I have nintendogs dashound and friends and I want to get a shetland sheepdog. I was wondering how many trainer points it was? Please reply soon kthnx

mayo-squish 7 years ago

to reset your game, when you turn on the game, when it's on the nintendo screen, press x,b,a,y and l,r at the same time. you will get taken to a door and you wil have to knock it

Hitzyhere 7 years ago

I want to say hi to all of you and to get the jack russell terrier, go on walks! You can't unlock it by getting trainer points, you have to find the jack russell terrier book! Good luck! :D

kimberley 7 years ago

if you have a friend on bark mode ask if they have the fiermens hat or

if you are just meeting a new friend ask if they have the dog u are after then conect with it and ur new dog will be in your pet shop

Elise 7 years ago

I have Dachshund and friends, and I would like the Dalmatian and the Toy Poodle, and I have 9861 trainer points, and it says I am a Top Handler, but I can't buy the Toy Poodle. The dogs I can buy in order are the Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshund, Pug, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Beagle, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd Dog, and the Shiba Inu. I was just wondering how to get the Toy Poodle, and the Dalmatian now. It says that you have to get a firemans hat, but how can I get one easily? Please help!

kelly 7 years ago

hey everyone so really dumb question but i just bought the labrador and friends one and i bought it used so how the hell do i reset the thing so i can start over

please help

ssss 7 years ago

u have to just go to the presents and at last u find it

Malik 7 years ago

How do you get a Jack Russel Book on a walk

kate 7 years ago

where do you find your trainer points? I can't find it anywhere

Dear husky lover 7 years ago

means keep saying his name DURRRR

gosh u people are clueless

Husky Lover 7 years ago

Hey I own the Dachshund and friends(since I lost my lab and friends) and I taught my dog its name and typed it in but now it says that I have to keep saying its name so it learns it. I mean I just did that! So what do I do now?

Oh and BTW I reset my dog like 5 times now.

Peyton is a dog lover!!!!!!! 7 years ago

Um.... I have 60,000 trainer points and I still have not unlocked the Jack Russel does any1 know how to unlock it without going on walks?????? Plz Help me!!!

Da Daim 7 years ago

Yes you can unlock all of the dogs and more by buying A DS thing at best buy for about $30

somebody like you 8 years ago

i heard from a friend that if you type in a cheat then you are able to unlock every type of dog that there is. does anyone know if that is true?

Luv ya...,

you da balm,

~somebody like you~

hannah 8 years ago

yo i'm hannah and i found out that to unlock the beagle you have to get gold in the championship in Agility with two dogs! WHOOHOO!

Beagleman80 8 years ago

When the dogs wags it's butt and tail up into the air, that means it wants to play with you. It doesn't mean it wants to do the jump trick!

Thomas Moore 8 years ago

Hi!I'm Thomas Moore from the Uk and I need i'm stuck on the first part because when it says Lucky has forgotten his name etc how many times do i say it. and for how long.

From Thomas Moore aged 10

NintendgodGurl-xX 8 years ago

please answer me back and i have a few tips for you:

The growler Record is not helpful, it makes your dogs fight and if you find a dog under the question mark you are most likely to fight with it

if you have done this go for a walk and try find the 'smliln dog' record that is one of the only ways to keep it from being grumpy

NintendogsGurly-xX 8 years ago

hae, well i have allot of dog, but i don't know where the owner points are and i was wondering if you're reading this, can you help me.

i know to get the trainer points just not the owner so please help me!!!!!

sweetie 8 years ago

I love nintendogs Ihave all four games and im a max trainer on all of them and I love the choices of the dogs

b care ful 8 years ago

Be careful sometimes when you pet the dogs butt it gets mad at you and it take a long time to get it semi-happy:]

Coco 8 years ago

Oh srry it went twice but, Im trying to get tha dog treats relly bad so that i can get my dogs to fecth... I have over 3,000 trainer points and IDk were the owner points thingy is, so can anyone help me?

Coco 8 years ago

When the Dog wags its butt in the air that means it wants to do the JUMP trick.So click in the air and when it jumps, u kniw what to do.

superpuppylover 8 years ago

what is your dog doing when it wags its but in air? all my dog do that

zoe 8 years ago

how do i get an action replay

casey 8 years ago

help me my dog isn't listenign to my commands im doing it in the same voice and all but he ant doing it help me plz

nintendogGirl 8 years ago

nintendogs is a fun game, but what i think is great is that you can have 8 dogs. all you have to do is keep 5 in the dog hotel and save money to buy more dogs. if you want to switch dogs just go to the dog hotel and swap dogs. i don't know what donate a dog means, but it sounds like you sell one of your dogs. to unlock dogs you earn trainer points.

Nat 8 years ago

My dog keeps forgetting its name but i've been shouting it for over an hour, is there anyway i can get it to learn its name quicker???

to ELLE 1 8 years ago

you can either whistle for her or you can keep tapping the screen. Also make sure you pet her before training

elle 1 8 years ago

i deleted my other game and started fresh but now i can't get my dogs aatention so i can't make sure she can sit! and ive been calling her name 4 about 2 hours!

