When you click on the game icon to play, Is this what you get?
When you click on the game icon to play, Is this what you get?

You bought a game such as Timeshift or Gran Turismo 5 for your PS3. You try to start the game, it takes you to your home menu, and when you try to start the game, it tells you, you have a video output error followed by the number 80028f10. You probably are playing your your game with a regular PS3 with the normal wires it came with, hooked up to a regular tv. The video game you bought for your console requires a higher definition tv to play it on.You can spend big bucks and buy a brand new HDTV and HDMI wires to fix this problem or you can use a temporary cost free solution.

I had an american 60gb PS3 hooked up to a regular non HDTV. I had the ac plug plugged for power and for the video the regular yellow red and white plugs from the PS3 to the TV. If this setup sounds like yours try this solution.

1. go to settings

2. go to display settings

3. go to video display output (the first option)

4. choose your connector type (composite/ S-Video)

5. then change your tv type from a 4:3 resolution to 16:9 resolution

This solution worked just fine for me. comment for me and let me know how this solution works for you. Then when you play a game that does not give you such a problem just change it back to the 4:3 resolution.

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sbunband profile image

sbunband 6 years ago from Southern CALI Author

game doesn't work because of a video output error.? here's a solution.

Nelson 6 years ago

I tried it and it still doesn't work. My PS3 plays games just fine, except for GTA IV which I just bought. Im not sure what else I can do to try to change it. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks.

Boaz 6 years ago

It worked for me ! :-))


Omar 6 years ago

i have a japanese 40 gb and exactly the same equipment that you have but the same error still pops up :(

6 years ago


Kevin L. 6 years ago

Yea! This worked great, I thought it was something wrong with the PS3 itself. Given that I had just had it refurbished. Thanks for the help!!

Rick U 6 years ago

I'm running an HDMI cable to a new LED tv. I had to change the display setting from 1080 to 720 and it worked for Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty.

6 years ago

it did not work for me

psul 6 years ago

It works!!!!!!!

Thank you

Edi 6 years ago

Nope noting Ps3 120g...

dk 6 years ago

it doesn't wrk for cricket 2010

6 years ago

Didn't work for me.

Game i'm wanting to work is a download from the playstation store the game is crash bandicoot (the first one)

i believe i've tried every way possible with the video options. i have the av cords the ps3 came with and a hdmi cord but no matter what i try that game will not work, it just keeps telling me that same video error cod

titch 85 5 years ago

no didn't work brother was really excited :(

dannycarrey profile image

dannycarrey 5 years ago

hi there!

One more tip for guys who bought ps one games (like me) - you need to change resolution to 576p.

1. Go to settings

2. Display settings

3. Choose your connector type (mostly HDMI)

4. Select a setting method - CUSTOM

5. Uncheck 1080p, 1080i, 720p

Save everything and you should be ready to play ps one games

Yay 5 years ago

Worked for me too!

If you're using Multiman, after making the changes try booting the game without exiting to XMB. Seemed to help with my first launch of it.

Mr Chan 5 years ago

i jus don't know what the problem with this 2010 cricket game why is not working,i waiting so long for this game and now this is a problem.

atwal 5 years ago


2010 cricket game it wrk now thxxx

gaz 5 years ago

my ps3 wont play red dead redemption its sayin you cannot play this game at the current video output settings can any 1 help

pser 5 years ago

no prob here, works both titles without changing anything

Karan 5 years ago

same problem for me ... i am really pissed of ... please someone help me

AR7 5 years ago

Da Problem is when u r using a ntsc system for a pal game is standard def

Nasir Khan 5 years ago

I have played cricket 2010 (Pal) game on NTSC PS3 on Sony Bravia LCD using HD Cable as well by connecting Component/D terminal . It worked fine for me.

But when i change my TV to a NON-HDTV Normal CRT i get this problem. can anyone on Sony help us out with this???

John 5 years ago

it's stuck on the same fu..nny screen with 80028F10 error code & I can't go to any menu to change video settings...I even removed the harddrive & still can't do shhhhh...

assasin 5 years ago

Hi Guys i have a gta iv on my ps3 It Does Work It sad You Cannot Play This Game At the Current ViDEO Output Settings

tomahan044 5 years ago

i got ps3 slim 160g from america GTA IV didn't work BEHH

ns 5 years ago

its worked for me.. just needed the HDMI wire and change the setting from DISPLAY SETTINGS....thanx

eskarleth 5 years ago

no me sirvio thu co0mentario

savisingh 5 years ago

i tried that but it didn't work i just don't know what the problem is with gta4

jp 5 years ago

M glad there's people like u that take time to help out total strangers, thanx worked for me

jp 5 years ago

M glad there's people like u that take time to help out total strangers, thanx worked for me

dfcgvhbk 5 years ago

nothing for ps3 320GB

argghh 5 years ago

I have a 60GB Japanese import. I have just bought Silent Hill 1 off the PSN Store and want to play it. Again I am getting this error.

