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Looking for Paper Glider app high scores? Then you are in the right place. Here is a global leaderboard of paper glider high scores. Paper glider is an app game for the iPhone that is free to download. We will also briefly review the game and mention some tips, hints and cheats for paper glider. So if you want to know what a good high score is on paper glider, look no further.

The paper glider app for the iPhone really is a good game. However it is missing one thing. The ability to share your score and post it on a global leaderboard. That is why this page has been created, here you will be able to see some high scores for paper glider.

Paper Glider Game


In case you are unfamiliar with the paper glider game here is a brief review. The paper glider app game for the iPhone is a simple game that is very good fun and very addictive. It is a free game to download and will soon have you smiling. The basic idea is that you throw a paper glider or plane as far as possible. Your glider starts off in an office and you must first try and throw it out the window, if you manage that, you can tap the screen to blow the paper glider as far as possible.

On paper glider there is a top scores page but it only records your own personal top 10 scores. This is a good feature but it is a shame that you can not compare it with other players. When you are playing the game your top ten scores are marked by little arrows, this is clever as it means you can see how well you are doing while in game.

Due to the fact that there is no leader board for high scores, this page is designed so you can post your score on the message board at the bottom of the screen, then I will update the scoreboard with the top ten players. This is going to have to be based on honesty, if you want to make a score up feel free, but you will gain no respect or pride from your claim. So let’s only have genuine scores and let’s see how well players can really do.

I will start the ball rolling, I have played the game quite a bit and I think that a good score is in excess of 40,000. I have never known anyone get past 50,000 but I am sure it is possible. So please post your score at the bottom and I will start updating the leaderboard.

Paper Glider Leaderboard

1. Alex gulliot - 67376

2. Bran - 67327

3. Tim144 - 61586

4. Mr Crazy - 61258

5. Norman - 60218

6. Jjjohnson k - 60129

7. Elliot - 59362

8. Samlovespaper - 59,000

9. Adam - 58857

10. Alex O - 58619

There is also another article with tips, hints and cheats on. Just click the link to view that article. Some people may post scores on there so I will include those as they come in.

Paper glider really is a great fun little iPhone app but as we have said it is missing a global leaderboard. So now hopefully as people start posting on here we can see what a good score really is and crown someone champion of paper glider.

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Comments 156 comments

Andy 6 years ago


Ben 6 years ago


Rubes 6 years ago


Tommy 6 years ago


Tommy 6 years ago


Thomas 6 years ago


Alden 6 years ago

46 thousand something

RicH 6 years ago

46007 and it's driving me mad trying different rhythms of wind to squeeze every inch of distance out of it!!!


Gant 6 years ago


Gant 6 years ago

Give us an email to send to and we ll send u a screenshot of the high score on our device.

Radar157 6 years ago


Steven L 6 years ago


Drez 6 years ago


Les 6 years ago

Highest score so far 40048

Eddy 6 years ago

47832 happy to verify by screen shot if required :)

RicH 6 years ago


It took about 50 attempts but I bumped my score up, I have to say I'm sceptical of claims in the 50k region, I would gladly provide screen capture to verify!!!

Does anyone have any strategy tips?

I get best results from high release just missing fans, then bursts of wind on the drop add a bit of speed!

RicH 6 years ago


I don't think I can improve on this 1!!!!

Discostoo 6 years ago


Gant 6 years ago

RicH give me ur email and I'll send u a screen shot

Jacko 6 years ago


Jacko 6 years ago

Am also happy to take screenshot for proof!! :-)

Jacko 6 years ago

54571... Also happy to verify this one too!! :)

Paul 6 years ago


MB12 6 years ago

Good one!!!

MB12 6 years ago


Gant 6 years ago

Jacko, NICE!

Tommy 6 years ago


Eddy 6 years ago

52477 - booom

Mr crazy 6 years ago

53123- on my 5th go watch out people

Noslon 6 years ago


Eddy 6 years ago

55707 - oh yeah. I'll send screen shot if req!

Ikhwan 6 years ago

54737 achieved

Tommy 6 years ago


Fabe 6 years ago

52040, where do I send a screenshot to verify this?!

Audiodubz 6 years ago

52,438 :0)

Tom D 6 years ago


Joe 6 years ago


Alex 6 years ago

56026 !!

Screenshot available...

Chris w  6 years ago


Jacko 6 years ago

55327. Have screeny

discostoo 6 years ago


discostoo 6 years ago


noslon 6 years ago


Rodders 6 years ago

54883. How do you get a screen shoot from I-phone?

Mike 6 years ago

55543 today!

Mike 6 years ago

55543 today!

Rodders 6 years ago

Got 8 scores over 50,000........51,704 lowest to 54,883 :)

Mr Crazy 6 years ago

61,258 i dont know how i done it but it involved going over both fans and a lucky flight....but i think there is a bug in the game cause since i got over 60k it started glitching...and wouldnt let me post to it wont load at all....have to reinstall it :(

Mr Crazy 6 years ago

Also my mate has got over 57k its posted on his facebook page he will probably post his score up soon

norman 6 years ago

i am 55977

Tommy 6 years ago


Silver_watcher 6 years ago


Silver_watcher 6 years ago

@rodders. To get an iphone screenshot, hold power button then press home. It will then send a screen shot to ur camera roll

Rodders 6 years ago

Cheers silver_watcher. Can do screen shots now :)

norman 6 years ago


@Mr Crazy

It is impolite,but,may i have your screenshot?

