Onmund's Request (Skyrim walkthrough)

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Onmund's request (Skyrim walkthrough).

To unlock the Onmund's request skyrim mission you first have to have finished the Under Saarthal mission. Speaking to Onmund he will tell you that there is something which has been bothering him, he tells you how he exchanged his family heirloom for some magical item in a trade with Enthir, and he asks you if you could please get it back. However, when speaking to Enthir (unless you have a very high speechcraft skill), you realize that he will not be giving it back without getting anything in return. He tells you of a deal he made recently, which he regrets now; as he feels that he might have placed a powerful magical staff, The Grand Staff of Charming, in the wrong hands. He says he will give you the amulet in exchange for this staff.

Mission objectives:

1. Speak with Enthir

2. Find the staff for Enthir

3. Deliver the staff to Enthir

4. Deliver the amulet to Onmund

1. Speak with Enthir

Like beforementioned, Enthir will not give up the amulet easily, unless you have a very high level of speechcraft. So, he wants you to do him a favour in exchange for the amulet. Retrieving the Grand staff of Charming from a mage who has set camp in Morvunskar.

2. Find the staff for Enthir

The staff is located at randomized locations, in my game it was located in Morvunskar, a camp which is guarded by a lot of mages, and a powerful Cryomancer which is the camp's boss. Defeat them all to acquire the staff from a nearby chest in the boss chamber.

3. Deliver the staff to Enthir

After having gotten the staff, Enthir will give you Onmund's amulet. It should be noted that Enthir is one of the merchants who has the best (and most unique) items in all of Skyrim; he is the man to go for if you ever find yourself asking: "Where can I get daedra hearts to make daedric armor?" Well, then Enthir is your go-to-guy.

4. Deliver the amulet to Onmund

Delivering the amulet to Onmund, he will thank you most sincerely, and then offer his services as a follower/companion in battle. You may now recruit Onmund at any time to be your follower when you feel you might be in need of some magical assistance.

Congratulations, you have now finished the skyrim mission Onmund's Request.

Mission rewards:

- Onmund's friendship (Onmund can now be recruited as a follower)

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