I do not have a HDTV. Instead I have an old box TV that supposedly supports 720p as I have played many PS3 games on it that require 720p.

On my setting for resolutions that are supported by my TV it has two: NTSC Standard (which has been ticked automatically and greyed out) and 480p. When I check 480p my TV goes blank and does not support it???

However I have no problem with playing PS1 DISCS on my old PS2. WTF??

I have also had problems with playing Siren Blood Curse. I do not want to buy a new monitor as I am renting a room and do not want to take a big moniter with me when I go lol.

argghh 5 years ago

I have just bought a HDTV for blueray and thought soddit I might as well, see if it will work. It still does not work though the TV will not go to waste as the screen is lovelyy xx

How can I make this work????

richray 5 years ago

thanks it worked

Nishant 5 years ago

didn't work for me.. m trying to play DC universe online.. herez my addy, if if u know any another solution

farhan 5 years ago

i have hdtv and gta 1v not work

PS3 Junkie 5 years ago

Worked great!!! Thanks

GTA 4 5 years ago

i got the hdmi-i cannot play this game

māris - latvia 5 years ago

Thank you very much!!!! this game working!!!

Yannick 5 years ago

I have the same problem with the GTA IV!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 5 years ago

My ps3 is telling this each time I'm trying to start my Red Dead Redemption game...the solution u gave did not work for me too...pls help me out:(

riz 5 years ago

I have a 160 Gb PS3 bought from USA. I am using CRT Sony Tv all the gmaes are working fine except International cricket 2010. I tried all the tips but of no avail. My Tv suppotrs 480i resolution and canot be modified. can any one help. is there ant NTSC to PAL convertor available in the market

Yussuf Abuelhaija 4 years ago

Please reply to this comment: My PS3 is slim, and I tried all the steps you wrote, but it didn't work!! I thought that there was something wrong with it! But Still!! There's no answer to my problem!! I play SVR 2011, and WWE '12, my PS3 from America and they both don't work!!

I bought PES 2011 and it works, and that makes me confused!!

killbot1 4 years ago

guys it doesn't work for me im trying to play dragon ballz ultimate tenkaichi on a normal non hdtv i tried all of ur steps and still doesn't work so plz help (if i wont get a support from any 1 ill just buy a new hdtv lol )thanks anyway:)

and btw there is a guy called ns in this forum he said that he bought hdmi wires and it worked but is it possible that some1 gets hdmi wires on a normal tv and it works plz answer my qustion ty:D

mark 4 years ago

so hope this works

dige567 4 years ago

me ufc undisputed 3 not workin , they tell me is error follow thi number (80028f10) . help me please

mike 4 years ago

i got a 120g slim theres a game stuck in any suggestions

ike 4 years ago


adao de jesus rodrigues 4 years ago

eu conhecer nao que?? 80028f10


tenho um granturismo 5 prolongue e este erro nao sai da tela so neste jogo todos os outros funciona bem quem pode me ajuda minha tv é led


codigo de erro 80028f10ola este codigo de erro é muito facil de resolver depois de muito tempo conseguir: depois que vcs configurar la ps3 definições de video, vcs vão em definições de de apresentação é la que configura as saidas do ps3 hdmi 480,720.1080i, e 1080p assim qualquer jogos com qualquer definição de video funciona basta que vcs mudem conforme o jogos bons jogos para vcs

manda para todos com dificuldades de jogar

Abdulmalik 4 years ago

I just bought a new wwe12 , red dead , dragon ballz , dragon ballz ultimate and gta iv and it dose not work I tray the following steps and it dose not work plzzzzzzz for all who now I all rady have 5 games dose not work

Juli Coelho 4 years ago

È só usar um cabo HDMI que vai funcionar e não irá dar mais este erro...ok Funcionou assim comigo...abraços Julio

mukesah 4 years ago

how can i run 2011 cricket ps3 game in old tv?

Austin 4 years ago

It tried this and it still doesnt work. My ps3 works fine and I don't know what to do. Are there any other solutions?

stefania 4 years ago

aun no concigo que me funciones mi ps3 es comprado en colombia y la pelicula GTA4 la compre junto a otras en españa y la unica q no me sirve es la mencionada ,,,,,,,,,,,cualquier ayuda me serviria muchooo

mark 4 years ago

i have gta iv and it didn't work!!!

stephane 4 years ago

I'm running an HDMI cable to a new LED tv. I had to change the display setting from 1080 to 720 and it worked for red dead redemption

deanna 4 years ago

great advice.. i didn't understand the directions at first .. i thought you meant the tv settings first .. but then figured out you where talking about the ps3 settings..then i had to get my son to get us to the right place on the ps3 then we fixed it!! thanks it works great !!

