PigCraft Bacon Minecraft Texture Pack (16x)

Sure, LB's Photorealistic HD texture pack has seen more downloads that Notch has seen creepers, but Pig Craft, a 16 x16 texture pack is the best Minecraft texure pack of all time. THE RAIN IS BACON.

Smoothstone is pink bacon. Sand is cured bacon. Trees are old bacon. Ores are streaky bacon. Pretty much everything is bacon, including wheat. Did you read that right? You did read that right. It's now possible to farm your own streaky bacon strips. Bacon farm!

Bacon farm!
Bacon farm!

But maybe you like your bacon smoked. No problem. Torches emit smoky bacon! That's not where the bacon theme ends though, all colored wools come with a bacon flavored motif, and wooden planks and stairs boast a charming stripy bacon appearance. The entire world stinks of fat and salt and it is the most wonderful world I've ever had the pleasure of wandering about half lost in.

Is this going to be a texture pack you use to submit college assignments in advanced Minecraftology in? No. It's far too whimsical for that and Professor C.Reeper doesn't approve of whimsy. But when you're just hanging out with friends, this is the texture pack you can use to unwind from a long day in a vertical mineshaft that you should never have created.

This texture pack is a work in progress, so you can expect more advances in bacon construction technology in the coming weeks. It uses the default texture sizes, so although you won't be able to enjoy glorious HD bacon just yet, you will be able to avoid using the HD patcher which still, even after 1.6.5, is destroyed if you want to use Mod Loader. I say destroyed, what I really mean is that it the better grass option won't work and all the sides of the grass go gray. How are we supposed to go on about our daily business when the sides of grass blocks are gray, I ask you?

You can download this texture pack from the Minecraft forum and install it by dumping the zipped file right into your 'texture pack' file which can be found inside the .minecraft directory, which can in turn be found by pressing Windows + R and typing %appdata% into the command line, or alternatively, by launching Minecraft, navigating to the Mods and Texture Packs tab and selecting the 'open texture pack folder' option. That's probably easier, and now I think about it, the reason for that tab existing in the first place.

Download PigCraft Bacon Texture Pack

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