Pegasis Beyblade: Galaxy Pegasis, Cyber Pegasis & Pegasus Beyblades Toys

Pegasis Beyblade::Pegasus Beyblade

Pegasis, or Pegasus, is a very unique variety of beyblade. They appear all to be horse-related beys, specifically the common American mythical creature, the Pegasus. They are mostly attack types and have strong broad preformance tips. Storm Pegasis, Galaxy Pegasis, and Cyber Pegasis are all the variations, plus Stardust Pegasus, Thunder Pegasus, Rock Pegasus, and Torch Pegasus. Both Storm Pegasis and Galaxy Pegasis are also called Pegasus. They all have fusion wheels that have 3 blades like a tornado, designed to knock away other beys. Galaxy Pegasis is the "evolved" form of storm Pegasis, after it was found by Ginga stuck in the wall of a cave. There is also a Gravity Pegasis, which was not seen in the show.

Takara Tomy BeyBlade BB-70 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
Takara Tomy BeyBlade BB-70 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F

Galaxy Pegasis - Galaxy Pegasus

Galaxy Pegasis looks exactly like Pegasus in real form, but as a beyblade there are many major modifications. One for example, is the metal wheel which has a new cool looking metallic blue. The fusion wheel has a new design and is now a translucent electric blue. However, the other parts did not change. Furthermore, Galaxy Pegasis’ attacks consist more of pure force rather than magic. It was crowned the #1 bey in beyblade metal fusion episode 52, when it beat Ldrago. However, he was beaten by Ldrago again later, so his level is constantly changing. In Big Bang Bladers series for example, Storm Pegasus is found lodged inside the wall of a hidden cave. After Ginga finds him, Storm Pegasus “evolves” into Galaxy Pegasus and is put to the test. A new kid named Masamune challenges Ginga and loses in an easy match. Later on, there are multiple scenes where they battle, and with each one Unicorno is sent flying, and Masamune runs to get him back. At the end, Masamune wins an unfair battle.  I would recommend Galaxy Pegasus more since it looks cooler, and its power is higher, not affecting the price.

Cyber Pegasis: Limited Edition
Cyber Pegasis: Limited Edition

Cyber Pegasis

Cyber Pegasis is a special version of Pegasis that actually belongs to “Ginga’s number one apprentice”; Sora. At first, it was very weak, and when Sora tried to use Cybers starblast attack, it jumped to far and lost in a stadium-out. Constantly, whenever his Pegasis tries this move, his power isn’t great enough. However, Kenta teaches him about creating his own special move, which he does in episode 37. Cyber Pegasis returned battling an evil character named Busujima. Sora told himself to stay calm even though the opponent kept on mocking him. Cyber attacked with mainly force at the beginning, and was interrupted by Ginga. The second round began, and Pegasis used a special move Obi Drive, to knock the opponent out of the stadium. There is not much known about Cyber Pegasis, but the look of Storm Pegasis and Cyber Pegasis are remarkably similar. The metal wheel and fusion wheel have the same details, and they are both horse related beys.

Storm Pegasus
Storm Pegasus

Storm Pegasis - Storm Pegasus

Storm Pegasus is one of the most powerful attack type beys, but has poor stamina and defense. His stats are 15 stars for attack, 3 stars for defense and 2 stars for stamina. His fusion wheel Storm has a sleek and cool design, and is built mostly for attack. However, Storm Pegasis’ Rubber Flat tip gives it aggressive spin. The energy ring for Pegasis is translucent and uneven. I noticed when it spun, part of a yellow area changed height and went down again until it stopped spinning. Just like other attack type beys, Storm Pegasus does look attractive and powerful, but I would recommend exchanging minor parts such as the spin track to improve its stamina. Read more on Storm Pegasis

Silver Galaxy Pegasis Review

Cyber Pegasis 100HF vs Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F

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Comments 26 comments

cyber E 6 years ago

i like cyber

snakebaby profile image

snakebaby 6 years ago from Boston, MA, USA Author

Me too, cyber pegasis has one of the best color

susuke 5 years ago

I hate cyber pegasis

sean erjie 5 years ago

i hate cyber pegasus to ilike galaxy pegasus

snakebaby profile image

snakebaby 5 years ago from Boston, MA, USA Author

Hmmm...interesting, not sure why you guys all hate cyber pegasis

alf 5 years ago

cybers awsomes mines limeted edition

snakebaby profile image

snakebaby 5 years ago from Boston, MA, USA Author

Finally someone likes Cyber pegasis!

jacob 5 years ago

cyber pegusus i like even thouh i don't have it and storm pegusus i have it and i like it and galaxy pegusus i don't have galaxy pegusus and just oil your stadium and after every battle take the tool and take of your tip and take your finger and push it down and by oil i mean in it

stupid genuis 5 years ago

galaxy pegasus has a powerful attack when you use R2F

but it has a very low stamina

jj 5 years ago

my cyber is blue not red and it has a 105 spin track and a f performance tip not 100 and hf

michael 5 years ago

i like galaxy pegasus it doesn't have a flat performance tip and it is the most powerful bey

galaxypeg 5 years ago

I have Galaxy peg and cyber pegasus

Nexus 5 years ago

I like cyber pegasus but i don't have it. I have Dark pegasus

Beyblade Master 5 years ago

cyber pegasus is cool!

yitzhak 5 years ago


jason 5 years ago

cyber sucks because i kicked his crap with galaxy.

hitesh d 5 years ago

i like galaxy pegasis but i donot have one. ilike you to run the beyblade programe. thank you bye

trivetts 5 years ago

pegasis is cooooooooooollllllllll

WilliamHuang213 4 years ago

pegasis however has low staminai prefer a dark wolf also known as the ultimate balance type bey

michael tait 4 years ago

i love posion pegasis

gingka ryuga 4 years ago

all pegasus are so very cool and samurai pegasus is too

blader d 4 years ago

I love cyber pegasus and galaxy pegasus but they both suck don't you agree i bet you do!l drago rules!yes he does rule i love l drago!!!

pegasus beybader 4 years ago

i have cyber and galexy pegasus

. love them both. anyone know were i can get more and different types of peguses beys

bba 3 years ago

cyber pegasus is not cool but I like storm.

bba 3 years ago

storm Pegasus is ruber flat so that's cool. galaxy is ruber flat to so that mens that they are the alike

bba 3 years ago

at the last episode of beyblade metal fison gingas dad he said thet Pegasus will rest its its wings so it involvd to galxy

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