Office Lady Dress Up Game Review

Playing dress up is all about playing pretend. It's about projecting your imagination and painting entire new worlds of wonder and possibility. That's what makes dress up so fun whether you're online or offline. Office Lady Dress Up, a free fashion game hosted on Daily Fashion Games is a very special kind of dress up game however, for reasons I will explain forthwith.

Unlike other fashion games, which paint girls into unlikely scenarios, like being a supermodel, or a doll with a head five sizes too big for her body, Office Lady Dress Up eschews traditional dress up gaming practices and puts the player in the shoes of your average office lady. Now there's a goal that is both solid and entirely attainable. Why, I heard that the men who create office equipment make it so that it is simple enough even for a woman to use!

This is the most basic and simply kind of dress up game, a dress up game in which you simply drag various elements of an outfit onto the dress up doll. I could go my usual route and complain about the game play because it lacks any attempt at story telling, but I won't, because this sort of game is one very clearly designed to emulate traditional paper dress up dolls in online format, and that means that it doesn't need fancy graphics or storytelling or any other elements that one might expect in a game.

Having said that however, there are plenty of online dress up and fashion games that do incorporate these elements into their game play, and are therefore much more satisfying to play.

Returning to the subject of office lady dress up however, I must confess that I enjoyed picking from the range of rather bland, office appropriate garments.

My favorite part of the game, hands down, was the way that Office Lady is stuck in a saluting position – to the extent that when you choose a new hairstyle for her, or a hat, a spare hand comes with it. There's nothing like a diligent office lady who salutes day and night. Nothing at all.

For a simple dress up game that doesn't require much of the player aside from the ability to click, drag and drop, I'd highly recommend Office Lady Dress Up, a game guaranteed not to fill kid's heads of silly notions of being rock stars or wrestling politicians.

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