57000+ & 61000+ are absolutely unbelievable!

how can you made it?

If it is true,god i dont believe it,you are both sooooo cooool!

norman 6 years ago

sorry forget my Email

send me your screenshot if possible,Thx and expect for it from now on.

Mad Az 6 years ago


Wes 6 years ago

Scored a 57381 insane

Milan0 6 years ago

51663 - would love some people to share their tactics on how they got further than mine in stuck at this distance.

Rodders 6 years ago

55525. Getting better!

Bigfella@Bristol 6 years ago

46+k and thought that was good... The 50k challenge is on!!!

Bex 6 years ago


Bex 6 years ago

55531. Getting there

Bigfella@Bristol 6 years ago

Impressive Bex very impressive

Mr Crazy 6 years ago

Norman I would loved to have sent my screen shot but as I stated once I hit that score the game glitched, it won't load I tried reinstalling it but that's no help either. For some reason it's just not working on my phone anymore... I'm not worried if you take my score off the list because I can't verify it.... That's fine.... But I know what I have achieved and that's all that matters :) and as I said my friend had over 57k posted to his Facebook page aswell I think he has bettered it now

Mr Crazy 6 years ago

Ok finally got it working again 2nd go 57432

James larson  6 years ago


Boby47 6 years ago


profile image

Tim144 6 years ago

58730 - rock on

Elliot 6 years ago


vicc85 6 years ago


profile image

Tim144 6 years ago

61586 - I don't think it possible to do much more!

Ryan888 6 years ago

What techniques do you use? My highest is 45600

profile image

Tim144 6 years ago

Use the whole screen from top to bottom, giving a small burst on the way down or at the bottom. Towards the end make it stable at the top. Hope this helps guys.

Aled 6 years ago


Tried every technique you can think of. Settled on what I think is the best...but don't really want to give it away. Think I can improve on this.

It's all about your initial throw in the office...then Tim144 is on the right track ^

profile image

Tim144 6 years ago

Your right Aled, but the other guys will have to work out the opening move for themselves!

jerry malo 6 years ago


Taylortron 6 years ago


Gregg hooper 6 years ago

58370 thanks

Ikhwan 6 years ago

55916 acquired

Steve 6 years ago

I feel I have a good beginning tactic I get to 10.000 before I need to blow any wind you have to go below the first fan and above the second but I still can't get over 46.500 mark :(

Mr crazy 6 years ago

Over the first fan under the second!

Alex C 6 years ago

Started playing today, I mean all day!

Highest score is 58419 and lowest in my scoreboard is 55112. Can't get higher than 58419 and starting to give up.

Ikhwan 6 years ago

56224 urghhh how can i get 60k! gambate!

Alexander 6 years ago


Just happened.. Had to see what everyone else's best is and I guess I rank pretty high :)

I can get a screen shot if req'd.

Nick 6 years ago


lucas 6 years ago


Lohr 6 years ago

Just hit 54,764. Didn't get anything done at work but I got this score....

Adam 6 years ago

55,775. must go over second fan. use 3 hits one the way down. Use the entire screen (top to bottom).

Alexander 6 years ago

58515. :)

Alexander 6 years ago

Btw, I go under the first fan and over the second, seems to work pretty good.

Samlovespaper 6 years ago


Im stuck at this score.

What I'm doing is going under the first fan and over the second to get maximum oscillation.

you want to get to to the plane going highest and lowest to create the maximum displacement and if you get used to the right times to use wind you should be getting over 45,000 in no time.

i dont see how its possible to get more than 60,ish thousand.

BRAN could you please tell us your tactic

RicH 6 years ago


My new peak, I would love to see a video of the alleged 67k score, it seems impossible!!!

profile image

Tim144 6 years ago

I agree, I think that 67k is bull! My 61k was a bit of luck, just managed to get an extra scoop. But the way to go is definitely under first and over second fan. Top to bottom using wind in tiny taps. My next best is 58845. If Bran is telling the truth it's about time he spilt the beans.

J-Rod 6 years ago


6 years ago


Mr Crazy 6 years ago

Tim144 I got mine the same way just a bit of luck, but I went over the first fan under the second and if you do it right the plane comes put the window on such an angle that it just goes out the top of the screen.... I too would like to see some proof of the 67k score...

Dave tree 6 years ago

Scored today 58073 !

Steve 6 years ago


Alex guillot 6 years ago


Adam 6 years ago

58857. Please give me a tip on how to crack 60K!!! So addicting!

Gregory 6 years ago

52701 from the back of a taxi in Mexico City. 60,000 still seems a long way off...

Gregory 6 years ago


Marcus 6 years ago


Alex O 6 years ago

58619 I do think it could be slightly beatable, if I can manage to get another scoop it could be 60k+, but you've probably got to be near-perfect on everything else to get anything above that.

profile image

Tim144 6 years ago

Please take those 67k scores off (without proof) - I reckon it's absolutely impossible!

