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This is one war game really worth playing!! Its literally kicks other war games out of the field! Gallendor Battlegrounds is NEW to 2009 and is an opportunity to play against other gamers online in the fight to become a Gallendor Legend. There are over 150 quests to play so you can be sure to never get bored of this one! It is exciting, it's different and its worth playing. Are you one of the chosen ones?! Build your very own castles and then declare ware against other people playing online! This game is all about strategy and the name of the game is to destry and destruct your opponents. If you like to be competitive then this is definately the game for you! .... and even better you can get started straight away! You can simply register for FREE and enjoy the adventures from NOW! Read up on the background story and even join forums. This is like your very own internet community. Once you get started you won't want to stop! This is a browser game so requires no hefty downloads, and no waiting around for hours before you can get started - so don't waste any time and get playing straight away - TODAY!

What Do You Prefer? Gallendor, Evony or Fog of War

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There are some other amazing war games available on the internet. The following three are currently the best in my opinion.

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