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Skill Gaming For Money!

I often spend an evening playing online pool for money. Real money pool is great fun AND I even turn a profit from my endeavours.

This page will introduce you to the best online pool hall currently on the market and give you a way to get some free cash to play with

Play89 is one of the newest websites on the net and is hosted and endorsed by snooker legend Jimmy White who also co-operates with the software development team.

You can play online pool for money in 8ball, 9ball and (soon to be added) snooker formats for real money or even just for fun money if that takes your fancy.

Im sure many people will begin to make a living from playing online pool for money and am equally sure that playing online pool for money will be at least as popular as the online poker craze that has swept the world over the past few years. Online pool for money is set to explode!

What´s more online pool for money is something you American players can join in on as it doesn´t fall under the category of gambling. This is a game of pure skill and the better you are, the more you will win. Play89´s pool is swimming with fish so there is plenty of shark-food available.

Head-To-Head Or Tournament...You Choose

When you play online pool for money at Play89 you have a choice of playing a head-to-head against one other player or playing in one of various formats of tournament.

When playing head-to-head online pool for money you both have to agree on terms before the match begins. For example you could choose to play first to 2 points which would be the best of 3 frames for $1 or $10 or whatever.

There are also 3 different styles of online pool for money tournaments you can play: Sit and Go´s, Scheduled Events and Knockout Tournaments. All tournaments consist of multiple matches and are played out in cup format with quarter-finals and semi-finals etc.

Sit and Go Tournaments

Sit and Go´s are pool tournaments in which the number of players who can register is preset. As soon as preset number of players have joined then the tournament begins. There can be anywhere from 4 to 64 players playing online pool for money in a Sit and Go tournament.

Scheduled Events

Scheduled Events begin at a preset date and time. The more players that sign up then the larger the prizes will be. Everyone buys in to the tournament at a fixed price and the money goes to the prizepool. The prize-money is then split up according to a preset structure with the largest percentage going to the first place winner.

Knockout Tournaments

Knockout Tournaments are divided into successive rounds; every player plays in at most one game per round. The top players in each game progress to the next round. As the rounds progress, the number of players and games decreases and the final round consists of just one game, the winner of which is the overall champion.

Software and Features

At Play89 they have high quality software which can be downloaded easily and completely free of charge. The pool tables are simple to use and allow you to play online pool for money against other people from all over the world without ever leaving your chair.

Play89 is also available in 18 different languages, making it accessible to 80% of the world's population. Thanks to this multitude of languages, you can enjoy a great variety of playing partners and can always find someone available to play online pool for money with.


Download their software now and you can get a $2 bonus with no deposit so you can test it. They also offer an attractive first deposit bonus and fun money tables and freerolls so you can brush up on your game before risking your own cash playing online pool for money.

Use one of the following codes when signing up to get your bonus to play online pool for money with:

100cj20 - get $20 bonus for a $100 deposit.

50cj10 - get $10 bonus for a $50 deposit.

25cj5 - get $5 bonus for a $25 deposit.


here is an even better way to get even more free cash to play with!

First go to Play89 using the link below and register for a real money account.


Spend an evening or two playing on the fun money tables to get some practice.

You will be offered a $25 real money bonus for a $20 deposit (look for a message in the lobby) or you can win this bonus at the fun money tables in the sit and go´s.

Once you have won or been offered the bonus and feel confident that you can win about 50% of games against ok players then deposit $20, put in the code they give you and play between 30-40 games at the very lowest stake ($0.50). The amount of games (30 or 40) depends on what bonus you got.

Play89 will instantly credit the bonus to your account when the games are cleared and you can withdraw your original $20 and leave your account funded with the rest. Using this method I got about $30 to play online pool for money with because I won about $5 when clearing the bonus. :)

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pool for money 7 years ago

very good and usefull info. thank you mister

pool for money 7 years ago

very good and usefull info. thank you mister

mool for poney 5 years ago

Why don't you say "online pool for money" a few more times. I don't think Google heard you the first 20 times.

Question 4 years ago

I don't see any pics of the game your typing about. LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER RIP OFF SCEME TO ME!

chad 2 years ago

Let's get it

Hussain 22 months ago

what's the payment methods used for deposit if I wanted to fund my account?

larku 12 months ago

Real Money Pool ( ) it what you're looking for.

Compete for free or for REAL CASH $$$!

And what's more it's SUPER REALISTIC and available on iOS!

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