RicH 6 years ago

Yea take the 67k scores off so Tim144 can be number 1,


Steph 6 years ago

54401 and some room for improvement. 60K seems possible

Alexander 6 years ago

I agree with Tim.. I also think to be on the top everyone should have to post a link to a picture of their score to be eligible.. Just a thought.

Ky viper 6 years ago

48,976 after I have played forever 50k is the next goal..

Mad Az 6 years ago


Mad Az 6 years ago

52,819. New tactics paying off

dave tree 6 years ago

bettered my best, now 58485 !

Mad Az 6 years ago


Mad Az 6 years ago

56,132. All 10 scores now over 50,000

Ian 6 years ago

At 51,600. I dont see how i get much further but obviously you can. I will keep trying!

Harry 6 years ago

My top 10 results are all over 50.000 p, top score 53144. I guess I could reach 56-58 but over 60 just seems very hard. Best tactic seems to be to go under the first fan and above the second, tap at about 11.000 and then stay as close to the edges as possible. How are you doing to reach 60? Thanks!

Alexander 6 years ago


Vinny  6 years ago

Just hit above 54k ... Best tactic is to drop as low as you can out of window then 2 taps to get it back up everytime it drops ... Simple but so addictive

norman 6 years ago

i finally achieved 57506.

could be better.

but you guys achieved 67K?

god,things are changing so fast......

norman 6 years ago


norman 6 years ago


norman 6 years ago


quite reach the limit on my way of doing

need a new strategy

The Scamster 6 years ago

58427. I find that if you go under the first fan and over the second then ensure the plane reaches it's highest and lowest points without killing the game you will reach over 55k each time.

Kenjohns 6 years ago


norman 6 years ago

why not put my score on the board?


i have screenshot

StewieFan 6 years ago

I finally figured out a way to hit 51k each time, can't seem to get passed that. If any one needs any tips or screen shots let me know.

Arky 6 years ago

My best score 55571 and all of the 10 top scores are between 54966 to 55571. I can hardly make it better.

I try to fly over both fans, then start to swing the glider up and down with short taps trying to keeep maximum amplitude, but not too much not ot get out of the game play screen. And when the wind is almost over I try to stbilize the glider to moove more or less straight. However it cost quite a lot of wind, so not sure it's optimal tactics. Anyway it gives stadily somewhat 55000 plus minus several hundred.

StewieFan 6 years ago

Thanks for the going over the fan tip Arky. Doing this with the wide arch taps finally got me to 56421. I don't know about anyone else but I have been posting my highscores to Facebook. I agree there should be a link for some of the scores I have seen. Am dying to see them. lol

Arky 6 years ago


StewieFan 6 years ago

Right on Arky. I'm still stuck at my top score. Getting over the fans helps, but trying sucks.

Arky 6 years ago

Better start is to fly under the first and over the seond fan. Then the glider flies through the window at quite sharp angle downwards with good speed. And all the rest is just how skilfully you control your glider and how spaingly you spend your wind I beleive...

Arky 6 years ago

I think 60 + something is aichvable, but as for 67000 it seem ot me impossible.

StewieFan 6 years ago

lol I would love to see a screen shot of 27+. I'll try giving your techniuqe a shot, I just can't reach my top. I will keep posting my scores to Facebook.

norman 6 years ago

my top 10 are all over 60k

norman 6 years ago

i am studying on a new tip of making beyond 61k

soon it will be settled i suppose.

but ,can any one tell me how to achieve 67K?

it needs about two more did you do it?

Olexgun 6 years ago

58876 :)

Silver@watcher 5 years ago

@Norman it's the Internet, people lie about scores. 67k!!! I will believe it when I see a screenshot

Tjj 5 years ago

I scored 60k how do I post a pic of my scene shot???

The Scamster 5 years ago

61178. All my top 10 are over 58500 but can't top my best score despite plenty of effort!!

Harry 5 years ago

I have 5889. Harry

Harry 5 years ago

58971 /Harry

Harry 5 years ago

61329 /Harry

My top 10: 58714-61329. Can post/email scoreboard if needed.

Neon Play 5 years ago

Hey everyone,

Neon Play here, we are impressed by your huge Paper Glider scores! Paper Glider now has Game Center so you can see the official best scores of the day, week and all time. See Paper Glider Facebook Page for latest news (we have a big announcement to make shortly)

Keep flicking!

Neon Play

Ben qr 5 years ago

59022,top t'en !

bolade.b33b33 5 years ago


Will McCurrach 5 years ago


Nick ball 5 years ago

58468 will this get me on the top 10?

nick ball 5 years ago


Brennan Waller 5 years ago


Dylan Batten 5 years ago

54727 - Crazy scores ahead of mine.

Ninja Machine 5 years ago


Danny 5 years ago

58,760 got screenshot too

Alex newlove 5 years ago

Just got 70, 020! Get in!

Frederick 4 years ago

119923. Really. I am off form at the moment and getting 112000s, but my top 10s are no lower than 117000. No cheats, just tactics.

Frederick 4 years ago

Now 120104.

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