Orbeez Playsets Include the Orbeez Lamp and now Xploderz XBlaster

Orbeez is the watch and wonder toys for kids. You may have seen the ads on TV or perhaps you have not seen them as yet, but are wondering what the kids are on about. Well Orbeez are simple plastic beads which can absorb water. This makes them appear to grow. Orbeez can be placed in a bowl of water or into the Orbeez Magic Maker which displays Orbeez beads through a tube after they have expanded in water.

How Do Orbeez Work

Orbeez grow in the water becoming bouncy squishy marbles for kids to play with in the pool or make up their own marble games or create Orbeez art works. Moms you can even use orbzee in your floral arrangements or to hold candles. Especially since they resemble gel balls used in vases. Some typical games include competitions of who’s Orbeez can grow the biggest or the quickest or whose will bounce higher, and so forth.

Unlike most beads Orbeez are squishy so they can also bounce. They can be stacked in a tube to create Orbeez artworks. Check out some of the Orbeez Playsets on offer.

Orbeez - Illuminated Mood Lamp
Orbeez - Illuminated Mood Lamp | Source

The Orbeez Lamp

The Orbeez Mood Lamp is the latest edition (December 2010) to the range of Orbeez Toys. The Orbeez Lamp resembles a lava lamp but the Orbeez beads moving about create an added visual effect. Current retail price $19.99. (As advertised Amazon.com 07.12.2010).

Orbeez - Magic Maker
Orbeez - Magic Maker | Source

Orbeez - Magic Maker

Orbeez comes in a range of 9 colors. The Magic Orbeez pack comes with 2500 Orbeez beads. This Orbeez play set includes a display tray. Currently retails from $29.99. (As advertised Amazon.com 07.12.2010).

Orbeez - SpongeBob Squarepants Aquarium
Orbeez - SpongeBob Squarepants Aquarium | Source

Orbeez - SpongeBob Squarepants Aquarium

The Orbeez - SpongeBob Squarepants Aquarium play set doubles as a display for Orbeez Beads and a game of SpongeBob Basketball game using Orbeez Beads. Currently retails from $14.99 (As advertised Amazon.com  07.12.2010).

Orbeez - Stack 'ems
Orbeez - Stack 'ems | Source

Orbeez - Stack 'ems

Comes with four boxes Orbeez beads for games or craft.Includes an activity Booklet with games and design ideas.This makes a great display for Orbeez beads.

Orbeez Flow 'n Show
Orbeez Flow 'n Show | Source

Orbeez Flow 'n Show

The Orbeez Flow 'n Show is a great way to display your Orbeez bead without them drying out.This Orbeez Playset retails from $47.95 (As advertised Amazon.com 08.12.2010).

Where To Buy Orbeez Playsets

Orbeez are currently sold in packs or with the Orbeez Magic Maker.All toys in this article are available at Amazon.com.

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