Hashirama 4 years ago

I tried but didn't work,maybe b/cause I have a slim.

Thanks anyway :)

snowcubee 4 years ago

gta 4 doesn't work after changing the settings do i need to get a HDMI cable

Gaynguaq 4 years ago

this bullshit fkn thing worked!!!! thanks Bro!!

Peniel 4 years ago

I tried this but my wwe 2012 would not come.

vcyufutycvjygbkgfuy 4 years ago

it dosent work

Udai Sharma 4 years ago

does it work for ashes cricket also

Bala 4 years ago

I try playing smack down 2010 on My PS3 through LCD tv but it keeps telling me And its telling me you cannot play dis game at d current video output setting.pls i need advice because A?????

already pissed off

Jrc 4 years ago

Dude your awesome

dustin90 4 years ago

just got off the phone with playstation and the way we get granturismo 5 prologue to work is....

1 go to settings

2 go to display settings

3 selct the video output

4 do automatic

5 scrren will go black then showing you the following 720p


1080 i

6 save and then play

SOB 4 years ago

Bhadvya it didn't work!!!!

45tfee4vr4 4 years ago

it doesn't work dumbass. You suck at these directionns. I have a 32 inch flat screen tv and i did everything you told me. It doesn't work you idiot. I dont kno where your got these directions but your pretty much an idiot.

The Dude 4 years ago

Awesome Thanks dude i was trying to play wwe 12 and it finally worked!!!!

emmanuel 4 years ago

my game is a wrestling game

khalled 4 years ago

i want play wwe13 it doesn't work telling me video error 80028f10 havin a av multi scart big panasonic screen followed step didn't work.

would reaaaally appretiate some help guys plz plz not workin . ihave aslim the 160 gb bought it from uae japanesei guess. help please...??????

Akshay 4 years ago


Changing resolution from 4:3 to 16:9

Did NOT warked for me ...I still got the same error. Any suggestions please?

Alooi 4 years ago

Black ops 2 won't work for me on the old fat tv ,some help guys

nassif20 4 years ago

look man IT IS NOT WORKING SO HELP US ALL FAST I DON'T HAVE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nassif20 4 years ago

look man IT IS NOT WORKING SO HELP US ALL FAST I DON'T HAVE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arshia 3 years ago

it is not good ahhhhh

aha 3 years ago

it doesn't work when i tried it in Call of Duty black ops 2

ubaid 3 years ago

mere pas game nahi chalrha he

gta 4 pless help me

Hans Eric 3 years ago

It can't work in WWE'13 to me

fkarwan 3 years ago


ghostface 3 years ago

my far cry 2 is not wokin it shows me the same errro pls help video output errro i am using a normal tv sharp

king 3 years ago

tried it for dc universe did not work WTF

zebra 3 years ago

it didn't work!!!!!!!

avi 3 years ago

i have a 320gb ps3 and a 40 inch lcd tv. There is that display error plz help !!!

p.srinu 3 years ago

it is not working plzz help me ..............

Yateesh Lodha 3 years ago

please help me

Sign 3 years ago

I don't now English. And I don't understand.

For example:

1. .......

2. .......

3. .......

gari 3 years ago

Just bought gundam dynasty warriors 3 followed the steps but didn't work. :-(

Can anyone help?

jack harrison 3 years ago

Hey bro I have a flat screen tv with the size 480p on video out put settings theres no option for 480p and my DC universe won't work

help me please

le khaid 3 years ago

it did not work for me

Abhinav 2 years ago

It does not work for international cricket 2010 or for ashes 2009

dude 2 years ago

It dosent work !!!!!!!!! Help me pls I just bought gta iv and it dosent not work !!!!!

john... 2 years ago

I can't play monster hunter 3rd portable on my ps3, with problem om video output setting, I was do everything, but its not working, so anybody can help me... Thanks

allan cardozo 2 years ago

Comprei um call of duty black obs 2 e da o erro (80028F10) minha tv é d tubo como faço para resolver?

Laz 2 years ago

It didn't work for my TNA Impact

Deven 2 years ago

It does not work for my wwe 2k14 I have 480 p ps3 please help

souma 18 months ago

It doesn't work for me too

hi 18 months ago

Why it work for me :(

I want to play wwe 2k15 on my new ps3 but they say(you can't play this game at the current video output setting 80028f10)

Guys plz plz plz I supplent you help me!

Me 8 months ago

I have a PS3 slim and I'm currently using a sdtv and the game says error .. I'm tying to play black ops 2 but it says error

vira 3 months ago

Hey, I want to play final fantasy x x2 hd in av tv, but the screen always says video error output setting, why? I am done with 16:9 and 4:3 checking but the result is same? Can you help me please?

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