Other Planet Minecraft Survival Map Download + Review

That other planet, where the trees grow glowstone leaves.
That other planet, where the trees grow glowstone leaves.

Other Planet is a survival island style Minecraft survival map. You spawn upon what has to be one of the smallest planets of all time, a ball of rock and grass that boasts but one tree (and a couple of shrubs for good measure.) Of course, many secrets lie beneath the planet's surface, secrets that could elevate you into another plane of being or leave you wailing dismally, depending on your temperament and perhaps the time of the month.

So, what can you expect if you attempt to survive on the 'Other Planet'? Well, allow me to walk you through what you'll find. This section might contain mild spoilers, but only of things that you'd probably work out for yourself in the first five minutes or so anyway.

First, Lower Your Render Distance

The creator asks that you kindly lower your render distance to 'small', mostly because they forgot to allow enough space around the planet to make it actually appear to be in the void and you can quite clearly see the automatically generated terrain just off the 'coasts' of your 'planet'. In the spirit of the map you're supposed to stay on the planet anyway, but I suppose you could always add your own challenge of escaping the planet. That's what I like to do. After all, how much time can you genuinely spend bumbling around on a little circle of dirt before you start to become bored?

The Cow Is Watching

A sole cow greets you upon your arrival on the planet, with mournful moos of regret. Its sonorous wail is not unlike the call of a great but long forgotten sea beast, adding mystery to the game, which will already feel pretty mysterious if you turned the high fog on like you were supposed to. On your adventures you'll probably hear many frightened animals clinging to blocks of grass high above the void, because most of the planet is a fairly sheer drop to nothingness.

First Stop: Survival Chest

Your survival is aided by a very generous survival chest, which contains all manner of goodies including cookies, glass, stone bricks, leather armor, string and more. By more I mean there's even a pair of shears in there. If there was a kitchen sink in minecraft (and I wish there was), there would be a kitchen sink in the chest.

Without going into too many details and spoiling the discovery side of the map, I'd say that this would be a good map for anyone looking for another survival island experience. Because of the abundant wood, grass and animals it's not what I'd call a difficult survival map, but it does have its charms.

Download Other Planet Minecraft Survival Map

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Anthony 5 years ago

So its the big brother of skyblock? are there any specific goals? or just strictly survive until you get bored?

Ania L profile image

Ania L 5 years ago from United Kingdom

I don't know minecraft but from what you are saying, the only reason for such a small and empty map to exist, is to find a way out and escape :)

mike_dogg 5 years ago

hey man awesome map... me and my friends attempted to play it on survival map series.. we recoreded an episode... but no episode 2 and not putting it on youtube since there were like NO challenges.. can you make a map with challenges?? with the giant ball??

Fragacide 5 years ago

There's nothing stopping you from creating your own challenges.

MuffinRuler 5 years ago

Just try to get as many as possible from the skyblock challenges.

cat 5 years ago

cool. wish my dad would let me :(

Polak 4 years ago

me gusta kapusta tutti frutti

Polak2 4 years ago

@Polak the? jestem polakiem

kacper38 4 years ago

ciekawe czy tata mi pozwoli

noobie 3 years ago

good website for map downloads

Musa 2 years ago

Nice photos

lelka007 15 months ago

jak to zainstalowańá?

xX_Nobody_Xx 15 months ago

Great Planet, I would like to build it too.

kamixia 4 months ago

mówcie po ludzku

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