Olivia the Pig Toys

 Olivia The Pig Book By Ian Falconer
Olivia The Pig Book By Ian Falconer | Source

Olivia the Pig is the fictional character based on the books by Ian Falconer. The Books following Olivia on various adventures were inspired by Falcons niece. Illustrations in The Tales of Olivia are made in the Dr Seuss tradition. Falconer both writes and illustrates the book series, using greyscale illustrations with emphasis on red as a highlight color. Some books also introduce a new feature color as the highlight to the illustrations. As a result both parents and kids can enjoy the tale of Olivia the piglet. The Characters increase in popularity since the release of the TV Series resulting in greater interest in Olivia the Pig Toys.

Popular Olivia the Pig Toys includes Plush Toys, plastic figures and many more.

Olivia The Pig Toys

Who Is Olivia?

Olivia is fun loving 6 year old who wants to see and do as much as she can, her grand imagination transports here into new and exciting adventures in each book. Oliver's adventures often include her younger brothers Ian and William ad Mom and Dad.

Olivia Toys

Olivia Toys include Soft Olivia Plushies which can make great story aids to compliment Olivia the Pig Books. No doubt Olivia’s confidence and positive nature inspires kids everywhere to think boldly and follow their dreams.

Olivia 5 Inch Beanbag Plush Figure Pirate Olivia

Olivia The Piglet Pirate Soft Toy
Olivia The Piglet Pirate Soft Toy | Source

Olivia 5 Inch Beanbag Plush Figure Pirate Olivia

  • This 6nch Olivia Plush is based on Olivia’s adventures to find treasure.
  • She is dressed as a pirate and holds the treasure map marked with an X. The clothe son this plush are not removable.
  • Retail Price: $5.89.

Olivia The Piglet Backpack
Olivia The Piglet Backpack

Olivia the Pig Plush Backpack

  • This Olivia Backpack is modelled on the everyday Olivia Plush and comes dressed in a red dress with tights.
  • The backpack has a zippered compartment for carrying little ones small treasures and kids will love taking Olivia along on their adventures.
  •  Size: 13.5 x 5.8 x 5.7 with adjustable straps for a secure fit.
  • Current Retails Price: $27.49. (As advertised 02.11.2010).

Olivia in The Circus Plush
Olivia in The Circus Plush | Source

Grand Olivia Ringmaster Plush

  • This 10 inch Olivia Plush is modelled on Olivia’s adventures in the circus from the book Olivia Saves the Circus.
  • Current Retail Price: $12.95. (As advertised 02.11.2010).

Olivia The Pig Toys
Olivia The Pig Toys | Source

Other Characters from Olivia the Pig Books


  • Dad is warm and loving but also can be quite the Dad especial when it comes to little talks if Ian or Olivia misbehaves.


  • Mom is a modern mom juggling her party planning business with three fun loving kids.


  • Ian is Olivia’s 4year old brother, who loves accompanying her on adventures though he can be an annoying little brother sometimes. Ian loves space, dinosaurs, robots, and especially slurping spaghetti.


  • William does what babies do best-he sleeps, eats, cries, but this is what makes him adorable to Olivia and the rest of the Family.

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PLEASE HELP, I am trying to locate Olivia the Pig sleeping bag. Do you know where I would purchase it?

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