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Improve your Texas Holdem game while you're away from the table

Being that there are already billions of Texas Holdem Strategy articles all over the net telling you when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em I decided to take a different approach - we're going to be addressing ways to improve your game while you're away from the table!

Nowadays many of us spend a good portion of time in front of the computer. We work admin jobs, data entry, graphic / web / music production jobs or we have to type up reports for work and school in front of the computer. If we miss an episode of our favorite TV show we bounce right over to Hulu or any of the other television sites to watch what we missed. We may be even watching movies on our desktop or laptop just to pass the time. Or maybe we're catching up with old friends through e-mail or Facebook. Regardless, we spend a lot of time in front of the computer staring at the pixels on the screen. Then, after all that time spent in front of the computer we open up our favorite online poker site, log in, and start playing for what looks like nothing more than imaginary digits on the computer screen.

The fact of the matter is that all this time spent in front of the computer can't be good for us spiritually. Online poker just becomes another part of our daily grind of spending time in front of the computer monitor. Both the thrill and excitement that brought most of us to the game becomes lost amongst everything else we do with the computer. This can cause a player to become bored, frustrated, fatigued or even possibly go on tilt. What's even worse is that we may decide to check our e-mail during the game simply because its convenient.

But I said we're going to address how to improve your game

The main factor to overcome is separating your online Texas Holdem game time from e-mail checking, paper writing, web surfing, and Facebook browsing. I know it's easy to jump on board to any of these websites while you're playing simply because you're tired of folding hand after hand, but hey poker takes patience and the best thing to do is keep your head in the game. If you can't find yourself focusing on the game you should stop playing for the moment until you can focus again.

Setting up a daily routine for when you want to play poker is actually the opposite of a good idea. Who likes routines? We wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner. That's a routine. How many of you can honestly say you like your work routine? That's what I thought. Why would you want to turn one of your hobbies, the thing that is supposed to bring joy to your life into another work routine? It's not a bad idea to plan to play poker when you have a day off from work, but setting a specific schedule of when you're going to play is simply going to turn it into another job. Most of us don't like jobs, and we try to do just enough to ensure we get a paycheck. Imagine what would happen to your poker game if you did "just enough" not to go broke? Your bankroll would suffer as would your spirit. You'd be an emotional wreck.

Take time to enjoy other parts of life

If all you're doing is trying to make some extra cash to pay the bills by playing Texas Hold Em your game is going to suffer. Your mind is in the wrong place. Your obsession with money is going to actually repel money away from you. For professionals they have to play like its their job, because, well, it is. But for the vast majority of us who play as a hobby, or play it like a sport to see whose better, well, we have the freedom to play when we want for the stakes we want.

Make sure you don't let poker overtake other parts of your life. Go to the beach, go for a walk, fly a kite, do whatever makes you happy. When you take time for yourself to enjoy your life other areas of your life improve as well. Sitting in front of a computer screen gets depressing. You need to focus some of your energy on activities you enjoy in the present. Once you feel good about your day and your time spent you can sit back in front of your computer and play some Texas Hold Em. At this point you'll be focused on the game, and it'll feel more like a reward to be playing as opposed to a chore.

Understanding Financial Responsibilities

You'll be much more comfortable playing Holdem if your finances are in order. A person playing poker to try and bring themselves out of debt will not play as well as a person who is playing to win. If you're trying to get yourself out of debt, you're already behind. It's a mindset thing. You're behind and are trying to catch back up. The same mentality hits when you lose chips at the table. You go into what is known as "catch up mode." In catch up mode you stop thinking as clearly and its actually a form of tilt. It's not as obvious as full blown tilt, but it does affect every decision you make at the table.

When you're playing to play, ignoring the bad beats you suffered yesterday, or the week before, or even the month before, nothing else matters. It's one hand at a time. You play every hand to the best of your abliity without any negative influence from outside sources. By following the steps outlined above about enjoying other parts of your life, you can allow your subconscious to focus its attention on other things than bad beats.

Take time of our your life to enjoy other hobbies and activities. Don't let poker consume your life and don't look at it as a get rich quick scheme. You're playing because you want to, not because you have to. These are the best Texas Hold Em Strategies one can follow to be a winning player at the table.

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