Outdoor Summer Fun for Kids

Looking for some fun outdoor ideas to keep the kids entertained this summer?  Outdoor activites not only keep your children entertainment but most of them also encourage them to be more active as well which can be great for their health.

Let's look at some ideas for all budgets.

Outdoor Activities - Budget Options

These ideas are not only perfect summer fun for you and your kids but they are also very inexpensive as well.


You can't get much cheaper that some dishsoap and water to keep the kids laughing and having fun as they blow bubbles in the yard.

Kite Flying

Kite's have been around forever and with good reason, they are fun and entertaining and there is nothing better than watching your kite flying high in the sky.

You'll need a kite (obviously) and a large outdoor area such as a park.

You can make it a family outing and have a picnic at the same time.

Paddling Pool

You can pick up some very inexpensive inflatable pools or wading pools that are perfect for small children (and even some bigger kids).

Of course make sure you watch your children at all times around water to be extra safe.

Adding toys such as buckets and water toys can make the activity even more fun.

Outdoor Activities - Medium Priced Options


All kids love riding bikes and trikes and no matter what their age is there is sure to be a bicycle or tricycle to suit them. 

You'll need a big yard, a park, or a safe street for them to ride around in, and depending on their ages, some adult supervision to make sure they stay safe as well.

Don't forget extra safety gear like helmets and training wheels as well.

Outdoor Activities - High Priced Options

Climbing Frames, Slides & Swings

You could have your very own playground in your own backyard by buying a set of swings or playground equipment.


Trampolines are excellent for encouraging exercise in your child and kids both big and small love spending time jumping and trying new moves on the trampoline.

Inflatable Pools and Jumping Castles

The best thing about large inflatable equipment is that you can pack them away after you have finished with them!  This makes it perfect for smaller yards or if you travel a lot.

Large inflatable pools like the Banzai Inflatable Slides are becoming more and more popular with many different sizes and activities for children of all ages.

These are guaranteed to have your children entertained and having fun all summer long.


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