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Online browser based games usually have a nice selection of cheats, tricks and cracks that allow us to perform that little bit better and move our way up the ranking ladder quicker than normal! Lots of people don't like a cheat, but what harm is there in progressing to a higher level, surely you just have higher expectations?! Either way and for what ever reason it might be, cheats are extremely popular and this page will share with you some fantastic cheats for all the most popular online strategy games that you might happen to stumble across.

Facebook games are beginning to take over the internet! and if it's not directly a facebook game then you can probably still play it via some kind of facebook application! They are successful because they are good games and lots of people are playing and sharing scores- therefore making it very competitive!

War Game Cheats

 The most strategic and skilled games on the internet are commonly online war games. These involve building an army or tribe, whilst linking up with other online players to form alliances and try to take on the world! These are the type of game that you can spend hours and hours playing without realising where all the time went!

Hacking Online Games

 Although hacking is highly searched for online gaming it is something that is really a complete waste of time. In order to hack an online game you would need to, as a minimum, gain hosting access to the server / portal and work your way from there. The chances of you getting this are extremely small, and these games are all very well protected. Also hacking is illegal, and is taking things one step too far! Enjoy playing the games and pick up tips, and quick wins where possible, but hacking is a totally different ball game! Don't do it!!!

Cheat Share.....

 If you have any cheats for any of the games mentioned above and wish to share them with us then please do so by leaving a comment, and we will try to add it to the site a.s.a.p, - or if you need cheats for a specific online game then feel free to drop us a request and we will see what we can do for you!

Happy Gaming...................

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---Rampage--- 6 years ago

I was wondering if The War of The Titans online game had any cheats?

Terryandco profile image

Terryandco 6 years ago Author

unfortunately not that I am currently aware of, but give it time ;0)

cvbbot 5 years ago

hello everyone. i got a way to hack the following games: "Seafight, Grepolis, Dark Orbit, Farmville, Cityville, Minecraft,..." just go to to find out how to

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