Philippine Stamps

Ethnic Musical Instruments



The best known traditional musical instrument in the Philippine is the kulintang or kulintangan, in most cases eight gongs of graduated sizes which are placed in a row on a wooden frame and beaten with two wooden sticks on their bosses. Kulintang is the gong musical instrument of Mindanao.



Two-stringed lutes knows as the kudyapi is characterized by a boat shape or an elongated oval between 40 to 45 inches long, and have tightening rods made of wood and frets of beeswax and two-wire strings tuned in unison - one serving ad drone, the other providing the melody.

These stamps were issued in 1968 in honor of St Cecilia's Day (Patron Saint of Music).


Philippine Stamps -Orchids

Waling Waling

The waling-waling (Euanthe sanderiana), can only be found in Mindanao, dubbed the "queen of Philippine orchids".

The waling-waling was discovered on Mindanao in 1882. Growing to a height of 60 to 120 centimeters. The flower, is the largest among Philippine orchids, it is seven to twelve centimeters wide and has a characteristic two-tone look.

The waling-waling is widely used in corsages and wedding bouquets, and is also popular among orchid breeders.


Sanggumay (Dendrobium anosmum), the flowers come out after the plant is subjected to the cold months of December and January.

The typical Sanggumay bears lilac petals with magenta lip. You can tell when a Sanggumay plant is in bloom even though they are not in view yet, the flower emits a very strong fragrant scent

These stamps were issued in 1962.

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dol 7 years ago

I have been collecting stamps from all over the world for more than 30 years. I hope to see more of your collections

keep up the good work

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subamenu 8 years ago from Dubai

Good information regarding Philippines stamp.Expecting more and inviting to visit my Hubs on stamp collecting.a link

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nice stamps, im collecting beutiful stamps...i like iy so much!!!

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I have been collecting stamps since I was young and I will be writing some more hubs about it. thanks for visiting.

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jstankevicz 9 years ago from Cave Creek

Very nice Hub. I've always been attracted to stamps and coins for the striking miniature artwork.

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