To MASON 8 years ago

To take dogs for walks, click on GO OUT at the home screen and choose walk

mason 8 years ago

hi we have just got the chiuhahu game and we don't know how to take the dog for a walk yet - we are just at the same place all the time calling the dog by name can someone please help us

tink101 8 years ago

if u have a ACTION REPLAY u can get 999,999,999 cash and get 99 pts. in disc compention and get 99999 trainer pts. or if u don't have one when u throw a toy or a sport equmint item tap the screen your dog will come with it and pet it's head when sparkles come up it gives you trainer pts.

dear daschund and friends 8 years ago

you can press L and R and A and B and X and Y simaltaneously to erase all your data!!!

; ]

PiperPlaid 8 years ago

Hi! I have a Beagle named Snape. Do you know how to get spiked collars that AREN'T BLACK?!

Jessica 8 years ago

i have lab and friends and i've just unlocked the beagles in the kennel and i have already got 8 dogs does any body have a cheat 4 over eight dogs

dog owner  8 years ago

how on earth do you get a pinsher in nintendogd dalmation without using bark mode because it will take a long time to get 35000points ?

if any one knowsplease tell me

HAppLe Dog 8 years ago

scottie star: u can't unless u donate a dog unless uve got a cheat device known as a ACTION REPLAY, u can download cheats for any game. (Works Very Good On Pokémon Games E.G:Diamond And Pearl) Hope it Helps!!!!!!

Scottie star 8 years ago

Is any1 going to answer my god damn Question.

dashund and friends 8 years ago

i have a dashund and friends nintendogs. its really fun! :) i got it from eb games as a used one (at eb games, they let you return the game and they sell it as a used one) and it has 99999 points (that's as far as it will go). it has mastered almost everything,including money ( except for items )and its not as fun anymore. i really want to restart it, but i have no idea whatsoever. -_- any ideas?

chelsea willo 8 years ago

i was watching the telly when i saw a game i got the game but it was not really good.It was very dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

chelsea willo 8 years ago

it was good but i got stuck all the way on viva pinata pocket paradise!

Scottie star 8 years ago

I want to know how to get more than five dogs in the dog hotel because I wan't the jack russle terrior but I don't want to donate one of my dogs.

shabalabadingdong 8 years ago

there are people who say that if you leave your nintendogs on for one hour or a half an hour one of your nintendogs will run away but they won't because it is false so don't follow that cheat or hint or whatever you want to call it!!!

alex 8 years ago

i found out tht when u do bark mode and u get the breed u don't have, u can only do tht once. but then i found out if u restar the game and do bark mode with a different type of nintendogs, u can do the bark mode stuff over and over again

jack 8 years ago

i got all 4 games, daschund, lab, dalmation and chihuahua, but when i do bark mode on my sisters ds and a different dogs game, i never get the dog tht i don't want. can sme1 hlp me, mny thnks

Jasmine Haskings 8 years ago

I have to agree with you kyle I tried the lucky collar and the clover clock and I still got nothing great I guess it just doesn't work!

Jasmine Haskings 8 years ago

I finally got a German Shepherd her name is Lizzie. And if you do bark mode with a person which has a breed which you don't have in your kennel when you are finished you get that breed in your kennel COOL HEY!! just in case you didn't know.

kyle 8 years ago

i use both the lucky coller and clover clock but i still only get sticks even when i go to the edge of town i get only sticks

georgia 8 years ago

this is a good tip it got me 100 trainer point.I win every torderment.These are the write tips. Use them they could help you and by your self trainer points and more mony

Baylee 8 years ago

Oh, and when your on walks and get a present push b a whole bunch then open you have a 19/21 chance of getting a good item not just a boring stick, dog photo, tennis ball, etc.

Baylee 8 years ago

I have nintendogs dalmation and friends version and this is how it goes:

Cavalier KC spaniel 2,000 trainer ponts

sheepland sheepdog 4,000 trainer points

Chihuahua 8,000 trainer points

pemroke welsh corgi (my breed) 10,000 trainer points

toy poodle 14,000 trainer points

pug 16,000 trainer points

miniature Schnauzer 20,000 trainer points

siberian husky 22,000 trainer points

miniature Pinscher 30,000 trainer points

shih tzu 35,000 trainer points

labrador retriever 45,000 trainer points

(and last but not least) miniature dashund 50,000 trainer points

Dandy 8 years ago

These tips were ok but they didn't work all the time!

Jasmine Haskings 8 years ago

Hi! my name is Jasmine and I have Dashund and friends it is so totally awesome because I love dogs there all over my room. But I was wondering how I can get german shepherds in my kennel to buy don't you have to have a secret book or something anyway I'm a real dog lover.

crystalkay profile image

crystalkay 8 years ago from Sunny Southern California

Each of my daughters received DS's for christmas. They've been a hit! I'm partial to super mario!

xxxxxxxx 8 years ago

if u have the lucky collar and the clover clock then your set to go! if u don't then you can get them by talking walks. set up the clover clock and put on the lucky collar. talk a walk and get cooler items

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