Olivia the Pig toys and games

Olivia the pig is one of the stars of Nick Jr. She loves the color red, loves using her imagination and loves being the center of attention.She is always going on an adventure. Olivia teaches our children about being creative as well as being independent thinkers. Olivia was created by Ian Falconer and was originally just found in books. Olivia has more than books now! She has lots of merchandise including Olivia plush dolls and games.

Olivia has several plush dolls available. You can find Olivia dressed in her typical red dress and leggings, as an artist or even in a red ball gown!

The most practical gift of all would be the Olivia in Red Dress Doll. This is a must have for any true Olivia fan. She is plush and stand 11 inches tall. Parents like the fact that it is well made and looks like the character from the books. Olivia in red dress would make a great complimentary gift with one of her many books.

This is another of the Olivia Dolls. This plush Olivia is dressed in her red ball gown and tiara. Parents were overall very pleased with this Olivia Toy. They stated it was very cute, well made and very cuddly. Let your child's imagination be inspired by Olivia!

This Olivia doll is dressed up as an artist. She has her heart shaped pallet and brush in hand. Olivia also has her artist hat and smock on. One grandparent commented on how much her grandbaby really loved her Olivia doll. It is recommended for three years and up.

Here is the Olivia cow play doll. This Olivia Doll is about 11 inches tall. She is sporting cow spots in her cow costume. Of her she is wearing her trademark red as bows on her ears. Parents are pretty pleased with the Olivia doll stating it is cute and a great buy.

Olivia Books!

As you might well know Olivia was a series of books before she became a television star! There are many many books to choose from. There are two types of books I will review. One series is written by Ian Falcner, the original creator of Olivia the pig. His books are easily distinguished from the others due to his black and white with red illustrations. These books are well known for their simplistic drawings of Olivia in black and white and red! The other books are full color paperbacks written from the television show. Either of these books are very reasonably priced!

Does this front cover look like dinner at your house? If so Dinner with Olivia may the book your child will enjoy. In this Olivia book, she invites her friend Francine to dinner. After having a very sophisticated evening at Francine's house, Olivia is afraid she will not match up to her expectations. And with two bothers is it any wonder?

This Olivia book is hardcover and is by the original author Ian Falcnor. This is the original Olivia that won the the attention of publishers. This book was originally written for Falcnor's niece whose name is.. Olivia! Illustrations and story are both by Falcnor.

Olivia saves the circus is another original Oliva book by Ian Falcnor. This time Olivia describes in her class how she saved the circus. She tells the tale of how she went to the circus and had to fill in for all the performers because they all had ear infections. She goes on and on describing how she rode elephants and was a trapeze artist!

Olivia Toys and other things!

Olivia the pig has a large array of merchandise from action figures to a Zoobie pet blanket!

Here are a set of four action figures of Olivia's family! Included in the set are Olivia, her brother Ian, her mother holding her brother William and her father. Each figure comes with detachable stands. Parents comment on how they glued their stands to make them permanent. They also comment on how much fun their children have playing with the set in the Olivia Doll house!

The Olivia 2 in 1 play set comes with it's own Olivia figure and 23 accessories. The house magically converts to a pirate ship. There are also stickers to decorate Olivia's room any way you would like! Parents commented on how much fun their children had using their imaginations! This Olivia toy is recommended for ages 3 and up!

The Olivia Musical Tin tea set comes with four plates, four saucers, four tea cups and one tea pot. All are in the classic Olivia pink and red colors! The teapot is musical! Just wind it up and tip it over to hear the music! This cute tin tea set is recommended for ages three and up!

The Olivia Dream it Be it role play set has clothes to allow your child to use their imagination! There are two different themes, ballerina and safari outfits.The Ballerina outfit comes with tutu, ballerina slippers crown, legwarmers and two bows. The Safari outfit comes with a telescope, safari hat and a trunk for storage! Let your child's imagination roam.

Get all snuggly in a Zoobies Olivia 3 in 1 pet. This Olivia toy doubles as a plush Olivia doll and unfolds to be a an Olivia blanket and pillow! The fleece blanket spreads out to be 53 inches by 34 inches long. It of course is pink and red and has a picture of Olivia on it. The blanket does come unattached and is machine washable. The Olivia doll itself can be spot washed. Her head is filled with micro beads so it can double as a pillow. Parents love how soft and well made the the Olivia 3 in 1 pet is. The blanket easily rolls up in the velcro straps that come with it.

Olivia in the Box! Olivia Jack in the box is very cute! The box itself is pink and red with embossed tin and Olivia on the outside. Each side has Olivia dressed up in one of her costumes. Crank the handle and out pops a plush smiling Olivia! Recommend for ages 18 and up!

Go back to school with your Olivia lunch bag and backpack. The Olivia lunch bag is soft and well insulated to keep things cool. It zips open for easy access. The outside has pink and red design with the signature red ribbons on her ears. The Olivia backpack is color coordinated with the the Olivia lunch box. it features Olivia as a ballerina on the outside. She has a tutu and applique roses! The straps are adjustable making it easy to wear and easy to hang in your locker.

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